Listen and Practice The Words

1   cockpit

2   pilot/ captain

3   co-pilot

4   lavatory/ bathroom

5   fight attendant

6   overhead compartment

7   aisle

8   window seat

9   middle seat

10   aisle seat

11   Fasten Seat Belt sign

12   No Smoking sign

13   call button

14   oxygen mask

15   emergency exit

16   tray (table)

17   emergency instruction card

18   air sickness bag

19   life vest/ life jacket

20   runway

21   terminal (building)

22   control tower

23   airplane/ plane/ jet

A   take off your shoes

B   empty your pockets

C   put your bag on the conveyor belt

D   put your computer in a tray

E   walk through the metal detector

F   check in at the gate

G   get your boarding pass

H   board the plane

  stow your carry-on bag

 find your seat

K   fasten your seat belt

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