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Places to Live

I live in a house. 

My house is in a town. 

My uncle lives in an apartment building. 

His apartment building is in a busy city. 

My cousin lives in a dormitory in a school. 

He shares his room with a classmate. 

My uncle lives out in the country. 

He lives on a farm. 

The police caught a criminal. 

Now the criminal lives in prison. 

When I go to summer camp, I live in a tent. 

When my parents go on vacation, they live in a motel or a hotel. 

A motel only has one or two floors. 

A hotel usually has many floors. 

My aunt and uncle live in a trailer. 

They like to move around from place to place. 

My friends live in a cottage by a lake. 

My grandfather lives in a retirement home. 

Many people who are about the same age as he is live there. 

I would like to live in a palace. 

I think you have to be a king or a queen, or a prince or a princess to live in a palace.

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