Exercise 1



Noelle, from Ireland, sent us this message:

Hi everyone. I’d like some advice. I already have a laptop and a phone, but they’re both quite old now. I’ve got some extra money this month, so it’s time for something new. I’d like to buy either a smartphone or a tablet. What’s the difference? Is a tablet just bigger than a smartphone? Do they do the same things? I work in an office, but sometimes I have to travel around Ireland for my job. Thanks for your help!

We asked our website readers to help her decide!

Size is everything! Which is bigger?

Sabine   Easy! A tablet is bigger than a phone.

Hussein   Everyone thinks they know the answer here, but these days a lot of new smartphones aren’t smaller than some of the mini tablets you see in shops. So maybe there’s no difference!

How about the price? Which is cheaper?

Susanna   A tablet is more expensive than a smartphone. Well, my phone was free, in fact! But I have to pay quite a lot of money every month to the phone company.

Can I carry it around easily? Which is lighter?

Sabine   Of course a tablet is heavier than a phone, but that’s because it’s bigger. The only good thing about a phone is that I can put it in all my small handbags!

Hussein   A smartphone is lighter than a tablet, so this means it’s easy to take it with me when I go out with my friends.

Tell me about the screen. Which is clearer?

Sabine   Smartphone screens are too small. For me, the tablet screen is a lot clearer than the one on my phone. I like to download and watch films, so this is really important for me.

Susanna   I’m a teacher so I use my tablet to read and work on documents. The screen on the tablet is bigger and better for my work than the phone’s small one.

Which is better?

Hussein   I think a smartphone is better than a tablet. It’s cheaper, it’s smaller, so I can take it everywhere without any problems, and, importantly, you can make calls on a phone. I can’t easily do that on a tablet.

Sabine   The tablet’s the clear winner. Yes, it’s expensive, but I think it’s worth it. Tablets are the future.

Susanna   I can’t choose – I like them both.

A. Read the posts about smartphones and tablets on the Online Hotline. What do they talk about?

a   different things you can do with them

b   differences between them

c   different apps you can have on them

B. Read the posts again. Find the person who:

 uses a tablet in their job

 is happy they bought a tablet

 takes their smartphone when they go out

 uses their tablet in their free time.



b   differences between them


1 Susanna   2 Sabine   3 Sabine and Hussein   4 Sabine

Exercise 2

Things I hate


I hate it when people look at their phone when they’re talking to you. It’s quite clear that if you’re talking to somebody, they should look at you, not at their phone. It’s the worst thing you can do if you’re with someone. I’ve got a friend who does that.


Yes, I agree. I’ve also got a friend who’s like that. You’re talking to him and he starts sur­ ng the Internet on his phone! It’s so annoying.


Yes, you’re right, it’s really rude. People go online in the middle of a conversation, and some people also send texts while you’re talking to them. I hate that.


Yes, my sister does that too. We’re having dinner and she starts sending texts to all her friends. It’s awful.


Yes, I feel the same way. And texting is so boring as well. People say the most boring things when they text – they never say anything important. It’s like ‘I’m on the bus. What are you doing?’ or ‘I’m at home’.


I don’t agree. It can be useful if you want to meet a friend. Also, my friends send really funny texts, so we have a good laugh.

A. Read the posts on the Things I hate discussion board. Tick (✓) who sometimes get annoyed by people who use their phones.







B. Read the posts again. Who thinks these things?

People who send texts often have nothing to say.

It can be good fun to send texts to friends.

People shouldn’t send texts when they’re eating with other people.

It’s rude not to look at someone when they’re talking to you.

I don’t like people who go online in the middle of a conversation.

A. Look at the posts again and find:

 three ways to agree

 one way to disagree.



Genji ✓, Meepe ✓, MadMax ✓, AdamB ✓, Lars2 ✓


1   Lars2






1   Yes, I agree; Yes, you’re right; Yes, I feel the same way.

2   I don’t agree.

Exercise 3

Tired? Bored?

Feel like you could be happier?

If that’s you, read our top five tips for a better life.

 Do some exercise. Most people feel happier when they’re fit. And did you know that going for a walk is better for your brain than playing chess or doing puzzles? A stronger body means a stronger brain too!

2   Call a friend! When we’re busy, we can sometimes forget about our family and friends. But they’re the most important people to us. Think of someone you don’t talk to enough, then pick up your phone and make a call – right now!

3   Get away from your computer! Check your email once a day – twice if you really must – but not twenty times! And think about how much time you spend surfing the Web – if you’re like most people, it’s far too much.

Get up and find something more interesting to do.

4   Do something for other people! We know that people who help other people are healthier and happier than those who don’t. And remember: people will be friendlier and nicer to you if you’re friendly and nice to them! Smile at the bus driver or the shop assistant, and watch them smile back at you.

5   Try something new! Did you ever think of learning a language, doing a new sport, playing the piano or being in a pop group? Well, don’t just think about it – do it! It’s probably easier than you think.

For more ideas, visit our website at

A. Read the text. Complete each sentence with the correct tip number.

1   Tip …5… talks about doing something for the first time.

2   Tip ……… talks about keeping yourself healthy.

3   Tip ……… talks about spending less time in front of a computer screen.

 Tip ……… talks about remembering to talk to the people who are important to you.

 Tip ……… talks about being friendly.

B. Read the text again. Match 1–8 with a–h to make sentences.

1   Checking emails often takes

2   Getting fit can help

3   Doing exercise is

4   It’s important not to forget

5   Many of us spend

6   It’s a good idea to

7   When you are nice to other people,

8   Helping other people

a   a lot of time surfing the Web.

b   about your family and friends.

c   can be good for you.

d   do new and different things sometimes.

e   good for your brain.

f   they are usually nice to you.

g   too much of our time.

h   you to feel happier.

C. What other things do you think are important for a happy life? Write some more tips. Remember to say:

•   what the tip is

•   how often someone should do this

•   how it will make them feel better.



2 Tip 1   3 Tip 3   4 Tip 2   5 Tip 4


1 g   2 h   3 e   4 b   5 a   6 d   7 f   8 c

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