Exercise 1



Hi everyone! I’m really enjoying life here in Shanghai. My new job is quite busy, but my colleagues are very friendly and they all speak English to me. In my free time I sometimes study Mandarin and relax. I often go shopping because this is a popular ‘hobby’ here. I usually meet friends at a shopping mall. At the moment it’s Chinese New Year here. My friends told me there’s a great street party this evening – I really want to go.


Hello to all my friends. I love it here in Venice! It’s so beautiful – even in the winter time. I have to spend a lot of time on my art history course, but at the weekends I get some free time. I usually walk around and look at the old buildings, or when it is cold, I go to museums. There are so many interesting little shops here too – it’s great. It’s very different from going to a mall. This week it’s Carnevale and the whole city is like one big party. Yesterday my friends invited me to a big party in a piazza (that’s Italian for a town square). It’s tonight and I have to wear a long dress and mask. I need to go shopping!

A. Lucas is from France and Diana is from the UK. Read Friends abroad and answer the questions. Write Lucas (L), Diana (D) or both (B).

Who writes about … ?

      a   study

      b   small shops

      c   work

      d   shopping malls

B. Read Friends abroad again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

 Lucas only speaks Mandarin at work.

 The Chinese people he knows like shopping.

 Lucas would like to go to a party.

 Diana doesn’t like Venice in the winter.

 She likes the shops in Venice.

 It’s very quiet in Venice at the moment.

C. Read the messages below. Which one is Lucas’ and which one is Diana’s?

1   “We’re all out in the street. We’re watching a big, beautiful dragon go by. And everyone’s wearing red – even me!”

2   “Everyone’s dancing in the streets and having a great time. We’re all wearing amazing clothes – I’m even wearing a dress!”



a B   b D   c L   d L


 F (He speaks English at work because his colleagues all speak English.)



 F (She loves Venice in the winter.)


 F (It’s Carnevale and the whole city is like one big party.)


1 − Lucas

2 − Diana

Exercise 2

To: Roddy

From: Thomas

Subject: Re: Invitation

Dear Roddy

Thank you very much for your invitation to visit you in the summer. I asked my parents, and they say they can give me the money for the ticket, so that’s great!

I’m writing this on my phone in a café in Switzerland, because we’re spending a week here, skiing. It’s snowing now, so it seems strange to think about summer! Tell me more about where you live. Is it a big town? Is there a lot to do there?

Also, what is the weather like in summer? My sister says it’s always raining in the UK, but I think she just wants to make me angry!

Write back soon!


From: Roddy

To: Thomas

Date: 4 February 10:26

Subject: Re: Invitation

Dear Thomas

Thanks for your email. I’m pleased that your parents said yes!

So, to answer your questions: I live in a very small town. There’s a café where I meet my friends, and there’s a post office and a chemist. And that’s all!

But don’t worry, because there’s a big city quite near. It has a large department store. There’s also a cinema, a theatre, a swimming pool and a gym (bring your trainers!), so there’s lots to do, and we can get there on the bus.

It’s usually quite hot in summer, and Mum says we can go to the beach, so bring some T-shirts and your swimming shorts. You probably need jeans and a thin jumper for the evenings. It doesn’t rain all the time (tell your sister!), but it does sometimes rain in summer, so it’s a good idea to bring a raincoat. Also, we sometimes go out to restaurants in the evenings so make sure you bring some smart trousers.

I hope you are enjoying your skiing holiday – lucky you!

Bye for now,


A. Read the two emails. Complete the sentences.

1   Roddy sent Thomas an ……invitation…… to visit his country.

2   Thomas wants to know about the …………………. where Roddy lives.

3   Roddy describes his town and the …………………. that is near it.

4   Roddy tells Thomas about the …………………. in the UK in summer.

5   Roddy tells Thomas what …………………. he needs to bring.

B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There are some extra words.

countryside  –  difficult  –  easy  –  food  –  invited

shops  –  sister  –  Switzerland  –  the UK  –  weather

1   Roddy ……invited…… Thomas to visit him.

2   Thomas and his family are on a skiing holiday in …………………. .

3   Thomas’s …………………. isn’t always nice to him.

4   There aren’t many …………………. in the town where Roddy lives.

5   It is …………………. to get to a city where there are things to do.

6   The …………………. in summer isn’t always good.

C. A friend from another country is coming to visit you for the first time. Write an email describing the place where you live and the clothes your friend needs to bring.



2 town / place   3 city   4 weather   5 clothes / things


2 Switzerland   3 sister   4 shops   5 easy   6 weather

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