Beginning and ending a conversation

1. Listen and match each conversation (1-4) with a picture (a-d).


2 c   3 a   4 b

2. Listen to each conversation again. Tick the expressions below that you hear.

Hi there.

I’ve got to you.

See you later.

How’s it going?

How are you doing?

See you around.

Have a nice weekend.

What’s up.

Talk to you later.

I guess I’d better be going.

Right, I mush dash.

It was nice talking with you.

Answer & Transcript

Hi there.   What’s up?   How are you doing?



Jane:     Morning, Mike.

Mike:     Oh, hi there, Jane. What’s up?

Jane:     Nothing, much. I’m just taking these back to the library. How about you?

Mike:     Oh, you know. Same old thing.

2   (Sukrishna = Indian; Raúl = Spanish)

Raúl:     Right, I’m off! Thanks for inviting me, Sukrishna. That was great.

Sukrishna:     Glad you could come, Raúl. It was lovely to see you.

Raúl:     You too. Well, take care. Bye!

3   (Ian and Sue = American)

Ian:     Hey, Sue! Long time no see.

Sue:     Ian? How are you doing?

Ian:     Pretty good, thanks. And you?

Sue:     Oh, I’m doing OK. I just went to the mall.

Ian:     Me too!

4   (Miki = Japanese; Kevin = Canadian)

Kevin:     Well, I should get going, I suppose. I have to get back to work.

Miki:     OK, then. It’s been great to talk with you.

Kevin:     Maybe we can do this again sometime, Miki?

Miki:     Sure, Kevin. I’d like that.

A friendly chat

1. Martin and Ana work together in Singapore. Listen and answer the questions.

a   Do they know each other? ……………………

b   Where do you think they work? ……………………


 No, they’re meeting for the first time.

b   They work in a hotel.

2. Listen again and tick True, False or Don’t know.




Don’t know

a   Ana started her job a month ago.

b   She works on reception.

c   She is from Brazil.

d   Martin hasn’t been in Singapore long.

e   He has had the same job for three years.

f   Ana used to work in London.

g   Many of her family live in London.

h   She left her last job because of stree.

Answer & Transcript


 False (She works in Housekeeping)


 False (He’s been there three years)

 Don’t know

f   True

 Don’t know

 Don’t know


(Martin = Australian; Ana = Brazilian)

Martin:     Hi there. How’s it going?

Ana:     Good, thanks.

Martin:     I’m Martin. Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around.

Ana:     Yes. I only started on Monday.

Martin:     Great. So, what department are you in?

Ana:     Housekeeping.

Martin:     Oh, yeah? I work on reception.

Ana:     I see. Are you American?

Martin:     No, I’m from Sydney, Australia. How about you?

Ana:     I’m from Brazil. How long have you been here in Singapore?

Martin:     Nearly three years now. I like it a lot.

Ana:     Me too. I love it.

Martin:     So, how are you enjoying the job so far?

Ana:     It’s great. Everyone’s been really friendly.

Martin:     Where were you before you moved here?

Ana:     At the Regent Palace, in London.

Martin:     That’s a big place, isn’t it?

Ana:     Yes, it has around 900 bedrooms. London’s a city too big for me. I don’t like big cities.

Martin:     Me neither. Anyway, I’ve got to go. It was nice talking with you.

Ana:     You too. See you around.

Expressing opinions

1. Listen and match each conversation (1-6) with a topic (a-f)


2 d   3 e   4 a   5 f   6 c

2. Listen to each conversation again. Do the people agree or disagree?







Answer & Transcript

Agree: 1, 3, 5

Disagree: 2, 4, 6



A:     I think there are too many of them. Kids are under too much pressure at school.

B:     That’s exactly what I think. There should be more learning rather than testing.


A:     From my point of view, if you don’t eat meat, you can’t have a balanced diet.

B:     That’s not right at all! You don’t have to eat meat to be healthy.


A:     It seems to me that there should be a limit on the number of cars and lorries. The situation is getting out of control.

B:     I couldn’t agree more. The government should definitely do something.


A:     I believe that if you fancy a cigarette in a restaurant after a nice meal, then you should be able to have one.

B:     No way! I don’t agree. The smell is terrible.


A:     I feel it’s going to be a huge health problem in a few years’ time.

B:     I think so too. Definitely. It’s bad for the body to be overweight, but people just don’t seem to listen.


A:     Well, I think they are bad for kids. I mean, they spend all day staring at the screen, rather than playing with friends.

B:     I don’t think so. They can learn a lot by playing these things too, you know.

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