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Red is a vibrant color. 

Roses are sometimes red. 

Blood is red. 

White is the color of snow. 

Clouds are very often white. 

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. 

Black isn’t really a color at all. 

Tar is black. 

A crow is black. 

Green is the color of grass. 

It is also the color of leaves on the trees in the summer. 

Brown is the color of dirt. 

Many people have brown hair. 

Yellow is a bright color. 

Most people use yellow when they draw a picture of the sun. 

Orange is an easy color to remember, that is because an orange is orange. 

Pink is the color that we dress baby girls in. 

We dress baby boys in blue. 

Purple is the color of some violets. 

The Canadian flag is red and white. 

What color is your flag?

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