Exercise 1   

People are describing their friends. What qualities are they talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  sense of humor

     b.  sensitivity

2.  a.  family background

     b.  career goals

3.  a.  social skills

     b.  sense of humor

4.  a.  education

     b.  family background

5.  a.  appearance

     b.  intelligence

6.  a.  sense of humor

     b.  appearance

Answer & Transcript


I really like Allison. She’s such fun to be with. She always makes me laugh. Did she tell you the story about her first date? I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my whole life!


I went out with this guy a couple of times, Ted Roberts. Maybe you know him. He’s okay, I guess, but the guy’s got no future. I think he just wants to spend the rest of his life surfing.


Tony Lee asked me out the other night, and I said no. You know, he is really embarrassing to be with. Last time I went out to a party with him, he nearly got into a fight with someone. Then later on, he ended up spilling his drink all over me.


I’ve been out with Sandra Bronstein a few times. She’s really an interesting person. I didn’t realize her father is a pretty well-known artist and her mother is a successful stockbroker. I’d like to meet her parents sometime. But I don’t think she’s too serious about me. She hasn’t invited me to meet them yet!


Do you know Rod, the guy in our Spanish class? Anyway, he’s invited me out on a date. You know the one I mean – he’s kind of thin, very tall, with long curly hair. Just my type!


I was stuck with Martha at a dinner party the other day. No matter what I said, I couldn’t get her to smile. I wonder what her problem is.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are giving invitations. Listen and number the pictures.

Task 2

Listen again. Circle the correct information about each invitation.

1.  a.  Lynne refuses Dave’s invitation.

     b.  The invitation is for Saturday.

     c.  Lynne will meet Dave’s parents on Saturday.

2.  a.  Paula already has plans.

     b.  They will meet at the bookstore.

     c.  The invitation is for Friday.

3.  a.  There will be free drinks and food.

     b.  Rose refuses the invitation.

     c.  Rose doesn’t think it will be fun.

4.  a.  Ron accepts the invitation.

     b.  Ron has to study for a big exam.

     c.  Ron has to work late.

5.  a.  They will go downtown after class.

     b.  They both hate listening to music.

     c.  The invitation is for next month.

6.  a.  The invitation is for Sunday.

     b.  George likes those kinds of shows.

     c.  They will go to the show in the morning.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Hello.

B:   Oh, hello Lynne. This is Dave.

A:   Oh, hi! How are you?

B:   Fine, thanks. Say, are you doing anything on Saturday?

A:   Not much.

B:   Well, some friends of mine are having a barbecue. Do you want to come with me?

A:   Oh, that sounds like fun. What can I bring?


A:   Hello.

B:   Hey, Paula. It’s Tina. I’m calling about next week. I wondered if you had anything planned for Wednesday.

A:   No, not really. Why?

B:   Well, there’s going to be a talk at the bookstore, by that guy who we read in class last semester. Remember? It’s Dave Dobbs, that famous environmentalist.

A:   Oh, yeah. Sure. That sounds kind of interesting, and I don’t really have anything planned.

B:   Great! I’ll meet you at the bookstore.

A:   Okay. See you there!


A:   Hi, Rose. How are you?

B:   Not bad. And you?

A:   Okay. Listen, are you interested in going to an art exhibit on Sunday? A friend of mine is having an exhibition of her paintings. It’s the opening night – free drinks and food.

B:   Well, actually, I don’t have anything planned. It sounds kind of fun. Why not?


A:   Hi, Ron.

B:   Oh, hello, Suzie.

A:   Do you have any plans for tonight? I was thinking of going out for a pizza.

B:   Gee, I’d really love to. But I have to work late.

A:   Too bad.

B:   Yeah, really.


A:   Doing anything after class?

B:   Nothing much.

A:   Why don’t we go downtown and take a look at that new music store?

B:   Great idea. There are some new CDs I really want to get.


A:   Hey, George, are you interested in going to the car show? It’s going on at the exhibition center.

B:   Yeah, I like those kinds of shows. When is it?

A:   It opens on Saturday morning.

B:   How about we go in the afternoon? I want to sleep late.

A:   That’s fine with me.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are giving invitations. What events are they talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  art show

     b.  sports festival

     c.  children’s concert

2.  a.  craft fair

     b.  food fair

     c.  farm show

3.  a.  movie premiere

     b.  restaurant opening

     c.  ice-skating exhibition

4.  a.  restaurant opening

     b.  book signing

     c.  fashion show

5.  a.  car race

     b.  football game

     c.  marathon

6.  a.  flower show

     b.  art show

     c.  concert

Task 2

Listen again. What reason does each person give for refusing the invitation? Write the correct letter.

1.  He ….

2.  She ….

3.  She ….

4.  He ….

5.  She ….

6.  She ….

a.  hates big crowds.

b.  thinks the writer’s books are boring.

c.  heard it’s going to be cold.

d.  was planning to watch TV.

e.  just started a new diet.

f.  is only interested in famous artist.

Answer & Transcript


A:   I’d really like to see this. Kids from all over the country are participating. And the things they’re playing sound really difficult. There’s one kid who’s been playing the violin since he was four years old!

B:   When is it?

A:   Let’s see … It’s Saturday afternoon.

B:   Gee, I’d really like to see it, but I was planning to watch soccer on TV that day.


A:   Hey, this sounds interesting. You get to see how all sorts of unusual foods are prepared, and you get to try different dishes, too. They have chefs from Japan and India, from China, from Mexico, and from Italy, too. What do you think?

B:   Well, it does sound interesting, but I can’t. I’ve just started a new diet, so I can’t eat too much.


A:   Let’s go and see this. I love these kinds of events. A lot of famous people will be there. All of the actors are coming to see it, and the director and producer, too.

B:   Really?

A:   Yes.  We’d need to get to the theater early, though, to get a good view. Thousands of people always show up for these premieres.

B:   Actually, I’d rather not go. I hate big crowds.


A:   This event down at the bookstore could be interesting. It’ll be a chance to get a famous person’s autograph.

B:   Oh, yeah? Are you into autographs?

A:   Sure. And the author will be signing copies for free.

B:   Yeah, but she’s not really one of my favorite writers. In fact, I think her books are pretty boring.


A:   Let’s go and watch this tomorrow afternoon. It should be a good game. The home team just got two really good new players.

B:   But haven’t they lost a lot of games recently?

A:   Well, yeah. But they’re playing better now.

B:   Thanks for asking me, but I’ll stay at home. I heard it’s going to be pretty cold tomorrow.


A:   Let’s check out this exhibition at the gallery downtown. These artists sound pretty interesting.

B:   Hmm. What artists? Any big names?

A:   No, not really.

B:   Well, thanks anyway, but I’m only interested in famous artists.

Exercise 4

People are describing their friends. What qualities are they talking about? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Nora’s roommate     …….

2.   Bill                               …….

3.   Allison                        …….

4.   Jeff                              …….

5.   Daniel                        …….

a.   social skills

b.   intelligence

c.   family background

d.   sense of humor

e.   career goals

Answer & Transcript

1 d   2 e   3 b   4 a   5 c



A:   So, how’s your new roommate, Nora?

B:   Oh, she’s really cool.

A:   Oh yeah?

B:   Yeah. She’s so funny. She always makes me laugh.


A:   I’m not so happy with Bill lately.

B:   What’s the matter?

A:   He’s got no future plans. He just wants to be a lifeguard at the beach.


A:   I’m so glad I met Allison.

B:   Why’s that?

A:   She’s the first smart girl I’ve ever hung out with. I love talking with her about history, art – even politics!

B: Yeah. She’s a really good student.


A:   Is Jeff rude or what?

B:   I know what you mean. Every time he goes to a party, he ends up really annoying everyone. Sometimes he even gets in fights.


A:   Daniel West is pretty cool, don’t you think?

B:   Oh, yeah? I thought you didn’t like him.

A:   Yeah, but that was before I got to know him. Did you know that his mother is an actress? And his father is that famous writer, Rick West.

Exercise 5

People are giving invitations. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.






The man refuses the invitation.

They will meet at the zoo at 1:00.


He invites her to go for a drive.

The woman accepts the invitation.


The invitation is for Monday.

The woman accepts the invitation.

Answer & Transcript

1   False      True

2   True     False

3   False     True



A:   Hey, Tom, are you doing anything Saturday afternoon?

B:   Not really.

A:   Let’s go to the zoo then. I haven’t been there in a long time.

B:   Neither have I, and I just love animals. I’ll meet you there at I o’clock.

A:   Great.


A:   Hey, Kristen. It’s such a beautiful day and I just washed my car, and I was wondering, well, if you’d like to go for a drive around the city with me.

B:   No thank you. I don’t really like driving around in traffic.


A:   Hey, Cynthia, did you hear about the big craft fair this Saturday?

B:   Yeah, they’re really making a big deal of it.

A:   Do you want to go with me?

B:   I don’t know. It’ll be so crowded and parking will be impossible

A:   Come on! I’ll drive and we’ll go early, before the crowds come. I’ll pick you up at eight.

B:   Oh, okay. See you then.

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