Exercise 1   

People are talking about TV. What kind of program did each person watch? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  soap opera

     b.  movie

2.  a.  game show

     b.  sitcom

3.  a.  sports

     b.  documentary

4.  a.  sitcom

     b.  news

5.  a.  sports

     b.  soap opera

6.  a.  sitcom

     b.  documentary

Answer & Transcript


A:   Did you watch it today? I missed it.

B:   It was great. One of the best episodes ever! But now Ted has married Mary, and Mary’s daughter is upset. So Ted’s worried, and Mary’s miserable. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


A:   Did you watch the program on channel 2?

B:   I started to, but I had to go out. Did you see it?

A:   Yeah.

B:   Who won the grand prize?

A:   A 20-year-old university student. She won a new car.


A:   How was that program you watched the other night?

B:   It was fascinating. I learned so much from it. It was all about Canada, and all of the amazing animals that live up there. Now I really want to go there!


A:   So, what’s been happening?

B:   Well, there was another big earthquake in India yesterday.

A:   Really. That’s terrible.

B:   And there were some major floods up north. Lots of people have had to move out of their homes.


A:   Did you watch the game?

B:   Yeah, it was pretty exciting. Too bad it rained.

A:   Yeah, the players must have gotten soaked.

B:   I know. And just imagine the spectators!


A:   Did you enjoy that program after the news?

B:   Yeah, I thought it was pretty interesting. The photography was great. I often wonder how they can take photographs of birds flying like that. You get the impression you’re up there flying with them.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Announcer are talking about tonight’s television programs. Listen and write the correct number in the TV program guide.

Task 2

Listen again. Who will probably want to watch these program? Write the correct letter.

1.  ….

2.  ….

3.  ….

4.  ….

5.  ….

6.  ….

a.  people interested in architecture

b.  people who are thinking of taking a cruise

c.  people who love technology

d.  people who love movies and music

e.  people who love facts and trivia

f.  people over 40

Answer & Transcript


At 9 p.m. tonight, a panel of experts will discuss developments in information technology and how new inventions are going to change the way we watch TV. If you’re a person who loves technology, this is the show for you.


Tonight’s documentary is about new treatments that have been developed for cancer. It will report on major breakthroughs in cancer research, including an exciting new way of dealing with some of the most common cancers. People over 40 will definitely find this program worth watching.


There will be an interesting documentary at 10 p.m. here on channel 13. It deals with modern architecture and discusses the influence of some of the major 20th century architects on cities around the world. People interested in architecture will find this show fascinating.


Coming up on channel 7 tonight is Sea Crazy, a very funny new sitcom about an ocean cruise where everything goes wrong. Tonight, the kitchen staff goes on strike, and the passengers have to cook their own meals – with hilarious results. People who are thinking of taking a cruise should stay tuned for this one.


Tonight at 9 p.m., only on channel 7, the final round of the game show Question Time. Twenty contestants will play for the big prize – one million dollars! They’ll answer questions about history, movies, sports, and even math. This is the perfect show for people who love facts and trivia.


Later tonight, it’s America’s number one late night talk show, The Night Show. Tonight’s guests are movie star Stephanie Sanchez and the rapper B Cash B. People who love movies and music shouldn’t miss it!

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are giving their opinions about TV programs. Do they agree? Listen and check the correct answer.



Don’t agree







Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.

  True False
1.  She thinks the recipes are difficult.
2.  She loves figuring out how magicians do their tricks.
3.  He would rather play tennis than watch it.
4.  She thinks the photography is amazing.
5.  He would rather watch a show about an expensive hotel.
6.  She would rather watch sports.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Oh, they’re showing that cooking program I like on channel 5 tonight. I really love the woman on that program.

B:   Yeah. She’s that British chef, right? I really like her, too. I tried some of her recipes the other day. They’re really good, and none of them are that difficult to make.


A:   Do you like magic shows? There’s going to be a great one on TV tonight!

B:   Well, honestly, I think those shows are really frustrating. I hate trying to figure out how magicians do their tricks.

A:   That’s too bad. So, I guess you don’t want to watch the program with me.

B:   No. Definitely not.


A:   Are you going to watch the big tennis tournament on TV Saturday afternoon? It looks like it’s going to be a good match.

B:   I know, but I don’t really enjoy tennis on TV. I’d rather play tennis than watch it.


A:   I see there’s an interesting documentary about Australian wildlife on TV tomorrow. Let’s watch it.

B:   Okay. I love nature shows. I think the photography is amazing. I mean, they can follow a tiny insect all around – even when it’s underground!


A:   Hey, that travel show is on tonight. You know the one – they follow this guy on his vacation, and he’s always camping in dirty, cheap places. It’s very interesting.

B:   Actually, that doesn’t sound very interesting to me. I’d rather watch a show about staying at an expensive hotel!


A:   Oh, that antiques show is on tonight.

B:   I love that show. People bring in their antique furniture and stuff. Sometimes that old junk turns out to be worth thousands of dollars. It’s really amazing.

A:   Actually, I think it’s boring. I’d rather watch something exciting, like an action movie – or sports.

Exercise 4

People are discussing television shows. What kind of program are they talking about? listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Who Wants a Million Dollars   …….

2.   The Jeffermans                           …….

3.   The Jerry Stinger Show              …….

4.   Passion Hospital                         …….

5.   Before Columbus                       …….

a.   sitcom

b.   documentary

c.   game show

d.   talk show

e.   soap opera

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 a   3 d   4 e   5 b



A:   Hey, Bob, what did you do last night?

B:   I watched my favorite TV show, Who Wants a Million Dollars. I love it because the contestants are so stupid. They never answer the questions correctly!

A:   That doesn’t sound very interesting.

B:   Oh, but it is. It’s hilarious. I watch it almost every night.


A:   Jenny, how often do you watch The Jeffermans?

B:   Almost never.

A:   Why? Don’t you think it’s funny?

B:   Actually, I don’t. The jokes just aren’t funny to me.


A:   Do you ever watch The Jerry Stinger Show?

B:    No, never. I can’t stand shows like that.

A:   Really? Why?

B:   Because all they do is talk, talk, talk. And the guests have so many ridiculous problems!


A:   You’re home in the afternoons, Mark. Do you ever watch that show, Passion Hospital?

B:   Yeah. It’s on every day, so I watch it sometimes. I really don’t like it, though.

A:   How come?

B:   It’s boring. Every episode is the same. Either somebody has a nervous breakdown, somebody gets killed, or somebody gets married-and sometimes all three in the same episode!


A:   You have to see tonight’s show on the History Station.

B:   Why, Dave? What’s so special about it?

A:   Well, it’s about the Native Americans and what their lives were like before the Europeans came. That’s why it’s called Before Columbus. It’s a fascinating topic.

B:   Hmm, that does sound interesting. I’ll try to catch it.

Exercise 5

Announcers are talking about this week’s television programs. Listen and circle the correct information.

1. a.   The program is a game show.

    b.   The program is on at 9 p.m. tonight.

    c.   The program is on channel 6.

2. a.   The program is on tonight.

    b.   The program is a documentary.

    c.   The program is on channel 15.

3. a.   Tonight’s guest is a singer.

    b.   The program is on in the afternoon.

    c.   The program is a talk show.

4. a.   The program is on Saturday.

    b.   It’s a sports program.

    c.   The program is on channel 11.

5. a.   The program is on tonight.

    b.   The program is on channel 12.

    c.   The program is a sitcom.

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 b   3 c   4 b   5 b



Tonight, catch the hot new sitcom that everyone’s talking about, Friends and Enemies! This week’s episode is going to be the funniest ever! That’s 8 p.m. tonight, only on channel 6!


Tomorrow night on PBS, tune in for a fascinating documentary on wildlife in Africa. That’s tomorrow at 9 o’clock, right here on channel 13.


Don’t touch that dial-Super Crazy Late Night is on after the evening news! Tonight’s guest is the actor Joey Kennedy. See why Super Crazy Late Night is the nation’s number-one talk show!


Hey, sports fans! Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow! All day long, it’s going to be football, football, football! It’s the biggest game of the year, and it’s only on channel 7.


Tomorrow morning on channel 12, watch some of the smartest high school students in the city compete on Academic Challenge. The grand prize is a college scholarship.

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