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My First Job

My first “real” job was during my last year of high school.

I had taken classes in various business subjects.

In that last year of high school, we could do a “co-op”.

That meant we could work part of the time instead of going to school.

It would count as a credit towards our diploma. 

The place I got a job was at a men’s tailor shop.

The owners were a very nice older German couple.

They had two other men working for them, too.

One of the men had had brain surgery for cancer.

He had a big, long scar all around the top of his head.

He told me all about it.

He was always happy and full of fun.

I thought he was very brave! 

The tailor shop made suits to order.

One of the salesmen would measure the man, and the customer would choose a fabric and style he (or his wife!) liked.

The people in the back of the shop would then cut and sew the suit.

The suits cost a lot of money.

There were also suits already made that the customer could buy instead if they wished.

They could also rent suits or tuxedos for weddings or parties. 

I worked at a little desk.

I answered the phone, wrote letters, filed papers and did some bookkeeping.

It was about a mile walk from my school to work.

I passed many clothing shops.

That wasn’t good because I spent a lot of the money that I earned in those shops!

I worked at the tailor shop for almost a year.

It was a good experience and helped me get my next job with the United States Navy.

That was fun, too!

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