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A Rainy Day

The clouds were very gray.

There was a loud boom that came from the sky.

A bolt of lightning struck down a tree.

All of a sudden buckets of rain came pouring down! 

Jane and Bill were walking in a park when the rain started.

Jane wanted to take pictures of the flowers, but the rain got her camera wet.

She had to put it away so that it wouldn’t get ruined. 

Jane was going to hide under a big tree to stay dry, but Bill told her that was not a safe idea.

He said that she could get hurt if the lightning hit the tree.

The tree could break and fall on her, or the lightning could even hit her! 

The air was very chilly.

Jane and Bill put on their sweaters and raincoats to keep warm.

Jane took her umbrella out and put it up.

They both walked under it to stay dry. 

The ground was really wet and muddy.

Bill and Jane were very glad that they remembered to wear their boots.

They ran through the puddles, getting mud and water all over the back of their pants. 

As they were running and having fun, they saw some ducks.

There were five of them splashing around in a pond.

The ducks were not afraid of water; they swim in the water all the time! 

Jane and Bill saw some big bull frogs near the pond.

The frogs jumped into the pond when they heard Jane and Bill coming. 

After a little while Jane and Bill decided to go home.

They got into some dry clothes.

Jane started to sneeze.

She had gotten a little bit too wet! 

Bill noticed that the rain had stopped. “Look outside Jane,” he said.

Jane wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and looked outside.

There was a beautiful, bright rainbow across the sky Violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, the rainbow shone high in the sky.

“I wonder if there’s a pot of gold on the other side?” Jane asked.

She had once been told that Leprechauns lived on the other side handing out money to those that made it to the rainbow’s end. 

Bill didn’t believe there was a pot of gold.

Jane ignored Bill though and started off across the field, to claim her big pot of money. 

Let’s hope Jane finds her way back home, safe and sound, with a big pot of gold!

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