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Elementary School

I go to Gainsborough Public Elementary School.

I am in Grade 8. I am known as the “King/Queen” of the school this year.

I feel very grown up.

I love being the oldest kid in the school.

My friends and I are told that we are examples to the younger kids in the school.

That means we need to be good. I remember looking up to the grade eight kids when I was younger.

I remember thinking how big and wise they seemed to be.

Now that I’m in grade eight, I hope that the younger kids see me as wise. 

I want to be a music teacher or maybe a nurse.

My school counsellor helps me plan for high school.

I am nervous because I know I will not feel like the “King” anymore.

Things will be so different. I am excited because I will be meeting so many new people! 

I am looking forward to my graduation.

I will wear a pink, silky dress.

My shoes are a light pink, too.

My date’s name is Chad.

He is very nice.

He is a good friend.

I have known Chad since I was a little girl. 

I know that my future will be a bright one.

I will miss all of my friends but I know we will see each other again someday.

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