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My Friends

Two of my best friends are named John and Jane.

John and Jane are related to each other. In fact, they are brother and sister.

Not only are they brother and sister, but they are also twins.

Their mother gave birth to them only a few minutes apart. 

I first met John and Jane when we were only five years old.

We went to kindergarten classes at the same school.

Because the house where John and Jane lived was close to my family’s house, I often walked to school with John and Jane. 

When we weren’t at school, John and Jane and I often played together.

Sometimes, we would play sports and games.

Sometimes, we would play in the forest, looking for birds and animals.

On rainy days, we would stay inside, and play with toys and dolls.

On warm summer days, we would go swimming in the lake that was near the place where we lived. 

I often visited John and Jane at their house.

On many occasions, I had lunch at their place.

John and Jane’s parents were very nice to me.

Of course, John and Jane often visited my house too.

My parents enjoyed it when John and Jane came over for lunch. 


When I became older, I remained friends with John and Jane.

Sometimes, we would study or do our school homework together.

Sometimes, we worked at the same part-time jobs, to make extra money.

We often helped each other in various ways.

Sometimes, I did a favour to help John or Jane, and sometimes they did favours to help me. 

Eventually, when we grew up, I moved to a different town.

Both John and Jane also moved to different places.

But I am still good friends with John and Jane.

Two years ago, I went to Jane’s wedding, and last year, I went to John’s wedding.

I think I will probably always be friends with John and Jane. 

Having friends is very nice.

I am very lucky to have had good friends such as John and Jane.

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