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Snow is the white substance that falls to the ground during cold weather conditions.

Each tiny piece of snow, called a snowflake, is a very small amount of water that has

frozen into an unusual shape.

During the winter months, huge numbers of snowflakes fall to the ground, covering the land in a white blanket of snow. 

In many parts of the world, people never see any snow.

Snow only falls when there is moisture in the air, and when the temperature falls below the freezing point of water, which is zero degrees Celsius.

During the winter, snow falls instead of rain. 

One advantage of snow is that it allows many fun outdoor activities.

Children like to play in the snow.

For example, they may make a “snowman” by rolling snow into a large ball, and then placing these balls of snow on top of each other, in the shape of a person. 

Another fun activity in the snow is skiing.

Skis are very long, thin, flat pieces of hard material that one wears on one’s feet.

Wearing skis allows a person to slide along the surface of the snow.

People can ski down the side of a hill, travelling at great speeds.

Many people find the sport of downhill skiing to be very exciting.

Some people like to ski along flat ground, often travelling great distances.

This sport, called cross-country skiing, is an excellent way to develop physical fitness. 

Of course, snow also causes some problems.

Snow can make driving dangerous because falling snow makes roads slippery, and on a windy day, blowing snow can make it difficult to see very far.

It can also be a lot of work to remove snow from the roads and sidewalks.

Snow is a heavy substance, and it must be cleared away using a shovel or a large machine. 

Many people love the beauty of the land when it is covered by snow.

The white covering of snow over the fields and trees can give a feeling of peace and calm.

If you have never seen snow before, you should someday experience this strange and wonderful substance!

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