Exercise 1   

Sandra is describing the people at her party. Which person is she describing?
Listen and write the correct letter.

1.  David …F….

2.  Janet ………

3.  Ron ……..

4.  Barbara ……..

5.  Andy ……..

6.  Patty ……..

7.  Mary ……..

8.  Ken ……..

Answer & Transcript


A:        Which one is David?

B:        David? There he is. He’s wearing a jacket and tie. And he’s got reddish-blond hair.

A:        Okay. Thanks.


A:        I’m looking for Janet.

B:        Oh, she’s wearing a long dress. And she’s got glasses.

A:        Does she have long hair?

B:        No, it’s not really long.


A:        Which one is Ron?

B:        He’s wearing a dark suit and a tie…and sneakers.

A:        Sneakers? Okay. Thanks.


A:        I’m looking for Barbara.

B:        There she is over there. She’s wearing white pants and a red blouse.

A:        The one with a scarf?

B:        Yeah.


A:        Who’s Andy?

B:        He’s wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He’s got short blond hair.

A:        Oh, I see him. Thanks.


A:        I’m looking for Patty.

B:        Mm… There she is. She’s wearing a yellow skirt, a blue blouse, and red sandals.

A:        Thanks.


A:        Is Mary here tonight?

B:        Yes, she is. See her over there? She’s wearing jeans and a green shirt.

A:        Jeans and a green shirt.

B:        Yes, and she’s wearing a funny hat.


A:        Where’s Ken?

B:        Oh, the bodybuilder. He’s here somewhere. He’s wearing shorts and a tight shirt, as usual.

A:        Tight shirt?

B:        Yeah, he likes to show off his muscles!

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are trying on clothes in a department store. Listen and number the pictures.

Task 2

Listen again. What does each person need? Circle the correct answer.

1.  He needs to find a …………. pair.

a.  longer

b.  shorter

c.  cheaper

2.  She needs to find a …………. one.

a.  prettier

b.  bigger

c.  smaller

3.  She needs to find a ………….. pair.

a.  tighter

b.  bigger

c.  smaller

4.  He needs to find a …………… pair.

a.  bigger

b.  cheaper

c.  smaller

5.  He needs to find a ……………. one.

a.  tighter

b.  looser

c.  smaller

6.  She needs to find a ……………. size.

a.  smaller

b.  bigger

c.  more comfortable

Answer & Transcript


A:        How are the pants, sir?

B:        I think they’re too short. What do you think?

A:        Yes. I think you’re right. They certainly are too short.

B:        Can you get me a longer pair?


A:        Do you like this blouse?

B:        Well, I think it’s a little too big.

A:        I guess so. Yes, it is pretty big.

B:        You definitely need a smaller one.


A:        Are the sneakers comfortable?

B:        Well, I think they’re a little small for me.

A:        Too small? Let me find a bigger pair.


A:        Are those jeans all right?

B:        I’m afraid they’re too big for me.

A:        Okay, then let’s find a smaller pair.


A:        How does the T-shirt fit? Is it too tight?

B:        Do you have a looser one?


A:        How do you like the sandals?

B:        Too big, I’m afraid.

A:        Too big? Let me find a smaller size.

Exercise 3

Task 1

Does the information you hear match the description? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.  Sonia

     a.  no jacket

     b.  bag

     c.  no earrings

     d.  black shoes



2.  Brian

     a.  new jeans

     b.  T-shirt

     c.  scarf

     d.  no rings



3.  Kevin

     a.  shirt

     b.  no tie

     c.  pants

     d.  shoulder bag



4.  Mrs. Graham

     a.  skirt

     b.  no jewelry

     c.  bag

     d.  sandals







Task 2

Listen again. What was each person wearing? Circle the correct answer.

1.  Sonia was wearing a ………….. skirt.

a.  yellow

b.  black

c.  dark blue

2.  Brian was wearing a …………… belt.

a.  red

b.  wide

c.  silver

3.  Kevin was wearing ……………. pants.

a.  brown

b.  white

c.  green

4.  Mrs. Graham was wearing a …………… scarf.

a.  long

b.  black

c.  beautiful

Answer & Transcript


Sonia was very well dressed. She had on a jacket and a long, dark blue skirt. She was also wearing a yellow blouse. She wasn’t carrying a bag, but she did have a small wallet with her. Oh, and I remember she had nice gold earrings. I also remember her shoes. She was wearing black shoes with very high heels.


Brian was very casually dressed. He was wearing some really old jeans—you know, the ones with holes in them—with a new wide leather belt and a white T-shirt. He had on some boots, high brown ones. They looked really nice. He also had a red scarf. He usually wears a couple of big rings, but he wasn’t wearing any at the party. He was wearing an interesting silver watch, though.


Kevin was wearing a yellow shirt and a green tie. I didn’t like the tie, but I liked the shirt. He also had on brown pants. He was wearing sneakers with long white socks—kind of cute, actually. And he had a leather bag over one shoulder.


Mrs. Graham looked really good. She had on an interesting long red skirt and a beautiful gold and black jacket. And she had some lovely earrings and a nice necklace. She also had a long pink scarf over one shoulder. She didn’t have a bag. She was wearing sandals.

Exercise 4

Monica is describing people in her class. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   David is wearing a red suit with a blue tie.


2.   Bod is wearing a windbreaker over a black T-shirt.

3.   Roberta is wearing jeans, a black T-shirt, and a jacket.

4.   Sylvia is wearing cute blue jeans and blue sandals.

5.   Tess is wearing red pants and a white blouse.

Answer & Transcript

1 False   2 False   3 True   4 False   5 True


1.   David is over there. He’s always very well dressed. Today he’s wearing a blue suit with a red tie.

2.   Next to him is Bob. He never wears a suit. Today he’s wearing his wind-breaker over a white T-shirt, with jeans and sneakers.

3.   Then there’s Roberta. She’s wearing jeans, too, but with a black T-shirt and a jacket.

4.   Sylvia has on a really cute blue dress with blue sandals.

5.   And Tess is wearing bright red pants and a white blouse, and she’s carrying a red and white shoulder bag. She sure looks stylish today!

Exercise 5

Listen to the phone conversations and complete the message pads.

1. a.   a bigger blouse

    b.   a smaller blouse

    c.   a looser blouse

2. a.   cheaper jeans

    b.   tighter jeans

    c.   looser jeans

3. a.   shorter pants

    b.   longer pants

    c.   tighter pants

4. a.   tighter sneakers

    b.   smaller sneakers

    c.   bigger sneakers

5. a.   a looser jacket

    b.   a bigger jacket

    c.   a tighter jacket

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 c



A:   Do you like the blouse?

B:   No, not really. It’s too big for me.

A:   Oh, yes, I see. I’ll find you the same blouse in a smaller size.


A:   How do the jeans fit?

B:   They’re too tight. Everyone is wearing them loose now. Could you bring me a looser pair?


A:   How do you like the pants?

B:   I think they’re a little too long. What do you think?

A:   Hmm, well you could always wear high heels. No? Okay, why don’t you try these? They’re a little shorter.


A:   So how do you like the sneakers?

B:   They’re a little too big, I think.

A:   Hmm, okay, let me get you a half-size smaller.


A:   Well, sir, how do you like the jacket?

B:   I like the color, but it doesn’t fit well. it’s too loose across the shoulders.

A:   Yes, it is a little loose. Just one moment, I’ll find one that’s the same color but tighter.

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