Exercise 1

A. Listen to Conversation 1. Where does Simon want to meet Susie? What do you think will happen?

B. Listen to the next two phone conversations. Underline the correct answers.

Conversation 2

1   Simon is in the bookshop / in the café.

2   Susie is at the bus stop / in the car park.

Conversation 3

 Amy is in the clothes shop / in the department store.

 Sandeep is at the information desk / at the cash machine.

C. Listen to Conversation 4 and answer the questions.

1   Why is Simon running?

2   How does Susie feel? Why?

Answer & Audioscript


Simon wants to meet Susie at the shopping mall. They might have problems finding each other.


1   in the bookshop

2   at the bus stop

3   in the department store

4   at the cash machine


 Simon is running because he was by the main entrance, not the cinema entrance.

 Susie feels annoyed because Simon isn’t at the cinema entrance on time.




SUSIE   Hello?

SIMON   Hey, Susie. It’s Simon. Do you want to go and see a film tonight with Amy and Sandeep?

SU   Yeah, great idea, I’d love to.

SI   Let’s meet at the shopping mall at around seven. OK?

SU   Where? The mall’s really big!

SI   Oh, I don’t know. I’ll call you when we get there and we can find each other.

SU   OK …



SIMON   Hello?

SUSIE   Simon! Hi! Where are you? Are you having a coffee?

SI   No, I’m just buying that new book I told you about. What are you doing?

SU   I’m just getting of the bus. So where do you want to meet? It’s nearly seven.

SI   Let’s meet at the entrance in five minutes.

SU   All right.

SI   And can you call Amy and Sandeep to tell them where to meet?

SU   Yeah, sure, no problem. Hurry up!


SANDEEP   Hello?

SUSIE   Sandeep, it’s Susie. Where are you?

SA   Oh! Hi, Susie. I’m just getting some cash. Amy’s looking at furniture.

SU   Furniture? Are you buying furniture?

SA   No, we aren’t buying anything. She’s just looking.

SU   OK, well, can you meet Simon and me at the entrance to the cinema in five minutes?

SA   Yeah, sure. See you there!



SUSIE   Hi, Amy!

AMY   Hi!

SU   Hi, Sandeep!


SU   Great to see you!

SA   Good to see you too! Where’s Simon?

SU   I don’t know. He told me to meet him here. Let me just call him.

SIMON   Hello?

SU   Simon, where are you waiting for us?

SI   I’m standing by the entrance – you aren’t here!

SU   Yes, we are! We’re waiting for you. I just bought our tickets.

SI   What? … Oh, no! I’m at the main entrance, not the cinema entrance.

SU   What? Quick, run! The film is about to start!

Exercise 2

A. Tina read Lucas’ message and called him. Pete read Diana’s message and called her. Listen to the conversations. Why are Tina and Pete surprised?

 Tina thinks that Lucas doesn’t like:

      a   parties

      b   wearing red

      c   going out at night

 Pete thinks that Diana doesn’t like:

      a   going out for dinner

      b   being in photos

      c   wearing dresses.

B. Listen again and tick (✓) the clothes words you hear. Which words do they not talk about?

Answer & Audioscript


1 b   2 c


Lucas: socks ✓, scarf ✓, shoes ✓, boots ✓ (They don’t talk about trousers or a shirt.)

Diana: gloves ✓, dress ✓, earrings ✓, jeans ✓, jumper ✓ (They don’t talk about a raincoat.)


Conversation 1

LUCAS   Hello?

TINA   Hi Lucas, it’s Tina.

 Oh, Tina – hi!

 I just read your message. Sounds like you’re having fun.

 Yeah, it’s great here – I love it.

 I can’t believe you’re wearing red.

 I know, I know.

 You hate red.

 Yes, but it’s Chinese New Year – everyone’s wearing red – I’m even wearing red socks and a red belt. And someone also gave me a red scarf.

 I hope you’re not wearing red shoes.

 No, no – I’m wearing black boots.

Conversation 2

DIANA   Hello?

PETE   Hi, Diana. It’s Pete.

D   Oh hi, Pete! Thanks for calling!

 Thanks for the message and the photo.

D   No problem. I’m having such a brilliant time here.

 That doesn’t look like you in the photo.

D   Yeah, that’s me.

 But you’re wearing a dress. You never wear dresses! And gloves too. You look so cool.

D   Thanks. I wear dresses sometimes you know.

 Yeah, but I normally see you in jumpers and jeans. And you’re wearing jewellery too – those are lovely earrings.

D   Well, this is special – it’s Carnevale. I’m having so much fun.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1. Who wants to buy clothes: Dan, Annie or both?

B. Change three incorrect things in the text below. Listen to Part 1 again to check your answers.

Dan’s meeting Martina to go to a concert. He wants to wear new clothes as a surprise. Annie says she’ll meet Dan at 5 pm. She isn’t very happy about it.

Answer & Audioscript




to go to a concert for dinner

… meet Dan at 5 pm 12:30.

She isn’t is happy …


ANNIE   Dan! Hi!

DAN   Hi, Annie, how are things?

A   Fine.

D   Um, look. Are you free at lunchtime?

A   Yes.

D   Great. Could we meet? I need help to buy some clothes for this evening.

A   Yeah, sure. But what about Martina? Can’t she help?

D   Well, I’m meeting her this evening for dinner. She always says I wear the same old clothes, so I want to get something new. I want to surprise her.

A   OK, sure. I’m free at 12:30.

C. Listen to Part 2 and answer the questions.

1   What clothes does Dan want to buy?

2   What size does Dan wear?

3   Do you think Dan enjoys shopping?

Answer & Audioscript

1   a shirt and trousers

2   trousers: probably 36; shirt: large

3   No, he probably doesn’t enjoy shopping.


ANNIE   So what are you looking for?

DAN   I don’t know really. A shirt and trousers. Just something casual.

A   OK. What size are you?

 In trousers? 32. … OK, 34.

 Or 36? And probably a large for the shirt?

 Yeah, I think so.

 What colour would you like?

 Oh, I don’t know. Something dark?

 What about this? … Why don’t you try them on?

 OK. Excuse me, where are the fitting rooms?

SHOP ASSISTANT   The fitting rooms are just over there, sir.

D   Thanks.

SA   Thank you.

D. Listen to Part 3 and answer the questions.

 Does Annie like the clothes Dan tries on?

 What does Annie think about the last set of clothes Dan comes out in?

E. Listen to Part 3 again and complete Dan’s receipt.

Answer & Audioscript


1   No, she doesn’t.

2   She thinks they look great.


Shoes          £49.99

Shirt             £25.99

Trousers      £39.99

Total             £115.97


DAN   What do you think?

ANNIE   No …

D   This one?

A   Ugh …

D   And this?

A   No. Try the next one.

D   How about this one?

A   No, Dan … That’s it! That looks great.

D   These are mine! This is what I came in!

A   Well, it looks really good on you …

SHOP ASSISTANT   Can I help you, sir?

 Hi. There’s no price on these shoes. How much are they?

SA   They’re 49.99.

 Great. I’ll take them.

 And these trousers and this shirt, please.

SA   Altogether that’s £115.97, please.

 Can I pay by card?

SA   Yes, of course. Just enter your PIN, please. … Shall I put the receipt in the bag?

 Yes – thanks.

SA   There you go, sir.

 Thank you.

SA   Thank you. Take care now.


Exercise 4

A. Which presents from the picture do you think these people give? Listen and check.

1   Axel   I always give my girlfriend an expensive birthday present.

2   Bob   We don’t buy presents.

3   Fernanda   We buy small presents for the children.

4   Leila   My husband doesn’t think clothes or computers are important.

B. Who are these sentences about? Listen again to check.

1   They always buy their own presents.

      …Bob’s children

2   He doesn’t need many things.


3   They don’t get expensive presents.


4   She loves expensive presents.


5   They go out for a meal on birthdays.


Answer & Audioscript


 jewellery, a necklace, earrings, a dress


 a toy car, a T-shirt

 a book, a DVD


 Leila’s husband

 Fernanda’s children

 Axel’s girlfriend

 Bob and his family


AXEL   I always give my girlfriend an expensive birthday present. I don’t give her flowers or chocolates. I often give her jewellery, maybe a necklace or earrings. Or maybe a beautiful dress. She loves expensive clothes. But clothes are difficult because I don’t know what she likes. So, she usually chooses them and then we buy them together.

BOB   We don’t buy presents. We give the children some cash and then they always buy their own presents. I think that’s better because they know what they want. And then we do something nice together, maybe go out for a meal or go to the cinema.

FERNANDA   We buy small birthday presents for the children – usually toys or clothes, something small, like a toy car or a T-shirt maybe. Some people buy things like a laptop or a bike, but I don’t like giving expensive presents, I prefer to give small presents.

LEILA   My husband doesn’t think clothes and computers are important. He doesn’t need many things, he doesn’t like spending money on himself. But he reads lots of books and he likes films – so for his birthday I usually buy him a book or a DVD. He’s very easy!

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