Exercise 1

A. Maggie and Stephen answer the magazine quiz about the actresses. Listen and answer the questions.

1   Did they both guess all the correct answers?

2   Tick (✓) the films they talk about:

      a   Wedding Crashers

      b   The Great Gatsby

      c   Bridesmaids

      d   X-Men: First Class

      e   Alice in Wonderland

      f   Jane Eyre

B. Listen again. Tick (✓) if they’ve seen this actress. Then write the letter (a–f) of the film in A they’ve seen her in.


Isla Fisher

Rose Byrne

Mia Wasikowska






✓ b



Answer & Audioscript


1   No, they didn’t. (Maggie got 1 and 5 wrong and Stephen got 2 and 6 wrong.)

2   b ✓ The Great Gatsby   c ✓ Bridesmaids   f ✓ Jane Eyre



Isla Fisher

Rose Byrne

Mia Wasikowska




✓ f


✓ b

✓ c



STEPHEN   How many quiz answers did you get right?

MAGGIE   All of them except for numbers one and five.

S   I got question two and six wrong. How did you know Isla Fisher has written novels? Have you read them?

M   No, I haven’t – it was a guess. In fact, I haven’t seen any of her films. What about you?

S   I’ve seen The Great Gatsby. She’s really good in it. I’ve never seen a film with Mia Wasikowska.

M   Really? Try Jane Eyre – she’s fantastic in that.

S   What about Rose Byrne? Have you ever seen any of her films?

M   No, I haven’t, but I’ve heard she’s really funny in Bridesmaids.

 Yes, I’ve seen that. She’s a real laugh.

Exercise 2

A. Kurt and Bea are students in Buenos Aires. Listen to their conversation about Buenos Aires: City of music. Tick (✓) the places they talk about.

Teatro Colón

The Roxy

Jazz y Pop

San Telmo

Konex Cultural Centre

Which places have they each been to?

B. Complete the table about Bea. Listen and check your answers.



Did she like it?

1   Jazz y Pop









Answer & Audioscript


✓ Teatro Colón   ✓ Jazz y Pop   ✓ The Roxy   ✓ San Telmo

Kurt hasn’t been to any of the places, but Bea has been to all of them.




Did she like it?

1   Jazz y Pop

two weeks ago

Yes, they had really good music.

2   The Roxy

Antonia’s birthday

Yes, she had a fantastic time.

3   Teatro Colón

her dad’s 50th birthday

No, she didn’t like it much.


KURT   Look, have you seen this article? It says Buenos Aires is one of the world’s top cities for music. I didn’t know that.

BEA   Well, there is a lot of good music.

K   I haven’t been to any of these places and I’ve lived here for years. Like Jazz y Pop, it says it’s a famous jazz club, but I’ve never heard of it. Have you been to Jazz y Pop?

B   Yes, I went there two weeks ago. They had really good music.

K   Oh, right. And what about The Roxy? Where’s The Roxy? Have you been there?

B   Yes, of course I have. We all went there for Antonia’s birthday. We had a fantastic time, we didn’t leave till five in the morning. Didn’t you come?

K   Antonia’s birthday … ? Oh, I remember. I had exams, I couldn’t go. OK, well I bet you’ve never been to the Teatro Colón.

B   Yes, I have actually. I went there last year. It was my dad’s 50th birthday, we went to the opera.

K   Oh, yeah. What did you see?

B   I don’t remember, something by Mozart. I didn’t like it much.

K   You’ve been everywhere.

B   Yeah, well you should go out more, you spend too much time studying. Look, it’s a nice evening, why don’t we go down to San Telmo and sit in a café, and watch the dancers?

K   Mm … Well, I’d love to, actually I’ve never been there. But I’ve got this essay to write …

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1 and choose the correct answers below.

 Dan and Martina are going out / on their way home.

 Their address is 50 Windsor Road / 15 Windsor Road.

B. Dan and Martina are in the taxi. Listen to Part 2 and answer the questions.

1   Where have they been?

2   Do they have the same opinion about what they saw?

C. Read the sentences and write Martina (M), Dan (D) or both (B). Listen again to check your answers.

Who thinks … ?

 the concert was good

 not all the bands were good

 the first band was good

 Atlantis are a good band

 Atlantis were too loud

Answer & Audioscript


 on their way home

 15 Windsor Road


1   to a concert

2   No, they don’t.


1 B   2 B   3 M   4 D   5 M



DAN   Taxi! … Windsor Road – number 15, please.

DRIVER   15 Windsor Road.

MARTINA   That’s better.

D   Tired?

M   Yeah, a bit. It’s nearly 12. Work tomorrow.


DAN   So, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy it?

MARTINA   Yeah, it was a good concert. I really liked it. How about you?

 Yeah, me too.

M   But I didn’t like all the bands.

 No, me neither. I didn’t like the first band very much.

M   Really? Oh, I thought they were quite good.

 Did you? But all their songs were the same. They really only had one song.

M   Yeah, but the singer was so good. She’s got an amazing voice.

 Yeah, maybe. But I just thought they were a bit boring. And I don’t really like that kind of pop music.

 Well, they aren’t really pop, they’re sort of folk rock. Anyway, I really liked them.

D   But the last band – Atlantis – I thought they were really good. Really great music.

 Do you think so? I didn’t really like them. They were too loud.

D   Yeah, maybe.

Exercise 4

A. Melissa and Robin talk about a film. Listen and answer the questions.

 What film are they talking about?

 Did Robin like it? Did Melissa like it?

B. Listen again. Write Robin (R) or Melissa (M). Who … ?

1   thinks James Bond films are always the same

2   thinks James Bond films are just for fun

3   thinks the special effects were good

4   is going to see the film again

Answer & Audioscript


1   the new James Bond film

2   Robin liked it, but Melissa didn’t.


1 M   2 R   3 M   4 R


MELISSA   Have you seen the new James Bond film?

ROBIN   Yes, have you?

M   Yes, I’ve seen it, yeah. Not very good, is it?

 Oh, I don’t agree. I really enjoyed it.

M   Well, I thought it was boring. James Bond films are always the same. James Bond is cool, he goes to some beautiful country and he meets a beautiful girl. The bad guys all die at the end. You always know what’s going to happen. Of course the special effects were great, but that’s about all.

R   Well, it’s not meant to be too serious, you know. I thought it was fun, I liked it.

M   Did you really?

R   Yes, I did. I thought it was exciting. It was great to watch, the actors were great and James Bond was fantastic. I’m going to see it again this weekend. Do you want to come?

M   What, again? No thanks, once was enough. I’m going to see the new Tarantino film.

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