Exercise 1

A. Listen to two conversations about holiday plans. Which Work Around the World holidays are Emily and Chloe interested in?

What are Work Around the World (WAW) holidays?

They’re holidays where you work for a few hours every day and you get your accommodation and food free. 

Why go on a Work Around the World (WAW) holiday?

Because it’s fun, you help other people and you also make a lot of interesting new friends. Here are some examples of great Work Around the World holidays.


Summer work in a small hotel in the Åland Islands, Finland.

  • Jobs include cleaning and taking reservations.
  • Great for people who love cycling and kayaking.


A Mexican family is looking for a young person to work in their home in Acapulco on the Pacific Coast.

  • Jobs include looking after children and teaching English.
  • Great beaches and nightlife – lots of fun.


Come and live in an artists’ village in the South Island of New Zealand.

  • Jobs include helping in the local shop and cleaning.
  • Close to amazing scenery: rainforest, mountains and glaciers.

B. Listen again to the two conversations. Answer the questions.

Conversation 1

 Why doesn’t Emily want to go to university?

 What does she like about the job she is interested in?

 Why doesn’t Zoe want her to go?

Conversation 2

1   Why does Chloe want to leave her job?

2   What does she like about the job she is interested in?

3   Does Frank think it’s a good job for Chloe?

Answer & Audioscript


Emily − holiday 3

Chloe − holiday 2



1   Because she doesn’t really want to continue studying and she’d like to do some travelling.

2   She likes the free food and accommodation, it’s close to the mountains and she can draw.

3   Because she wants Emily to go to university at the same time as her and their friends.


1   Because she wants to do something different for a while.

2   It’s in an amazing place and she can go to the beach every day.

3   He doesn’t think it’s a good job for Chloe because she doesn’t know how to teach.



ZOE   So, about next year – what are you going to do?

EMILY   I finally decided yesterday.

Z   And?

E   Well, I don’t really want to continue studying. I’d like to do some travelling. So, I’m not going to go to university next year.

Z   Go travelling? Nice idea – but that costs a lot of money.

E   I’ve saved a bit of money. But you don’t need a lot. Look. I found this website: Work Around the World.

Z   OK …

E   Well, you can go places and get free food and accommodation – you just have to do a bit of work.

Z   I don’t know … I heard you work really hard on those things.

E   But look at this one. I’m going to email and ask about it. It looks so beautiful there close to the mountains and I love drawing and things, so it’s perfect.

Z   But what about … what about all our friends? I mean, university starts next year.

E   I know. Sorry. It starts for everyone, but not for me.


CHLOE   I want to do something different for a while. I’m going to leave this job.

FRANK   Get a new one?

C   No, I want to go away and have some fun.

 Ah, so a holiday.

C   Yes, a very long holiday. Look at this website …

 Work Around the World holidays …

C   There are some interesting things on it.

 … free accommodation and food … But no pay.

C   No, but it doesn’t matter. Look at this job I read about. I’m going to find out more about it. It’s in such an amazing place. I can go to the beach every day.

 It says you have to spend a lot of time with children. Do you even like children?

C   Yeah – I love them.

 And do you know how to teach?

C   I’m sure I can learn.

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the conversation.

 I 1_______ (spend) six months travelling and working next year.

 Great. Where are you 2_______ (go)?

 I 3_______ (travel) around South Africa.

 What jobs 4_______ (do)?

 Cleaning, cooking, working in restaurants – things like that. I 5_______ (not do) anything too difficult.

 And what about after your trip?

 I 6_______ (look) for a job at home.

B. Six people talk about travelling and holidays. Listen and complete the sentences.

 I always ________ my holidays carefully. I read about the place before I go there.

 I don’t want to ________ abroad. It’s better to go on holiday in my own country.

 I never ________ a hotel. I want to see my room before I decide to stay there.

 I usually ________ my bags about an hour before I go on holiday. I hate doing it!

 After a week away I’m always happy to ________ home and see my family again.

 When I’m on holiday I never ________ plans. I just see what happens when I get there.

Answer & Audioscript


 ’m going to spend

 going to go

 ’m going to travel

 are you going to do

 ’m not going to do

 ’m going to look


1 plan   2 travel   3 book   4 pack   5 go back   6 make

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Troy and Cerys. Which things below does Troy like, and which does Cerys like?

big cities





the sea





the countryside


Answer & Audioscript

Troy = big cities, cafés, shopping, noise, dancing, music

Cerys = sport, the countryside, the sea, beaches


TROY   I grew up in Melbourne in Australia and I’ve always lived in big cities. I love cities – I like going to cafés and I love shopping. Every city’s different. I’ve been to London, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon … and I love them all. I’m never very happy in the countryside. There’s nothing to do there. I like people and noise.

In my free time I listen to music a lot – mainly dance music, but I like rock music too. I don’t do much sport, I’ve never really liked sport … well I like dancing, but that’s not really a sport, is it?

CERYS   I think I’ve always been a sporty person, I loved sport at school. And I love water sports of all kinds. I go swimming, surfing, I love being in the water. I spend a lot of time on beaches, it’s great to be by the sea. I’m not really a ‘city person’, I don’t really like big cities and I’m not interested in shopping, I only go shopping if I need to buy something, not for fun.

And I never go to museums or concerts. I feel happier in the countryside … or on a beach by the sea somewhere. I live in Swansea now and that’s fine because it’s got beautiful beaches.

Exercise 4

A. Listen to Part 1 and answer the questions.

1   Who has won a competition?

2   Can Dan and Martina use the prize?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Complete the email. Put a word or number in each gap.

Dear 1_________

Congratulations! You have won a weekend for 2_________ people in the city of 3_________. All your travel and hotel expenses are included in the prize.

You can only use your prize on the weekend of 4_________ 5_________ July. Enjoy!

Answer & Audioscript



 No, they can’t.


1 Martina   2 two   3 Bath   4 Saturday   5 20



DAN   What?

M   I’ve won a competition!

D   Have you? Fantastic! What’s the prize?

M   A weekend for two in Bath. Train travel, hotel, museum tickets …

D   Really? That’s great.

M   But we have to use it the weekend after next.

D   So, that’s Saturday the 20th?

M   Yeah.

D   We have to go to John and Charlotte’s wedding – remember?

M   Oh, no! I forgot about that. Oh what a pity.

D   OK, so who do we know who could use the prize?

C. Who do you think Dan and Martina gave the prize to? Listen to Part 2 and check.

D. Listen to Part 2 again. Complete the guest information card.

Imperial Hotel

Welcome to the Imperial Hotel.

Your room number is 1_______.

Please join us for breakfast in the dining room from 2_______ to 3_______.

Your check out time is 4_______.

Answer & Audioscript




1 312   2 7:00 am   3 10:00 am   4 11:00 am


RECEPTIONIST   OK. So here’s your keycard. That’s room 312 – a single room on the third floor. Turn let as you come out of the lit.

ANNIE   Is breakfast included?

R   Yes, it’s from 7:00 am until 10:00 am in the dining room – just over there.

A   Great – thank you. And what time is check out?

R   Check out is at 11:00 am.

A   Thanks.

E. Listen to Part 3. Complete the information on city bus tours.


Leaves from 1__________

Price 2__________

Buy tickets at 3__________

Pay by cash or 4__________

F. Listen to Part 4 and answer the questions.

1   Did Dan and Martina tell Annie their plan?

2   Why do you think they did / didn’t?

Answer & Audioscript


1   outside the hotel

2   £15

 (the hotel) reception

4   (by credit) card


1   No, they didn’t.

2   Students’ own answers



RECEPTIONIST   Good morning.

ANNIE   Good morning. Can you help me? Is there a city bus tour I can go on?

R   Yes, there is. It leaves from just outside the hotel.

A   Great. And how much is it for a ticket?

R   It’s £15.

A   Can I buy a ticket here?

R   Yes, you can.

A   And can I pay by card?

R   No problem.

A   OK. I’ll have a ticket then, please.


LEO   Annie?

ANNIE   Leo?! I don’t believe it!

L   What are you doing here?

 Well, Martina won this prize – two nights in a hotel. She gave it to me.

L   Oh, really? That’s interesting. Dan won a prize – a return train ticket. He gave it to me.

 And she also gave me a ticket to the museum tour at ten o’clock.

L   Hmm, Dan also gave me a free ticket for the museum tour at ten o’clock.

 Right. So … here we are.

L   Yes … here we are. Shall we go in then?

 Why not?

Exercise 5

A. Listen and complete the conversation between a guest and a hotel receptionist with sentences below.

1   I’ve got a reservation for a double room for two nights.

2   Is there a car park?

3   Is breakfast included?

4   Is there wi-fi in the room?

5   What time is check out?

6   Is there a safe in the room?

RECEPTIONIST   Hello, how can I help you?

GUEST   Hello. I 1_____________.

RECEPTIONIST   A double room? Your name, please?

GUEST   Morton.

RECEPTIONIST   Thank you. So, that’s two nights?

GUEST   Yes. Is 2_____________?

RECEPTIONIST   Yes, it’s from 6:30 am until 9:30 am in the dining room.

GUEST   Is 3_____________?

RECEPTIONIST   Yes, there is.

GUEST   And what 4_____________?

RECEPTIONIST   It’s 11 o’clock on the day you leave.

Answer & Audioscript

1   ’ve got a reservation for a double room for two nights

2   breakfast included

3   there wi-fi in the room

4   time is check out

Exercise 6

A. Elliot tells Louise about a holiday he’s planned. Listen and underline the correct answers.

 Elliot booked his holiday online / at a travel agency.

 He’s going to Stockholm for a weekend / week.

 He’s going to stay in a 3-star / 4-star hotel.

 Elliot’s going to go in March / May.

 Louise / Elliot has a friend called Karin in Stockholm.

Answer & Audioscript

1 at a travel agency   2 week   3 4-star

4 May   5 Louise



ELLIOT   Hi, Louise! Here’s your coffee.

LOUISE   Thanks, Elliot. When’s our next meeting?

E   In half an hour.

L   Good. You look happy today.

E   Well, yes, I feel happy.

L   Oh – good news?

E   Yeah. I’ve decided to go on holiday!

L   Really? Where are you going to go?

E   Stockholm. Yeah – a week’s holiday in Sweden.

L   Very nice.

E   Yes, our local travel agent was selling tickets and accommodation to Stockholm at a very good price.

L   Lucky you!

E   Yes, we’re going to stay in a 4-star hotel with a fitness centre, free wi-fi, indoor swimming pool – it’s got everything.

 So, when are you going to go?

 At the end of next month.

 End of May? OK, I think the weather is warmer then.

 Oh, really?

 Yeah. Look, I’ve got a friend, Karin, who lives in Stockholm. You should email her for information, so you can plan your holiday. She won’t mind helping you. I can give you her email address.

 That’d be great. Thanks, Louise!

 No problem.

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