Exercise 1   

People are talking about work. What job are they talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  salesperson

     b.  office worker

2.  a.  waiter

      b.  actor

3.  a.  teacher

      b.  flight attendant

4.  a.  chef

      b.  nurse

5.  a.  nurse

      b.  businessperson

6.  a.  receptionist

      b.  construction worker

Answer & Transcript


I’m a salesperson. I sell computers. I like my job. It’s really interesting. And I meet lots of interesting people.


Yes, I like it a lot. I like acting in front of lots of people. One day I hope to write a book about my work.


It’s an interesting job, and it’s good for me because I love travel and flying. I visit lots of countries every year. And well—I know it’s silly, but I like my uniform.


It’s a good job for me because I like food and I love cooking. Lots of famous people come to our restaurant, too.


Nursing is a good job for me. I like helping people—you know, sick people.


I like my work because I work outside. It’s hard work, but the pay’s good and it keeps me in shape.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Listen to people talking about their work. Check the correct information about each person.


Has the same job

Has a new job

Isn’t working now

1. Ted

2. Sonia

3. Bob

4. Marie

5. Suzanne

6. Martha

7. Fred

8. Sue

Task 2

Listen again. Match the people on the left with the information on the right.

1.   Ted …..

2.   Sonia …..

3.   Bob …..

4.   Marie …..

5.   Suzanne …..

6.   Martha …..

7.   Fred …..

8.   Sue …..

a.   is a teacher.

b.   just graduated from college.

c.   is trying to find a new job.

d.   works in a bookstore.

e.   works in a bank.

f.   works in a restaurant.

g.   is a receptionist.

h.   is a lawyer.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hi, Ted.

B:        Oh, hi.

A:        Are you still working in the bank?

B:        Yeah.


A:        Where are you working now, Sonia?

B:        I just started as a chef in an Italian restaurant. Come and try my food.

A:        Sounds great—I’d love to!


A:        Are you still at school, Bob?

B:        No, I graduated from college last month.

A:        Congratulations! And what are you doing now?

B:        Nothing much. I’m tired. I’m taking a long vacation.


A:        What do you do, Marie?

B:        Me? I’m a lawyer.

A:        How long have you been doing that?

B:        For about five years. Do you need a good lawyer?

A:        Well, not yet!


A:        Are you a receptionist, Suzanne?

B:        Yes, I am.

A:        Do you like the people you work with?

B:        Well, it’s my first week on the job, so I’m not sure yet.


A:        Are you still a tennis instructor, Martha?

B:        No, I’m not. I didn’t like it.

A:        So what are you doing now?

B:        Well, I’m trying to find a new job.


A:        Do you work in an office, Fred?

B:        Not anymore. Now I’m an English teacher. I just had my first class.

A:        Really? How was it?

B:        It was terrific!


A:        Are you still working at the bookstore, Sue?

B:        Yeah, but I don’t like it. I have to stand all day and I get so tired.

A:        I’m sorry to hear that!

Exercise 3

Task 1

Listen to people talking about their jobs. Do they like their jobs? Check the correct answer.









Task 2

Listen again. What do the people like or dislike about their jobs? Check the correct answer.






a.  doing the same thing

b.  the money


a.  working with kids

b.  the distance to school


a.  the people

b.  the travel


a.  the hours

b.  her boss


a.  being on his feet

b.  the tips

Answer & Transcript


A:        So how do you like your job, Bill?

B:        Well, it was okay at first, but now, after two years, I don’t like it.

A:        Oh, why’s that?

B:        It’s boring. I do the same thing every day. I’m really sick of it.

A:        So why don’t you change jobs?

B:        I’m well-paid. I like the money!

A:        Oh, I see. But you should leave if you’re not happy.

B:        Yeah, maybe I should.


A:        Do you like teaching children, Christine?

B:        Oh, yes! I love working with kids. They’re so much fun.

A:        Well, I guess you have the perfect job!

B:        Yeah, I like it a lot. There’s just one thing I don’t like.

A:        What’s that?

B:        The distance to school. It’s too far away. It takes me an hour to drive there every day.

A:        Wow. That must be awful!

B:        It is, but the schools that are near me are not as good.


A:        How is your new job going, Anna?

B:        Good, thanks. I really like it.

A:        What do you like best about it?

B:        I think it’s the people I work with. They are so nice.

A:        People make all the difference in a job, don’t they?

B:        They sure do. The only trouble is, I have to travel a lot. I’m away from home for about two weeks every month.

A:        Yeah, that can be difficult.

B:        It is. I hope I won’t have to travel so much next year.


A:        Do you enjoy being a salesperson, Nancy?

B:        Yes, I do like it. I get to meet so many people.

A:        Is it hard work?

B:        Yes, it can be. I don’t like the long hours. I’m always really tired when I get home at night.

A:        That’s too bad. Why don’t you quit?

B:        Because I think my boss is great to work for.


A:        How long have you been working in a restaurant, Martin?

B:        For more than five years.

A:        Wow. You must really enjoy it.

B:        Oh no, I don’t enjoy it at all! It’s hard work and pretty tiring, too. I’m on my feet all night.

A:        Oh, I see.

B:        But the tips are great. I really should find a better job soon, though.

Exercise 4

The interviewer is asking people about their work. What is each person’s job now? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Tanya is       …….

2.   Paul is          …….

3.   Elizabeth is …….

4.   Teresa is      …….

5.   Zack is          …….

a.   an office worker

b.   a taxi driver

c.   a nurse

d.   a construction worker

e.   a flight attendant

Answer & Transcript

1 e   2 c   3 d   4 a   5 b



A:   Today we’re talking to people about their jobs. What do you do, Tanya?

B:   I’m a flight attendant. First, after college, I worked as a nurse. But I’ve been a flight attendant for eight years now, and I still love my job.


A:   How about you Paul, what do you do?

B:   People are surprised when I tell them I’m a nurse. They still think all nurses are women. I might go to medical school someday and become a doctor, but for now, I really like being a nurse and helping the patients.


A:   How about you, Elizabeth?

B:   People are surprised about my job, too. But I’ve always loved doing unusual things. I could never be a flight attendant or a nurse. I love to work outdoors and build things, so I became a construction worker. It’s hard work, but I enjoy it.


A:   Teresa, what do you do?

B:   I work in an office. Every day I go to the same little cubicle and answer the phone, type letters, and make copies for my boss. I think I’ll go to college next year and study to become a lawyer.


A:   Zack, what do you do?

B:   I’m a taxi driver in New York City. It’s a hard job and I wouldn’t want to do it forever, but for now it’s great. I hope to become a writer or actor someday, but I’ll have to drive a taxi for a little longer.

Exercise 5

People are talking about their jobs. What does each person like about his or her job? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   being busy

    b.   cooking great food

    c.   being on his feet

2. a.   working with children

    b.   having a high salary

    c.   working outdoors

3. a.   traveling a lot

    b.   making a lot of money

    c.   getting to relax

4. a.   making a lot of money

    b.   working long hours

    c.   helping people

5. a.   his boss

    b.   meeting interesting people

    c.   making money

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 b


1.   You have to work really long hours when you’re a chef in a busy restaurant. You’re on your feet all the time and it’s really exhausting. But I love cooking great food for people. And I love to eat it, too!

2.   I think education is really important, and I love working with children. I just wish I had a higher salary.

3.   It’s tough being a salesperson. You’re always travelling and you don’t get to relax much. But you can make a lot of money. That’s why I’m still working as a salesperson.

4.   Everyone thinks lawyers are just out to make a lot of money. But I like being a lawyer because I like helping people. I wouldn’t be spending all this time working if I didn’t really love helping people.

5.   I always wanted to work in a bookstore. It’s true that you don’t make much money, and I don’t like my boss much. But the great thing about working here is that you get to meet interesting people, and you always have something to read!

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