At a Tourist Information Office

1. James is visiting Hong Kong. He is at a Tourist Information Office. Listen and complete the questions he asks. Then listen and repeat.

a   Are there any good ……………… here?

b   What ……………… do you recommend?

c   Where’s the best place to ………………?

d   Are there any ……………… I can visit near here?

e   Is there a ……………… I can go on?


a   markets          b   museums       c   go shopping

d   temples          e   guided tour

2. Now listen to the assistant in the Tourist Information. Office and match each answer (1-5) with a question (a-e).

1  ……     2  ……     3  ……     4  ……     5  ……

Answer & Transcript

1 d    2 a    3 e    4 c    5 b


1   Yes, Wong Tai Sin temple is very popular. It’s about five minutes from here.

2   Yes, there are lots. Hong Kong is famous for markets. Stanley market is very popular and there’s a good night market in Temple Street, too.

3   Yes. A tour bus leaves from just across the road, every fifteen minutes.

4   You can find good shop everywhere, but Central district and Causeway Bay are worth trying first.

5   There are many good ones. There’s the Space Museum, the Science Museum, there’s a very good art museum and the Horse Racing Museum is popular too.

Planning your visit

1. Listen to Jim and Denise talk about what to do in New York. Tick the places that they mention.

the Statue of Liberty

the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Central Park

the Guggenheim Museum

the Empire State Building

Times Square


They mention: the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Times Square.

2. Listen again. Which three places do they decide to go to?


Answer & Transcript

They decide to go to the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square.


Jim:   So, this is our first day in New York. What shall we do?

Denise:   Well, how about going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? People say it’s really good.

Jim:   I’d rather not do that today. The weather’s great. I want to be outside.

Denise:   OK, well … why don’t we go to the Statue of Liberty?

Jim:   That’s a good idea. And afterwards what about going to Central Park?

Denise:   Sure. That sounds great. Oh, and I want to go to Times Square as well.

Jim:   That’s fine with me. Let’s go there first. It’s not far from here.

Looking around

1. Bill and Giulia are sightseeing around Sydney, Australia. Listen and number the attractions (1-5) in the order Bill and Giulia mention them.


1   The Rocks      2   Sydney Opera House       3   the Botanic Gardens

4   Darling Harbour          5   the Aquarium

2. Listen again and write the number of the correct attraction next to each fact.

 This is where the first white people arrived in Australia in 1788. ……..

 You can get a great view from here. ……..

c   It opened in 1973. ……..

 You can go on a guided walking tour. ……..

 It’s one of the biggest in the world.

Answer & Transcript

a 1          b 4      c 2      d 5      e 5


(Giulia = Italian)

Bill:   OK. So this is called The Rocks. The guidebook says this is where white people first arrived in 1788.

Giulia:   Right. Let’s look around …

Bill:   … Well, here’s Sydney Opera House. It says here it opened in 1973. What do you think?

Giulia:   How amazing! It looks still very modern.

Bill:   Let’s go in and have a look …

Giulia:   … Here we are. The Botanic Gardens.

Bill:   How beautiful! There’s a guided walk starting soon. Shall we go on that? …

Giulia:   OK.  

Giulia:   Darling Harbour. The guidebook says there’s a great view from here.

Bill:   Yes, look! It’s fantastic! Wait a minute, I want to take some photos of this …

Giulia:   … Here it is. The Aquarium. Ah, it’s huge!

Bill:   Yes. It’s one of the biggest in the world, apparently. Where’s the entrance?

Giulia:   Over there. But let’s sit here for a minute. I’m exhausted! …

A guided tour

1. Look at the map and listen to this tour guide on a tour bus in Barcelona. Which route does the bus take? ………………………..


The bus takes route C.

2. Listen again and tick True or False for each statement.

  True False
a   Las Ramblas is two kilometres long.
b   Gaudí only designed the furniture in Casa Battlo.
c   Casa Milà was originally a police station.  
d   Casa Milà was built in 1910.
e   Work on the Sagrada Familia began in 1882.
f   Gaudí died before the cathedral was finished.

Answer & Transcript

a   True

b   False (He designed the building, and everything inside.)

c   False (It was built as an apartment block and office building.)

d   False (It was built between 1905 and 1910.)

e   True

f   True (It is still unfinished.)


(The speaker = Spanish)

We are now in Placa Catalunya, at the centre of the city … And to your left you can see the start of Las Ramblas, a long street of two kilometres, where you can find shops, bars, restaurants, market, great theatres … everything! You should walk down Las Ramblas while you are in Barcelona.

… Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to one of the most famous sights of Barcelona, La Casa Batlló. It is an excellent example of modernist art. Antoni Gaudí designed the building, and everything inside, even the furniture …

… Here on the right you can see Casa Milà, also called La Pedrera, which is perhaps the most famous of all his buildings. There is no straight line anywhere, and even the walls aren’t straight, but like a wave. It was built between 1905 and 1910 as an apartment block and office building …

… And now we can see Sagrada Familia, the unfinished cathedral of Barcelona. Building began in 1882 and they are still working to finish it. Gaudí spent over 40 years working on this cathedral. On the right you can see …

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