Exercise 1

A. Klara talks to her friend Hans about the Silk Road. How did Hans travel?

A. Listen again and underline the correct answers.

1   Country started in:   Turkey / Russia / China

2   Cities visited:   Samarkand / Tashkent / Kabul / Almaty

3   Change trains:   yes / no 

4   Price:   $2,500 / $25,000

C. Listen again. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Hans thinks the train is the best way to travel on the Silk Road.

2   He liked visiting the cities in Central Asia.

3   He didn’t like the train very much.

4   He didn’t think the trip was too expensive.

Answer & Audioscript


Hans travelled by train.


1 Russia   2 Samarkand, Tashkent, Almaty

3 no   4 $25,000


1 T   2 T

3 F (He says the train was very comfortable: Just like a hotel on wheels – it had everything I needed.)

4 T


KLARA   My mum said you went on a Silk Road trip.

HANS   Yes, it was a wonderful trip – really fantastic.

K   How did you travel?

H   By train of course. The only way to go.

K   Well, not the only way … I went there last year and I travelled by train, and by coach, and by bike!

H   By bike? Wow!

K   Yes, it was great. So where did you catch the train from – Turkey?

H   No, no, from Russia – Moscow.

K   Russia?

H   Yes, it’s the best place to catch the train.

K   But did you go through Central Asia?

H   Oh yes – all those wonderful cities: Samarkand, Tashkent, Almaty.

K   And did you change trains?

H   No – the same train all the way.

K   Was it comfortable?

H   Very. Just like a hotel on wheels – it had everything I needed.

K   Great! And how much did it cost?

H   I don’t remember exactly. Not too much for a trip like that. About $25,000.

K   $25,000?

H   Well … that was for everything. The train, the food, everything! It was a great trip. And no bikes!

Exercise 2

A. Svetlana and Alex live in Moscow and meet in the city centre. Listen and complete the table.


She came by …

The journey took …







B. Listen again. Complete the notes.


Svetlana thinks

Alex thinks

the metro is …



the stations are …



driving is …



Alex’s / Her car is …


Answer & Audioscript



She came by …

The journey took …



30 minutes



one hour




Svetlana thinks

Alex thinks

the metro is …



the stations are …



driving is …


not too bad

Alex’s / Her car is …

quite nice, very comfortable and big inside


ALEX   Hi, Svetlana. Sorry I’m late. It was the traffic. So how did you get here?

SVETLANA   On the metro, of course.

A   Really? Do you use the metro?

S   Yes, I love going on the metro, it’s so quick. It only took half an hour. Don’t you use the metro?

A   No, I don’t like using the metro, it’s so crowded. And it isn’t always very clean in the trains. And the stations, they’re terrible. So many people.

S   Oh, I love the stations. I think they’re beautiful. So did you come by car?

A   Yes, of course, I go everywhere by car. I like driving in Moscow.

S   You like it? But it’s always so slow. How long did it take you to get here?

A   About an hour, maybe. The traffic was bad.

S   But it’s always bad. I hate sitting in traffic, it’s so boring.

A   Oh, I don’t mind it, it’s not too bad. You can listen to the radio, you can chat to people.

S   Well, you must have a very nice car.

A   It is quite a nice car, yes, it’s very comfortable and big inside.

S   Ah.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1 and answer the questions.

1   Where’s Annie?

2   What do you think happened with Annie and the woman?

3   What do you think:

      a   Annie says?

      b   the woman says?

B. Listen to Part 2 and answer the questions.

1   Where are Annie and Leo?

2   How do you think Annie and Leo feel? Why?

3   What do you think happens next?

      a   Leo gets off the train.

      b   Leo gives Annie his seat.

      c   Leo helps Annie put her bag on the shelf.

C. Listen to Part 2 again. Underline the correct answers.

 Annie / Leo booked a seat.

 Annie / Leo didn’t check the seat numbers.

 Annie / Leo takes a different seat.

D. Listen to Part 3. Are the sentences true or false?

 Annie and Leo are both on their way to Bristol.

 Annie is visiting a friend in Bristol.

 Leo went to university in Reading.

Answer & Audioscript


1   Annie is at the train station.

2   She runs into the woman.

3   a   Annie says ‘I’m so sorry!’

      b   The woman says ‘Watch out!’


 They are on a train.

 Students’ own answers



1 Leo   2 Annie   3 Leo


1   F (Annie is on her way to Bristol and Leo is on his way to Reading.)

 F (Annie is visiting her mum in Bristol.)




ANNOUNCEMENT   The train at platform 3 is the 11.50 for Bristol.

ANNIE   Oh no!

PASSENGER   Watch out!

 I’m so sorry.

 That’s all right.


LEO   Excuse me. Excuse me, please. … Excuse me, but I think this is my seat. I booked it online.

ANNIE   Oh. I’m very sorry.


 Leo! I’m sorry I took your seat. I just sat down. I didn’t check. I’m really sorry.

 No problem!

 Um. Your seat.

 No, no, you have the seat.

 But you booked it.

 It doesn’t matter. It’s yours now.

 Thank you.

 I can sit here.


ANNIE   Are you on your way to Bristol?

LEO   No, Reading. I went to university there.

A   Really?


A   Bristol. For the weekend.

 To see … a friend?

A   A friend? No, no, my mum lives there. I go to see her every month.


Exercise 4

A. Match 1–5 with a–e. Listen and check.

1   I’m so sorry I walked into you.

2   I’m really sorry I’m late.

3   I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call.

4   I’m sorry I didn’t come.

5   I’m very sorry I broke your cup.

a   I didn’t feel well.

b   I was in a meeting .

c   I missed my bus.

d   My hands were wet.

e   I didn’t see you.

B. Put sentences a–f in order to make two short conversations. Listen and check.

……   a   A   No problem. They all look the same.

..1..   b   A   Excuse me, but I think that’s my coat.

……   c   B   Is it? I’m so sorry. I took the wrong one.

……   d   A   Don’t worry. The seat numbers are hard to read.

……   e   B   Oh dear. I’m very sorry. I thought this was number 35.

..1..   f   A   Excuse me, but I think this is my seat.

C. Klara went on the Silk Road and told another friend about her journey. Listen and complete their conversation using the verbs in brackets.

PAUL   How 1________ (be) your journey along the Silk Road?

KLARA   It 2________ (be) amazing – incredible!

PAUL   How 3________ you (travel)?

KLARA   We 4________ (cycle), but sometimes we 5________ (take) trains or 6________ (travel) by coach.

PAUL   How many countries 7________ you (visit)?

KLARA   Most countries in Central Asia, but we 8________ (not go) to Tajikistan.

PAUL   What 9________ you (enjoy) most?

KLARA   Meeting the people – they 10________ (be) so friendly.

Answer & Audioscript


1 e   2 c   3 b   4 a   5 d

Conversation 1

 A   Excuse me, but I think that’s my coat.

 B   Is it? I’m so sorry. I took the wrong one.

 A   No problem. They all look the same.

Conversation 2

f    Excuse me, but I think this is my seat.

 B   Oh dear. I’m very sorry. I thought this was number 35.

 A   Don’t worry. The seat numbers are hard to read.


1 was   2 was   3 did (you) travel   4 cycled

5 took   6 travelled   7 did (you) visit   8 didn’t go

9 did (you) enjoy   10 were

Exercise 5

A. Ahmed talks to an Australian friend, Finn, about which family to stay with in Sydney. Does Finn tell Ahmed which family to choose?

B. Listen again. Tick (✓) the activities that are true for Ahmed.

1   enjoys gardening

2   likes watching sport

3   likes listening to music

4   wants to play rugby

5   loves going to the beach

6   wants to study hard

7   likes playing football

8   wants to have fun

Answer & Audioscript


No, he doesn’t.


2 ✓ likes watching sport

3 ✓ likes listening to music

6 ✓ wants to study hard

7 ✓ likes playing football


AHMED   So here are the photos and the profiles of the families I can choose from.

FINN   Hmm, OK. So two very different kinds of families.

A   Yes, it’s difficult to decide.

F   Well, both families look very friendly.

A   Yeah, they do.

F   And the Conways look very kind.

A   But maybe a bit quiet?

F   Mm, maybe. Look, the Philips like doing sport – swimming, surfing – that kind of thing.

A   Yeah, but I don’t like going to the beach much. I prefer playing football.

F   You mean soccer. In Australia we say soccer, not football.

A   Oh, of course, I forgot.

F   And, I have to say, in Australia soccer isn’t so popular. Everyone loves rugby.

A   But the Conways like watching any sport so maybe I can watch soccer with them. That’d be nice.

F   Yeah, that’s true. But you like listening to music, don’t you?

A   Yes, I do.

F   And the Philips like listening to music too.

A   I’m not sure about children.

F   Children are fun.

A   Yes, but maybe not so quiet …

F   No, not if you want to study.

A   And I really want to study a lot.

F   You also need to think about transport. It’s quite expensive in Sydney.

A   So I can save money if I stay at the Conways?

F   Yeah, you probably can. You can walk everywhere.

A   It really is hard to choose.

F   It sure is. But you’re the only person who can decide!

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