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Where Is Your Homework?

G :   Did you finish your homework for English class?
B :   Homework? There wasn’t any homework.
G :   We had to finish reading a book and then write a 200-word essay on it.
B :   I don’t think Ms. Jones gave us any homework. I always write what I have to do in my notebook. Did she really tell us to write an essay?
G :   Yes. Look, here’s my essay. See?
B :   Oh no! What am I going to do? We’ve only got 10 minutes before class starts.
G :   I don’t know. Maybe Ms. Jones will let you hand it in tomorrow.
B :   Hey, let me copy your essay. I’ll change a few words. Ms. Jones will never know.
G :   No, I’m sorry. That’s not the right thing to do.
B :   Oh, come on! I thought you were my friend.
G :   I am your friend. That’s why I’m not letting you copy my work!

After School Activities

B :   Will you play any sports this school year?
G :   I want to play hockey. But I’m not sure if I will have enough time.
B :   I’m on the school soccer team. I’m also going to take up swimming.
G :   You’re going to be on the soccer team and swim, too?
B :   Yeah.
G :   That seems like a lot. You will be very busy! Do you think you will have any free time?
B :   I will play soccer with my school team during the week. I will go swimming during the weekend.
G :   When will you have time to do your homework? And when will you study?
B :   I do my homework after school every day. I study every weekend. My mother won’t let me play sports until I have done all my work.
G :   Well, I hope you find enough time for both schoolwork and sports. Good luck!

Arts and Crafts Class

G :   Hi, Mom, I’m back from arts and crafts class. Look at what I’m wearing.
W:   Well, you’re wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans.
G :   Sure, but what else am I wearing?
W:   Oh, those earrings are very pretty! Is that what you’re learning to make this week in arts and crafts class?
G :   Yes, we’re learning to make jewelry from beads this week. The beads come in different colors and shapes. First, we decide what sort of jewelry we want to make. Then, we choose the beads we want, and string them on transparent plastic wire.
W:   That sounds like a lot of fun!
G :   Yeah! Tom made a bead necklace for his sister, and I made some earrings. Guess what, Mom? I made a pair of earrings for you, too!
W:   Oh, these are very pretty! Thank you very much.
G :   Next week, I’m going to make a necklace.

Grandfather’s Birthday

B :   Hi, Mom! Guess what? We got our English test back today. I got the highest score in my class!
W:   Oh, Billy, I’m glad you did so well! You worked hard for that test.
B :   Thanks, Mom. I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?
W:   We’re going to your aunt’s place for dinner tonight. It’s your grandfather’s birthday today, remember?
B :   Oh no, I forgot! I haven’t got a birthday gift for Grandpa!
W:   Don’t worry. I bought a gift for him yesterday from the three of us. Anyway, your English test score is a good gift for your grandfather. The whole family will be at the party tonight. All your aunts, uncles, and cousins are coming.
B :   I haven’t seen the whole family in a long time.
W:   Well, you’ll see them tonight. Now, hurry up and get ready.
B :   OK. When are we leaving?
W:   When your father gets home from work.

The Lesson

W:   There was once a man who lived with his two sons. The two sons were always fighting with each other. One day, the man decided to teach his sons a lesson.
The man gave his younger son two large sticks. He told the boy to break them. The boy tried hard, but he could not break the sticks. The older son also could not break the sticks.
At last, the man gave only one stick to each son. He said, “Break them.” Each son broke his stick easily.
The man said, “You are like these sticks. If you work together, no one can break you. But if you fight with each other all the time, one day, someone will break both of you.”
After that lesson, the sons stopped fighting. They started to work together.

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