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Keeping Fit

W:   We all need regular exercise to keep fit. But if we study all day, we don’t have time to run, swim, lift weights, or play basketball. What can we do to stay in shape?
One thing we could do is walk more often. Walking is good exercise. Instead of going to school by car or bus, we could walk. During recess, we could go outside and stroll around before we go back to class. Instead of taking the elevator in buildings all the time, we could use the stairs.
Another important thing is to take breaks from studying. If we sit at our desks or in front of a computer for a long time, we should stand up and stretch our arms and legs once each hour. If we stand for a long time, we should sit down and stretch our backs.

These are just a few ways we can stay fit when we don’t have a lot of time to exercise. Do you know some other ways?

Stop Yawning!

W:   Stop yawning, Jason!
B :   I’m sorry, Ms. Terry. I can’t help it!
W:   You can! You yawn because your lungs need more oxygen. When you need more oxygen, you open your mouth wide and take in a lot of air.
B :   What can I do to stop yawning?
W:   You should go outside into the fresh air and breathe deeply. Then you won’t need to yawn anymore. Your lungs will have lots of oxygen.
B :   We just came in from recess, so why am I yawning?
W:   Are you tired? Being tired also makes you yawn. This is because your body needs rest. Oxygen helps your body rest. Sleeping rests your body and makes you take long, deep breaths.
B :   Then, why do I yawn when I am bored, Ms. Terry?
W:   Well, Jason, when you are bored, you are probably not breathing deeply enough. The best way to stop yawning from boredom is to do something interesting. If you can’t do that, try taking deep breaths. This will not stop the boredom, but it will help you stop yawning.

The Gym

W:   Did you hear that a new gym opened on one of the streets nearby?
M:   That’s great news! I’ve gained some weight, and I’d like to lose it through exercise.
W:   I need to lose weight, too, and I’ve always wanted to take yoga classes.
M:   Do you know if the new gym offers yoga classes?
W:   I’m not sure. I’m planning to go there on Friday evening to look around. Do you want to join me?
M:   Let me check my schedule for this week. I’m too busy on Friday, so can we go on Saturday afternoon instead?
W:   Sure. We can see what the new gym has to offer, and get some exercise, too. It’s fun to work out in a gym with other people. We might even meet new people with similar hobbies!

M:   Hold on, let’s see what the gym looks like first before we start planning anything else. Let’s meet for lunch at the West End Café before we go. It might be the last good meal we eat!
W:   Good plan!

A Healthy Lifestyle

W:   This burger is delicious! Do you want some?
M:   No, thank you. I’m working out at the gym these days. I want to be healthy, so I’ve also started eating good, fresh food.
W:   You’re exercising? That’s fantastic! When did you start thinking about your weight and staying in shape?
M:   Last month I had a check-up. My doctor told me that I should be leading a much healthier lifestyle now that I’m getting older. Now, I try to eat small, regular meals instead of one or two big meals a day.
W:   I see. What types of food do you usually eat now?
M:   I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I try to limit carbohydrates like bread, rice, and pasta. I also try not to eat sugary foods.
W:   Oh dear! I love sugary foods, especially cakes.
M:   Well, try to eat food that is good for you. You need to take care of yourself.
W:   You’re right. I should start thinking about a healthier lifestyle. But first, I’m going to finish my burger!

A Balanced Meal

W:   I have lost seven pounds in one week! Skipping breakfast really works.
M:   I don’t think that’s a good idea.
W:   Why not?
M:   People who skip breakfast eat more at the next meal. Eating breakfast is very important. Breakfast gives you energy for the day.
W:   Well, I eat one big meal a day at dinnertime.
M:   Having one meal a day is not good. You should have several small meals a day. You’ll have more energy that way.
W:   Maybe you’re right. I have been feeling really tired lately.
M:   What do you usually eat?
W:   I only eat salads now.

M:   Salads alone may not be nutritious enough.
W:   So, what should I eat?
M:   You need some protein and carbohydrates. It is important to eat a good variety of food at each meal. You should have balanced meals. Make sure you eat cereals, fruits and vegetables, and some bread or rice. You also need milk and dairy products, and some meat. You’ll be healthier. You’ll have more energy. You’ll even look better!

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