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Family Camping

B :   There are many popular leisure time activities, but one of the most enjoyable is family time. Most people enjoy being with their families. There are many things to do with your family, too. Families can go to the movies, travel, visit museums, and play sports together. The most common family activity is probably camping.
Many families like camping. It is a chance for the whole family to work together. They can stay in the wild. Children gather dry wood for the fire. Their parents set up the tents. Then the whole family gathers around the fire. They enjoy a special meal together. Then, they set off into the woods with a compass and a map. After hiking the trails, everyone gets a fishing pole. Each person casts the fishing line out into the river. Who gets the biggest fish? It’s a great contest.
Later, the children clean the fish by the river. They take the scales off the fish. Mom fries the fish over the campfire. Dad cleans up when everyone is finished. You don’t want wild animals coming to eat your leftovers! Then everyone goes into their tents for a restful night.
While there are many things that families can do together, camping is probably the most exciting.

The Amusement Park

M:   I love this amusement park, Fran! Thanks for suggesting it. I am having a fantastic time. There’s that new ride! It’s called, “The Volcano,” and it’s supposed to be amazing.
W:   That looks awfully high. Do you really want to try it? We’ve experienced “The Rocket,” the
giant Ferris Wheel, and those bumper boats. Don’t you think that’s enough? Besides, I am absolutely starving.
M:   If you come on “The Volcano” with me, I’ll buy you a pizza with whatever toppings you want.
W:   Do you really mean any topping, even mushrooms, which you don’t like?
M:   Yes, I will even order a pizza with mushrooms!
W:   OK, Michael. I will try this last ride.
M:   Great, Fran! I know you will enjoy this. Did you know that when the volcano erupts, our seats shake? I heard it is quite an experience.
W:   I am not sure that I want to get on this ride anymore.
M:   Don’t worry, Fran. Look at the people getting off the ride. They look very satisfied.
W:   I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do this, even for pizza. How would you feel if I bought lunch instead?
M:   I don’t want to force you to do something you really don’t want to do. And I am hungry. Sure, let’s get some lunch.
W:   I want to try this new restaurant called Skylight. The top of the restaurant spins while you eat!
M:   Oh, wow! Let’s go!

Fresh Lemonade

B :   How can I earn some extra money this summer?
G :   Why don’t we start a lemonade stand, Will?
B :   That’s a great idea, Mary, but do you think we will make any money?
G :   If we set up in an area with a lot of traffic on a hot day, we will get plenty of customers. We can charge $1.50 per cup.
B :   That sounds a little expensive.
G :   But we need to charge that much to cover our expenses. By charging $1.50 per cup, we can make good money with our lemonade stand.
B :   OK. What do we need to get started?
G :   We need the ingredients to make lemonade, so we need lemons, sugar, and water. We need something to keep our money in, a sign to advertise the lemonade, paper cups, and a cardboard box to use as a stand.
B :   Should we sell food to go with the lemonade?
G :   I think that would be too complicated. We would need a permit and either a cooler or stove. We should stick to just selling lemonade.
B :   You’re right, let’s just keep it simple.

G :   OK, let’s get set up and think of a plan to get some customers and make some sales!
B :   Why don’t I attract the customers and you serve the lemonade?
G :   Sounds good to me.

At the Movies

M:   Ticket prices have certainly gone up!
W:   Yes, but I really needed a break, so if the price is a bit higher, it doesn’t matter. Besides, I really want to see this movie on the big screen.
M:   Would you like something to snack on while we watch the movie?
W:   Sure. What do they have?
M:   It looks like the standard popcorn and soda. But there’s also ice cream, hot dogs, and coffee.
W:   I have a craving for chocolate, but I should attempt to eat something healthy. I want to avoid getting sick this year. I am trying to change my diet.
M:   I’m afraid the healthiest item may be the coffee.
W:   Do they have any muffins?
M:   No, but they do have brownies.
W:   I haven’t had a brownie in a long time. Please get me a brownie and a coffee. What are you getting?
M:   I’m getting the large popcorn and a cola.
W:   Here is some money.
M:   It’s on me.
W:   No, please. The tickets were extremely expensive. I know you are on a restricted budget.
M:   I insist. Did you want cream and sugar in your coffee?
W:   Well, thank you very much. No cream in the coffee, please.
M:   So, you probably don’t want sugar, either?
W:   No, I think there is enough sugar in the brownies. I’ll find us some seats near the aisle.


G :   When someone does an activity that is not a part of his or her job and is done for fun, it is called a hobby. Most people enjoy hobbies during their free time. Some people spend a lot of time on their hobbies. There are nearly as many kinds of hobbies, as there are people. A hobby can be about making or collecting things, or enjoying an experience.
Creative hobbies are popular. Some creative hobbies are writing, drawing, and making pottery. A lot of people like making jewelry or clothes. People who do these kinds of hobbies sometimes become writers or artists when they retire.
Collecting is also popular. Most collectors used to buy coins, stamps, or baseball cards. Today, toys, games, and model cars are trendy. Collectors buy and sell things on the Internet. They also shop online in stores all around the world.
Enjoying an experience is a hobby, too. Some people listen to music. Others watch movies or read books. Many people travel or play sports. Helping people is a hobby. There are places you can help build houses for poor families. You can help feed the homeless at soup kitchens. You can also tutor children or help the elderly.
A hobby is something that is done for fun. With so many choices, there is no reason not to enjoy a hobby.

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