Listening 1

You are going to hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

1   You hear two people talking about a film they have just seen.

      Why didn’t the woman enjoy herself?

      A   The film was too long.

      B   The seats were uncomfortable.

      C   The people around them were talking.

2   You hear a woman talking on the radio about a business she runs.

      What is she planning to do?

      A   start a company

      B   employ more people

      C   launch a new product

3   You hear a message on an answering machine.

      When does the meeting start?

      A   2.30

      B   3.00

      C   5.00

4   You hear a man and a woman talking about the man’s car.

      Why can’t the man use his car at the moment?

      A   it isn’t working

      B   he doesn’t have it

      C   it isn’t insured

5   You hear a message from a school secretary on an answering machine.

      What does the school want the parents to do?

      A   collect their child now

      B   give their child some sun cream

      C   supply a packed lunch

6   You hear a customer talking to a shop assistant.

      What does the customer decide to do?

      A   return to the shop later

      B   buy the suit

      C   have the suit altered

7   You hear a shopkeeper being interviewed on the radio.

      He is unhappy because

      A   the bus service is very poor.

      B   there isn’t enough parking space.

      C   some shopkeepers are causing problems.

8   You hear an employee talking to her boss.

      What does she want?

      A   to be able to use the company Intranet

      B   a replacement computer

      C   to be transferred to a different job

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 B   3 C   4 B   5 B   6 A   7 B   8 A


1   You hear two people talking about a film they have just seen.

Man:   Well, I don’t understand what the fuss was about. I thought it was disappointing.

Woman:   Hmm, it wasn’t as good as his earlier work but I enjoyed it. It was longer than his other films but I only noticed it when we came out and I checked my watch.

Man:   The seats didn’t help. I’ve never been so uncomfortable.

Woman:   Mine was OK, but those people behind us were really annoying, chatting through the whole film.

2   You hear a woman talking on the radio about a business she runs.

Presenter:   … And your business is doing well?

Woman:   Yes, very well, especially if you consider we only started the company a year ago. In fact, we’re taking on two trainees over the next few months.

Presenter:   Hmm. And you’re about to launch a new product?

Woman:   It’s already available, actually. That’s one of the reasons we’re taking people on. My husband and I need to spend more time meeting with retailers and getting our products into their shops.

3   You hear a message on an answering machine.

Man:   Hi Aaron. I’m calling to let you know we need to get to the station by two thirty. We had to rearrange the meeting as a few people couldn’t make it. It now begins at five but I think we should be there by four thirty to make sure all the technology works. I’ll meet you at the station and we can travel up together. See you then.

4   You hear a man and a woman talking about the man’s car.

Woman:   Have you sorted your car out?

Man:   Yes, though it’s costing me a fortune. We found out why it wouldn’t start and got it fixed. The next problem was the insurance. My son uses it now and it cost about fifty per cent more to get it insured.

Woman:   Hah! But you’re back on the road, right?

Man:   Not quite. My son’s taken it on holiday so I’m using my bike to get around.

5   You hear a message from a school secretary on an answering machine.

Woman:   Hello, it’s Ambrose School here. I’m calling about the school trip tomorrow. The coach leaves at nine thirty and returns at three thirty so you can collect Sam then. We’ll be using the leisure centre’s catering facilities. They supply the children with a packed lunch so Sam won’t need to bring any food with him. He’ll need a sun hat, though, and sun cream, as it’s going to be a hot day. Thanks.

6   You hear a customer talking to a shop assistant.

Assistant:   Did you find the changing rooms, sir?

Customer:   Yes, thanks. I tried this suit on but the trousers are too big. Have you got them in a smaller size?

Assistant:   Not at the moment, but we’re getting a new delivery in on Friday. Or we could get the trousers altered for you.

Customer:   Hmm. I love the suit but I’m not in a hurry for it. I’ll pop back on Friday.

7   You hear a shopkeeper being interviewed on the radio.

Presenter:   … And you’ve got the support of other shopkeepers?

Shopkeeper:   Yes, and we’re doing all we can to increase trade – special offers, late night opening … But if we can’t even get people into the high street, we’ve got no chance.

Presenter:   But what’s wrong with the bus? It’s a good service, isn’t it?

Shopkeeper:   People want convenience and if they’ve got nowhere to park, they’ll go elsewhere. We really need to provide a space for them.

8   You hear an employee talking to her boss.

Boss:   Morning, Mary. Everything OK?

Mary:   Not really. I told you about the problem I had getting a replacement computer from the technicians when mine stopped working. Well, they sorted that out but they still haven’t given me my account for the Intranet. I can’t work from home until they do.

Boss:   OK, I’ll talk to their manager.

Mary:   Thanks. I just want to be able to get on with my job and transfer some files from home.

Listening 2

You are going to hear part of an interview with a woman called Yvonne, who is a yoga instructor. For questions 24-30, choose the correct answer A, B or C.

24   What does Yvonne say about her first yoga sessions?

      A   Within two weeks her bad back was cured.

      B   She was surprised at how much she liked it.

      C   Her friend had to persuade her to go.

25   When did Yvonne become a yoga instructor?

      A   while she was teaching

      B   after she had left her teaching job

      C   after renting a room in a leisure centre

26   What does Yvonne like most about being an instructor?

      A   helping people overcome pain

      B   seeing people become enthusiastic about yoga

      C   teaching people something new

27   How has Yvonne’s health benefitted from doing yoga?

      A   Her memory has improved.

      B   Her stress levels have fallen.

      C   Her blood pressure has improved.

28   What is Yvonne’s advice?

      A   We should create a good work-life balance.

      B   We should choose friends who have a positive outlook on life.

      C   We should appreciate other people’s good qualities.

29   What does Yvonne say about healthy eating?

      A   We should take our time when eating.

      B   Local produce usually costs more.

      C   We should avoid foods like biscuits and chocolate.

30   According to Yvonne, where are you likely to get the best advice about yoga?

      A   from a local school

      B   from an instructor

      C   from someone who has done yoga

Answer & Audioscript

24 B   25 A   26 B   27 C   28 C   29 A   30 C


Presenter:   Yvonne, how did you become interested in yoga?

Yvonne:   Soon after I’d given birth to my first child, I started getting back pain and tried everything to treat it, but with no success. Then a friend suggested yoga. I was in so much pain that I didn’t need much persuading, and after a few weeks my back felt better. I’d never been a great one for exercise so I was amazed how much I enjoyed it.

Presenter:   When did you decide you were going to teach professionally?

Yvonne:   About three years ago. I was a school teacher at the time but I decided to go on a part-time contract with my school and run yoga sessions in my spare time at a local sports centre. Then I was offered the chance to rent a room in a leisure centre so I gave up the teaching job to do yoga full time.

Presenter:   What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

Yvonne:   Well, I always enjoyed being a teacher and I get the same satisfaction from being a yoga instructor. I like helping people to discover what interests them. I love seeing people transform from people in physical or emotional pain into positive, healthy individuals. Some become passionate about yoga. I find that particularly satisfying.

Presenter:   Now what changes would I notice in my physical and mental health if I took up yoga?

Yvonne:   It’s an excellent means of improving your strength and flexibility and it can help relieve aches and pains. I’ve also lowered my blood pressure since doing it. It can help people suffering from stress, and lots of clients say their memory and concentration have improved since they’ve started.

Presenter:   Presumably, people notice the benefits of yoga in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Yvonne:   Yes. Yoga is about achieving balance and this applies to your life generally. We should take steps to become positive, to avoid people who make us feel bad about ourselves, to see the best in others and be kind.

Presenter:   What about diet?

Yvonne:   Personally, I eat seasonally and locally. Fresh, locally produced food is likely to be healthier and less expensive. And when we’re eating, we should enjoy our food. Don’t rush your meals so you can watch TV. And although the odd bar of chocolate or biscuit won’t kill you, eat things like that in moderation.

Presenter:   What advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking up yoga?

Yvonne:   I’d say speak to people who have done it and ask them how they’ve benefited. Sometimes that’s more persuasive than asking an instructor. Find a local school and see if they have introductory sessions. But the most important thing is to give it a chance. Do it for at least three months. Then you’ll know for sure whether it’s your thing or not.

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