Exercise 1

1. Listen to Simon Faubert talk about his job and answer questions 1-4.

1   What’s Simon’s main job?

2   Which department does he work in?

3   Who does he work with?

4   What is his main problem at work?

2. Complete the sentences about Simon Faubert. Then listen again and check your answers.

 I work for a company that ……………… software.

 They use our software to ……………… the cost of making a ……………… in different countries.

 Then they choose the ……………… with the best price.

 My company only ……………… 12 people.

 I ……………… the ……………… courses.

Answer & Audioscript


 sales rep

 sales department

 a team of two other reps, customers



1 produces   2 calculate, product   3 supplier

4 employs   5 organize, training


Interviewer   So what do you do, Simon?

Simon   I work for a company that produces software.

Interviewer   And which department are you in?

Simon   I’m in the sales department and I’m a sales rep.

Interviewer   So who do you work with?

Simon   I work with a small team of reps. There are three of us. And obviously I have a lot of contact with my customers.

Interviewer   So who are your customers?

Simon   Our customers are international companies that work with producers and suppliers abroad. They use our software to calculate the cost of making a product in different countries.

Interviewer   And how does this help your customers?

Simon   Well, they know the production cost in each country. Then they choose the supplier with the best price.

Interviewer   OK, I see. So what sort of problems do you deal with in your work?

Simon   Hmm … I think the biggest problem is time – my company only employs 12 people, so there’s a lot to do. As I said, I sell software, but I also train our customers to use it. I organize the training courses, and that’s a lot of work. Five days a week just isn’t enough to do everything.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to three conversations. Write the answer to the question for each conversation.

Conversation 1   What do you do? ………………………………….

Conversation 2   What are you doing these days? ………………………………….

Conversation 3   What are you doing? ………………………………….

Answer & Audioscript

1   I’m a sales rep.

2   I’m travelling a lot more.

3   I’m just finishing this report.



So tell me, what do you do?

I’m a sales rep.

Who do you work for?

I work for a company that produces software.


I’ve not seen you at work for ages. What are you doing these days?

I’m travelling a lot more.

So that’s why I never see you. What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working with our new suppliers in Hungary and Poland.

We’re setting up a new ordering system.

Sounds great.


Hi. What are you doing?

I’m just finishing this report.

Got time for a coffee?

Give me a minute.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to two conversations and answer the questions.

Conversation 1:

     1   What’s Nadira trying to do?

     2   What’s her log-in?

     3   What’s the problem?

Conversation 2:

       What’s Johann doing this week?

       Who with?

       Who’s going for lunch?

2. Complete Conversation 1 with the present continuous form of the verbs from the list. Then listen again and check.

have     speak     try     accept     work

A   Who (1) …………… I …………… to?

B   Sorry, this is Nadira. I (2) …………… …………… to access my customer files, but the computer (3) …………… …………… my log-in.

A   … There’s a problem with the server.

B   (4) …………… somebody …………… on it at the moment?

A   Yes, I am. But it’s not easy, because I’m on my own here. Everybody else (5) …………… …………… lunch.

3. Make sentences from the prompts using the present continuous or present simple. Then listen to Conversation 2 again and check.

Example: A   Are you staying here all week?

A   You / stay / here all week?

B   Yes / I / give / training course.

A   Who / train / this time?

B   Group / six people. They / all work / telesales.

A   I / know / Sonya / her team. It / go / well?

B   Yes / they / make / good progress. You / work / with / telesales team?

A   No / we / have / lunch / from time to time.

B   I / go / restaurant / them / now. You / want / come?

A   Sorry / I / always / go / to the gym / Wednesdays.

Answer & Audioscript


Conversation 1

      1   access her files

      2   NADI1374

      3   a problem with the server

Conversation 2

       He’s giving a training course.

       a group of six people in telesales

       Johann and the telesales team (but not Anabelle)


1 am, speaking   2 ‘m trying   3 isn’t accepting

4 Is, working   5 is having



A   Technical Support. Aidan speaking.

B   Hi, Aidan.

A   Who am I speaking to?

B   Sorry, this is Nadira. I’m trying to access my customer files, but the computer isn’t accepting my log-in. The log-in details are still the same, aren’t they? The first four letters of my name, N-A-D-I, then the last four of my mobile number: one three seven four.

A   Yes, that’s right. But you’re not the first person to call me today! There’s a problem with the server.

B   Is somebody working on it at the moment?

A   Yes, I am. But it’s not easy, because I’m on my own here. Everybody else is having lunch. Try again in half an hour.

B   OK, Aidan. Thanks.


A   Good to see you again, Johann.

B   Yes, you too, Anabelle.

A   Are you staying here all week?

B   Yes, I am. I’m giving a training course.

A   So who are you training this time?

B   It’s a group of six people. They all work in telesales.

A   Ah yes, I know Sonya and her team. So is it going well?

B   Yes, they’re making good progress. Do you work with the telesales team, then?

A   No, I don’t, but we have lunch together from time to time.

B   Well, I’m going to a restaurant with them right now. Do you want to come?

A   Sorry, but I always go to the gym on Wednesdays.

Exercise 4

1. Look at the post-it. Listen and complete the missing numbers.


Can you call Myra Tully on 01865 556767

Or if not, on her mobile: ……………………

(code for UK ……………………)

2. Listen to two more conversations and write the names.

Answer & Audioscript


mobile: 0625 978033

code for UK: 0044


1 Geoff Eccleston   2 Aliny Reis



A   My landline is oh-one-eight-six-five, double five-six, seven-six-seven.

B   Sorry, double five-six …

A   Seven-six-seven. If there’s no answer on that number, he can try my mobile number. That’s oh-six, two-five, nine-seven, eight-oh, double three. Those are UK numbers. If he’s phoning from Germany, the code is double oh-double four.

B   Zero-zero-double four. OK


Conversation 1

A   Can you give me your name, please?

B   Sure. It’s Geoff Eccleston. That’s E-double C-L-E-S-T-O-N.

A   Eccleston. With a double C.

B   That’s right.

A   And your first name, Jeff … is that J-E-F-F?

B   No, it’s Geoff with a G. G-E-O-double F.

A   G-E-O-double F. OK

Conversation 2

A   Can I have your name, please?

B   Yes, it’s Aliny Reis. That’s A-L-I-N-Y …

A   A-L-I-N-Y. And your last name? Reis, did you say?

B   Yes, that’s R-E-I-S.

A   R-E-I-S. OK

Exercise 5

1. Listen and match the two conversations to the situations.

a   Somebody calls and asks to speak to your colleague who isn’t there.

b   Somebody calls trying to sell you something.

2. Match sentences 1-5 with responses a-e. Then listen to Conversation 1 again to check.

1   Is Mrs Ackers there, please?

2   Who’s calling, please?

3   What can I do for you?

4   Can I call you back tomorrow?

5   Thanks for calling.

a   This is Simon Ilago from AOS.

b   I’m calling to offer you a special price on printers.

c   Speaking.

d   You’re welcome. Goodbye.

e   Sorry, but I’m out of the office tomorrow.

Answer & Audioscript

1   Conversation 1 b   Conversation 2 a

2   1 c   2 a   3 b   4 e   5 d



A   Ackers and Shipton. How can I help you?

B   Is Mrs Ackers there, please?

A   Speaking. Who’s calling, please?

B   This is Simon Ilago from AOS – Ace Office Supplies.

A   What can I do for you, Mr Ilago?

B   I’m calling to offer you a special price on printers, Mrs Ackers.

A   I’m sorry, I’m busy at the moment.

B   Can I call you back tomorrow?

A   Sorry, but I’m out of the office tomorrow. But thanks for calling. Goodbye.

B   Er … you’re welcome. Goodbye.


A   BFC Consulting. Ralf Guterson speaking.

B   Hello. Could I speak to Leo Keliher, please?

A   I’m afraid he’s out of the office at the moment.

B   Could I leave a message?

A   Yes, of course. Could I have your name, please?

B   This is Natalie Kent, from NT Consulting. Could you ask Leo to call me back? It’s quite urgent. He’s got my number.

A   Yes, sure. Could you tell me what it’s about?

B   Yes, I’m phoning to offer him some consultancy work.

A   OK. I’ll give Leo the message.

B   Thanks for your help. Goodbye.

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