Exercise 1

A. Listen to João talking about his job.

 What did he study at university?

 How does he feel about his job?

B. Listen again. Tick (✓) the boxes to show how João feels about each area of work.



Isn’t very interested in




solving problems



being creative






Answer & Audioscript


1 maths   2 not completely happy


Likes: solving problems, creativity

Isn’t very interested in: numbers, accounting


I studied maths at university, but I didn’t really think about what kind of job I could get. Everyone thinks if you study maths, then accounting is a natural job to do afterwards. So that’s why I’m doing this now. But you know what? It isn’t the numbers that I love – it’s solving problems. When you study maths at university, you realise that actually, it’s a very creative subject – almost like some kind of art, or poetry. And for me, accounting just isn’t very creative. So I’m not that happy in my work, but I just don’t know what I should do – what job I want to get. But something needs to change.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Leila talking about her job. What did she like about her last job?

B. Listen again. Complete the notes using the words and phrases in the box. Two are not used.

bothers     concentrate     leave work on time     listens to     share ideas     talks to


Good = no one (1)……………….. me

Bad = no one (2)……………….. me


Good = it’s easy to (3)………………..

Bad = can’t (4)………………..

Answer & Audioscript


She liked working in a team.


1 bothers   2 talks to   3 concentrate   4 share ideas


I love the work I do – I love design. But in my last job, I was part of a team. Now, in this company, I’m the designer – I work alone. One good thing is that I can concentrate – because everyone is busy doing their own job – no one bothers me … or talks to me. Natalya can’t afford another designer. But to have good, creative ideas, I really need to talk with someone – share my ideas – see what other people think about my work. That’s what was great about my last job. I’m not sure what we can do, though. The company isn’t going to hire a new employee now.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Natalya talking about her job. Is she happy in her work?

B. Listen again. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

 Natalya thinks it’s quite easy / difficult to run a small company.

 She thinks João and Leila want to leave the company / are not really happy.

 She most enjoys making a great product / managing the business.

Answer & Audioscript


not completely


1   difficult

2   are not really happy

 making a great product


It isn’t easy running a small company. I’m very lucky to have João and Leila working for me. They work hard and they care a lot – but I know they aren’t completely happy. The truth is, I’m not completely happy, either. I started this company because I wanted to make and sell amazing chairs, not because I wanted to be a full-time manager. Every day there are problems to solve with suppliers, emails to write, phone calls to make. I need help, but I can’t afford to hire a new employee.

Exercise 4

A. Listen to Natalya talking about her good news. What does she plan to do now?

Answer & Audioscript

She plans to hire a part-time employee to help manage the business.


I had some great news today – we’ve made a big sale to a hotel group – two hundred and twenty chairs in the next year. That’s wonderful, because it will give me enough money to hire someone part-time to help me manage the business. I really need someone to get things organised – someone who can deal creatively with the suppliers and schedules and all that.

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