Exercise 1

A. Listen to Part 1. Greg talks about his family. Tick (✓) the people he talks about.













B. Listen again and complete Greg’s family tree. Whose parents were born in India?

Answer & Audioscript


Greg mentions all of the people except granddaughter and grandson.


Nathan: grandfather; Sally: grandmother; Alice: aunt;

Ravi: uncle; Michael: uncle; Karl: cousin; Kavita: cousin;

Ella: sister; Rick: brother

Ravi and Sanjit’s parents were born in India.


FRIEND   What’s this, Greg?

GREG   Oh, it’s my family tree. You can download a special program to make it.

 That’s really good. So are these your grandparents?

G   That’s right. Sally, she’s my grandmother and that’s my grandfather, Nathan. They’re my mother’s parents. They’ve got two children – a son and a daughter. Michael’s their son, he’s my uncle, and they’ve got a daughter, Mary – that’s my mother.

F   And so, Sanjit’s your father?

G   That’s right, yeah. They’ve got three children – there’s me, there’s my brother Rick and my sister Ella – that’s her there.

 Sanjit’s an Indian name, right?

G   Yeah, it is, yeah. His parents, Arjun and Priya, are from India, but he was born here in London. And his brother Ravi was born here too – so Ravi’s my other uncle.

F   Right. So, he’s married too.

G   Yes, you can see here – he’s married to my aunt Alice. And they’ve got two children, Karl and Kavita. They’re my cousins.

 So your grandparents in India have got five grandchildren?

G   Yes, they’re very happy about it!

C. Listen to Part 2. Greg talks more about his family. Tick (✓) the people he talks about.

his mother

his grandmother

his grandfather

his uncle

his grandparents in India

D. Put the life events in the correct order on the timeline. Listen again and check your answers.

 got married

 grandfather was born

 grandmother finished work

 photographer took the picture

 went to university

6   grandmother was born

Answer & Audioscript


✓ his grandmother, ✓ his grandfather

(Greg also mentions his grandparents in India, but he doesn’t talk about them in detail.)


1937   2 (grandfather was born)

1939   6 (grandmother was born)

1958   5 (went to university)

1962   1 (got married)

1963   4 (photographer took the picture)

2004   3 (grandmother finished work)


FRIEND   So, your grandparents are all still alive?

GREG   Yes, they are. But we don’t see my grandparents in India very much.

 Your grandmother, Sally – she looks nice and friendly.

G   She’s lovely, yes, but she’s very old now of course. Look – here’s a photo of her with my grandfather. I think this is from about 1963, yeah, you can see that she was a very beautiful woman.

F   Oh, yes. She really was. So, when was she born?

G   Um, she was born in 1939, I think, I’m not sure. But I know her birthday’s the 16th of July. And my grandfather was born two years before her.

F   Mmm … interesting.

G   Yes, my grandmother’s a really interesting woman. She was a doctor at the University Hospital in London, for about 40 years, I think, until she was 65. So, until 2004.

F   Wow, that’s a long time. What about your grandfather? Was he a doctor too?

G   Yes, he was. And they were at the same school together.

F   Really? Were they in the same class?

G   No, they weren’t. They weren’t even friends at school. But then when they were university students, they met again and of course then things were quite different … .

 Ah, right.

G   Yes, in fact they were married in 1962. They were still students.

 Oh, so in this photo she was … 24 and just married?

G   Yes, that’s right.

 Ah, that’s so romantic.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Hannah and Charlie. What were their childhood hobbies?

B. Listen again and complete the notes about Hannah and Charlie.




hobby details



parents’ problem






Answer & Audioscript


Hannah: sports

Charlie: baking





hobby details

tennis, swimming, football


parents’ problem

spent all the time driving her to activities and games

it was expensive because they bought all the things he needed


she doesn’t have time to play sports

he still bakes and his wife loves it because she doesn’t have to bake


HANNAH   My childhood hobby was sports. I loved it. I played anything and everything: basketball, tennis, swimming, football. But I think my favourite was tennis – I played every summer. Every day of the week I went to some kind of sports activity or game. My parents, poor things, spent all the time driving me to different activities and games and things like that. I never got a train or bus. I think it was really difficult for them! I don’t play sports very much now – I don’t have the time.

CHARLIE   My hobby when I was a child was a bit unusual I think. I really loved sweet things – cakes, biscuits – food like that. So, my hobby was baking. Ater school and at the weekend I made cakes and biscuits and my friends came to my place and ate them. My parents bought all the things I needed. They told me it cost a lot, but they were always happy to eat the things I made. I still bake biscuits and cakes now. My wife loves it because she never needs to bake anything.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1. Which two people leave messages?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Are the sentences true or false?

 Annie tells Dan to only call her on her mobile.

 Dan tells Annie where he is.

Answer & Audioscript


Annie and Dan leave messages.


1   F (She tells Dan to call her on her work number or her mobile.)

2   T



DAN   Hello, this is Dan Morton. I can’t answer your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone.

ANNIE   Hi, Dan – it’s Annie. Can you call me back? You can call me on my work number or my mobile. Thanks.


A   Hi! It’s Annie. I’m not here right now. You know what to do after the tone. Have a nice day!

D   Hi, Annie. I got your message. I’m here at my desk now. Could you call me back? Bye.

C. Put events a—e in the order they happened. Listen to Part 2 and check your answers.

……   a   Annie chats to Leo.

..1..   b   Dan goes to make coffee.

……   c   Leo answers the phone.

……   d   Dan brings some coffee.

……   e   Dan talks to Annie.

D. Answer the questions.

1   What do Leo and Annie talk about?

      a   how they are

      b   the weather

      c   work

2   How does Leo feel?

Answer & Audioscript


 c (Leo answers the phone.)

 a (Annie chats to Leo.)

 d (Dan brings some coffee.)

 e (Dan talks to Annie.)


 a   how they are

 Suggested answers: shy, nervous, embarrassed


DAN   Would you like a coffee?

LEO   Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks, Dan. … Hello. Dan’s phone.

ANNIE   Oh. Hello. Is Dan there?

 Sorry, he’s not here just now. He went to get coffee.

 Oh. It’s his sister, Annie. Can he call me back?

 Hi, Annie. It’s Leo.

 Leo? Oh … Leo. Hi!

 Can you wait a minute? He’ll be back soon.

 Sure … So … Leo. How are you?

 I’m … I’m really well. What about you?

 Oh, great – just great.

 Oh, good. That’s, erm … great.


 He’s back. … It’s Annie.

D   Oh, good. Just a minute.

 He’s got coffee for us.

A   Lucky you!

D   There you are.

 Bye, Annie.

A   Bye.

D   Thanks. Hi, Annie. It’s me.

A   Dan – finally!

D   You let a message.

A   Yes, that’s right. I need your help with something …

Exercise 4

A. Listen and complete the phone conversation.

SUE   Hello, Sue Parker.

NICK   Hi, Sue. 1_______ Nick. Is Melanie there, please?

SUE   No, sorry. She’s not 2_______ just now. She’s at her English class. Do you want to leave a 3_______?

NICK   No, it’s OK. Can she call me 4_______?

SUE   OK, I’ll tell her.

NICK   Thanks. She can 5_______ me on my mobile.

SUE   OK. … Just a 6_______. I need to find a pen to write the number.

NICK   It’s OK, she knows my number.

MELANIE   Hi, Nick. 7_______ Melanie.

NICK   Hi, Melanie!

MELANIE   Sue says you 8_______.

NICK   Yes, that’s right. Do you want to meet on Friday? We can go for a meal.

MELANIE   Yes, I’d love to.

Answer & Audioscript

1 It’s   2 here   3 message   4 back   5 call

6 minute   7 It’s   8 phoned

Exercise 5

A. The years below were important in Eva’s life. What do you think happened? Match the phrases with the years. Listen and check.

a   got a job as a teacher

b   went to live in the USA

c   moved to Germany

d   was born

e   met her husband

… 1982   … 1995   … 2000   … 2007   … 2010

B. Underline the correct answers. Listen again and check.

1   She was born in a small / large town in Colombia.

2   She went to the USA alone / with her parents.

3   She taught young children / teenagers.

4   She went to Germany to get a job / to be near Niko.

Answer & Audioscript


1982 d (was born)

1995 b (went to live in the USA)

2000 a (got a job as a teacher)

2007 e (met her husband)

2010 c (moved to Germany)



 with her parents

 young children

 to be near Niko


EVA   OK, well 1982 was a very important year for me. I was born in that year! I was born in a small town in the north of Colombia. My whole family lived there – my parents, my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, everyone. It’s a very nice place, very hot, tropical. I really loved it.

And then 1995 was a very important year. Everything changed. My parents moved to the USA, my father got a job in Minnesota, so we went to live in the USA and I went to school there. I learned English quite quickly.

In 2000, I got my first job. I was a school teacher, I taught small kids, six to ten years old. It was great.

Then in 2007, I met Niko – he’s my husband. He’s German, but we met in the USA, and then in 2010 I moved to Germany to be near him, and we got married last year. And then I found a job, I teach English to business people, so here I am today.

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