Listening task 1: What’s the job?

A Listen. Who are the people below talking to? Write the other people’s jobs. (There is one extra job.)

a childcare worker

a convenience store clerk

a lifeguard

a porter

a server

a tour guide

a tutor

Answer & Audioscripts

1 a tutor

2 a server

3 a convenience store clerk

4 a porter

5 a tour guide

6 a childcare worker

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct information.

1   The student has to write a five-page / ten-page paper.

2   They’re going to drink coffee / tea.

3   The woman is buying a newspaper / magazine.

4   They’re in room 726 / 627.

5   The man wants to send a picture to his cousin / sister.

6   Michael is a bit tired / hungry.

Answer & Audioscripts

 The student has to write a five-page paper.

 They’re going to drink tea.

 The woman is buying a magazine.

 They’re in room 726.

 The man wants to send a picture to his cousin.

 Michael is a bit tired.



Man:   OK. Here’s what we’ve been doing in English class. We’re supposed to write a five-page paper, but I don’t have any ideas at all. Can you help me understand the assignment?


Woman:   Yes, I think we’re ready now. I’m going to have a small green salad and a hamburger, and she’s going to have the soup of the day and the fish. And we’ll have tea to drink. Thanks.


Woman:   Hi, I’m ready to pay now. I’ve got a sandwich, a pack of gum, and this magazine. Oh, wait, I’m going to grab a cup of coffee, too. Large, please. Thanks.


Woman:   Oh, yes, that’s our luggage over there – the black suitcase with the silver handles and also the small brown bag. We’re in room seven-twenty-six. Thanks. Oh, and could you show me where the business center is? I need to photocopy some papers later.


Man:   Wow! What a beautiful old castle. You said it was built five hundred years ago? This was definitely worth the long bus ride! Oh, speaking of the bus, what time should we be back at the bus? Oh, and one more thing. Could you take a picture of me in front of the castle? I want to send it to my cousin.


Man:   Hi, this is my little brother Michael. Can you say hello, Michael? Well, he’s a little shy at first. Um, he hasn’t had a nap yet today, so I think he’s a little tired. Do you have some toys or games that he could just play with quietly?

Listening task 2: Job interviews

A Listen. People are interviewing for jobs. Check (✓) the correct information about each job below.


experience required

no experience required









Answer & Audioscripts

1 experience required, part-time, volunteer

2 experience required, full-time, paid

3 no experience required, full-time, volunteer

4 experience required, part-time, paid

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Will the people accept the jobs? Check (✓) yes or no.








Answer & Audioscripts

1 no   2 yes   3 no   4 Yes


 park ranger

Interviewer:   OK, I see you have experience working outdoors. We need people with experience to explain our park and take people on nature walks. Do you enjoy talking to large groups of people?

Woman:   Yes, I’ve given talks before about

nature. You’ll tell me the information I need to explain, right?

Interviewer:   That’s right. Now, this is a part-time job, only five hours a day on weekends.

Woman:   OK.

Interviewer:   And I’m afraid our paying jobs are all taken. We can offer you a volunteer internship, though. You won’t be paid, but you’ll learn lots of things.

Woman:   Not paid? Oh, I really need to make some money this summer.

 camp counselor

Interviewer:   So, I see you’ve been a camp counselor before. Great. We’re looking for people with experience this summer.

Man:   Yes, I love working with kids, teaching them how to swim and doing different outdoor activities. I hear you’ll have campers from China this year.

Interviewer:   That’s right. We have campers from eleven countries now. Well, let me tell you about the job. It’s full-time – more than full-time, actually: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for a month. But we pay quite well.

Man:   Great. It sounds like a job I’d like.

 business intern

Interviewer:   So what are you studying ill college?

Man:   Business. That’s why I’m interested in this internship. I’d like to get an MBA after I graduate.

Interviewer:   I see. How much experience do you have working with computers?

Man:   Actually, I don’t have any. But I’m willing to learn.

Interviewer:   Well, that’s good to know. We don’t require experience. We’ll be glad to train you. Now, this is full-time, but you understand this is a volunteer position.

Man:   Oh, I know I won’t get paid. And I understand I’ll be working full-time. I just want to get some background in business.

Interviewer:   Would you be able to start on June first?

Man:   Yes, that’s no problem. l finish my classes the third week of May.

Interviewer:   Great. We need someone for June, July, and August.

Man:   August? Oh, no, I have to be back at school on August first.

 tennis instructor

Interviewer:   Well, looks like you have the experience we require. It’s great you’ve taught tennis for four years. We’d like to offer you the job. As you know, it’s part-time.

Woman:   That’s perfect. I have a research paper for college that I’m working on this summer.

Interviewer:   We have Internet access, so you can even do research online if you need to.

Woman:   Great. Well, I’m really looking forward to this summer. And getting paid to play tennis is a dream job for me.

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