1. Choose the correct alternative.

From: Misha Kissin
To: Natasha Tchistyakova
Subject: Language school

Dear Natasha,

Well, here I am in England. Thank you for your (1) kind / kindly letter. You ask me what it’s like here. I must say, it’s pretty (2) good / well!

The language school is very (3) efficient / efficiently organised. On the first morning we had to do a test, which I found rather (4) hard / hardly. However I got a (5) surprising / surprisingly good mark, so I’m in the top class. I didn’t talk much at first, because I couldn’t think of the words (6) quick / quickly enough, but (7) late / lately I’ve become much more (8) fluent / fluently.

I’m staying with a family who live (9) near / nearly the school. They are quite (10) pleasant / pleasantly, although I don’t see much of them because I’m always so (11) busy / busily with my friends from school. I was surprised how (12) easy / easily I made new friends here. The students come from (13) different / differently parts of the world and we have some (14) absolute / absolutely fascinating discussions.

I do hope you will be able to join me here next term. I’m sure we’d have (15) good / well fun together.

All the best,


P.S. Aren’t you impressed at how (16) accurate / accurately my English is now?!


2 good   3 efficiently   4 hard

5 surprisingly   6 quickly   7 lately

8 fluent   9 near   10 pleasant

11 busy   12 easily   13 different

14 absolutely   15 good   16 accurate

2. There are mistakes in seven of these sentences. Correct the sentences where necessary. Write ‘OK’ if the sentence is already correct.

1   ‘Please get a move on!’ shouted Travis impatient.

       …shouted Travis impatiently……

2   I believe she is a very lonely woman.


3   I didn’t like his plan, which seemed unnecessary complicated to me.

4   I’m sure you could win the match if you tried hardly.

5   I have an awful headache, so could you please be quiet?

6   Sonya’s only been in France a year, but she speaks perfectly French.

7   The reason Ed gets so tired is that he has an exceptional demanding job.

8   My mother was ill last year, but she’s good enough to go on holiday now.

9   David ran as fast as he could, but he still arrived late.

10   Jen always says she’s short of money, but I happen to know she actually has a very good-paid job.


3 seemed unnecessarily complicated

4 if you tried hard

5 OK

6 she speaks perfect French or she speaks French perfectly

7 an exceptionally demanding job

8 she’s well enough

9 OK

10 a very well-paid job

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