Exercise 1   

People are talking about entertainment. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:        So do you think we should go and see it?

B:        Yes, I think so. I hear it’s very good. My friend said the story is great. And I love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A:        So do I. His movies are always full of action.


A:        What’s the weather going to be like on Saturday?

B:        Hot and sunny.

A:        Oh, good, so let’s go then. It’ll be perfect for swimming.

B:        Yeah. But I just want to lie on the sand and sleep.


A:        What time is the game?

B:        It’s at two o’clock.

A:        Great. Are you playing?

B:        Sure.


A:        What do you want to do this weekend?

B:        I don’t know. What do you want to do?

A:        I don’t know.

B:        Hey, I know. Let’s get the guys and go rollerblading.

A:        Okay.


A:        What do you need to buy?

B:        Well, I need some new jeans.

A:        And I need some shirts.

B:        Okay. Let’s go on Saturday afternoon.


A:        Want to come with me on Saturday? I don’t think it’ll be too hot. It’s great exercise.

B:        Okay. I’ll pack a lunch. Maybe we can ride to a park and have a picnic.

A:        Great idea.

Exercise 2

Task 1

These people are calling friends about the weekend. Are these statements true or false?
Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   Penny agrees to go to a movie with Bob.



2.   Anne can’t come to the party.



3.   Ken invites Nancy to a movie.



4.   Anne and Mike are going to see a football game.



5.   Wendy can’t go to Jack’s house.



Task 2

Listen again. Circle the correct answer for each question.

1.   When does Bob want to go to the movies?

a.   on the weekend

b.   on Friday morning

c.   on Friday night

2.   When is the party?

a.   on Saturday night

b.   the weekend after next

c.   on Sunday night

3.   When does Ken want to go out with Nancy?

a.   on Friday morning

b.   on Friday night

c.   on the weekend

4.   When is the game?

a.   on Sunday night

b.   on Sunday afternoon

c.   on Saturday afternoon

5.   When is the movie on TV?

a.   Tuesday night

b.   Thursday night

c.   tonight

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Penny. This is Bob.

A:        Hi, Bob. How are things?

B:        Fine. Say, would you like to go to a movie on Friday night?

A:        A movie? Sure. I think I’m free Friday night. What movie do you want to see?


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Anne. This is Mary.

A:        Oh, hi, Mary. How are you?

B:        Great. Look, I’m calling about the weekend. I’m having a party.

A:        A party. That sounds fun. When?

B:        On Saturday night.

A:        Saturday night is fine with me.

B:        Great.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello, Nancy. This is Ken.

A:        Oh, hi, Ken.

B:        I’m calling about Friday night. Are you doing anything?

A:        I don’t think so.

B:        Great. How about going to a disco with me?

A:        A disco. Sure. Thanks. You know I love to dance. What time?


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Anne. This is Mike.

A:        Hi, Mike. What’s up?

B:        There’s a football game on Sunday afternoon.

A:        A football game?

B:        Yeah. Would you like to go?

A:        Oh, sorry. I’m not free on Sunday.

B:        Oh, well, some other time, maybe.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Wendy. This is Jack.

A:        Oh, hi.

B:        Say, there’s a good movie on TV tonight. Do you want to come over and watch it with me?

A:        Oh, I’d love to, but I can’t tonight. I have too much work to do.

Exercise 3

Task 1

Listen to these invitations. Does the person accept or refuse? Check the correct answer.




1.   Bobby



2.   Melissa



3.    Jack



4.   Betty



5.   Ralph



6.   Jill



Task 2

Listen again. What is each invitation for? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  breakfast

     b.  dinner

     c.  coffee

2.  a.  a concert

     b.  a play

     c.  a movie

3.  a.  coffee

     b.  lunch

     c.  dinner

4.  a.  a party

     b.  dinner

     c.  a barbecue

5.  a.  tennis

     b.  a drive

     c.  a trip

6.  a.  a walk

     b.  a party

     c.  shopping

Answer & Transcript


A:        Bobby, would you like to go out for dinner Thursday?

B:        Thursday? Oh, I’d love to, but I have to meet my sister for dinner.

A:        Oh, well, some other time, then.

B:        Sure.


A:        Melissa, would you like to see a movie on Saturday?

B:        That sounds great. What time?

A:        At 9:30?

B:        All right.


A:        Hey, Jack, let’s go for coffee after class on Monday.

B:        Oh, sorry. I have to go downtown. I have an appointment.

A:        Oh, okay.


A:        Betty, do you want to come over to my house for dinner Wednesday?

B:        Thanks. I’d love to. What time?

A:        Around 6:30.

B:        Okay. See you then.


A:        Hey, Ralph, let’s play tennis on Sunday afternoon.

B:        Sunday afternoon? I can’t. I’m going away for the weekend. Maybe some other time?

A:        Sure.


A:        Say, Jill. I’m going shopping Friday night. I need a new dress. Want to come?

B:        Friday night? Okay, I’m not doing anything special.

A:        Good. Let’s go after work.

B:        Fine.

Exercise 4

Diane is listening to messages on her voicemail. What does each person ask her to do? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Claudio        ……..

2.   George         ……..

3.   Mom            ……..

4.   Michael        ……..

5.   Betsy            ……..

a.   go shopping

b.   see a play

c.   go for a drive

d.   go dancing

e.   go to the symphony

Answer & Transcript

1 d   2 e   3 b   4 c   5 a


1.   Hi, Diane – it’s me, Claudio. Do you want to go dancing on Friday? There’s a great salsa band playing at the Open Gate. Give me a call when you get in, okay? Thanks. Bye.

2.   This is George, George Crystal. We met at the concert last week, I was wondering, if you’re free this Friday, would you like to go to the symphony? I have two tickets. I’ll call you later to talk about it. Good-bye.

3.   Hi, Diane. It’s Mom. Don’t forget we’re going to see your brother in his first play as a professional actor. It’s on Friday. Don’t be late!

4.   Diane? Um, it’s me, Michael, your old boyfriend. Well, um, I miss you a lot. How about if we get together Friday and go for a drive or something? Call me when you get in, okay?

5.   Hi, Diane, it’s Betsy. Do you want to go shopping with me this weekend? There’s a great sale at my favorite department store from Friday to Sunday. If we go Friday, we’ll get the best things. I’d love to see you – if you’re not too busy!

Exercise 5

Listen to the conversations. Does each person accept or refuse the invitation? Check the correct answer




1.   Josh

2.   Rachel

3.   Jennifer

4.   Andrew


5.   Jonah

Answer & Transcript

1  Refuse   2  Accept   3  Accept   4  Refuse   5  Accept



A:   Hey, Josh. You want to get together and watch the game on TV tonight?

B:   I’d really love to, but I can’t. I have a big test tomorrow and I have to study.

A:   Oh, well … I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow – after your test!


A:   Rachel, are you coming to the class party this weekend?

B:   This weekend? I’m pretty busy. I’m working Friday and Saturday all day. And Friday night I have to go visit my grandmother.

A:   That’s okay. The party isn’t until Saturday night, starting around 7:00.

B:   Oh, okay. I should be able to make it then.


A:   Hi, Jennifer. Are you doing anything tonight? There’s a new restaurant I’d like to go to.

B:   Actually, I was thinking of going shopping tonight after work.

A:   Oh, come on. You can go shopping anytime.

B:   You’re right. What time do you want to meet?


A:   Hey Andrew! Are you busy after work?

B:   No, I’m not doing anything. Why?

A:   Well, Mark and Jeff and I thought we’d go rollerblading in the park. The weather is perfect. Do you want to come with us?

B:   I’d love to, but I hurt my leg playing soccer over the weekend.

A:   Oh, sorry to hear that! Maybe next time.


A:   What are you doing to do this weekend?

B:   I don’t have any plans. How about you?

A:   I’ll be playing computer games. Want to come over, Jonah?

B:   Sure. When?

A:   Oh, anytime Saturday afternoon. You know where to find me.

B:   Yeah, in front of the computer, right?

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