1. Listen to two people talking about television programmes. Number them in the order they are going to watch them. There are two programmes that they aren’t going to watch.

 …… a sports programme

b     1   a cartoon

 …… a police drama

d   …… a chat show

 …… the news

 …… a reality show

 …… a comedy programme

h   …… a film


2 d   3 c   4 e   5 a   6 g


 What are we going to watch?

 Let’s watch this cartoon. I like it!

 OK, but after that, we’re going to watch my favourite programme.

 Not a reality show, please!

 No, it’s a chat show. It’s on at six o’clock with Johnny Depp.

 Oh, great. And after that, we can watch On the street. It’s a great police drama.

 Right. It says in the TV guide that it finishes at seven thirty. Then we can watch the news.

 The news! Boring.

 I like the news.

 Can I watch the football at eight o’clock?

 Football? Oh … well, OK. Then at ten o’clock I’m going to watch the comedy show Make them laugh.

 Can I watch the film at eleven o’clock?

 No, you can’t! I’m not going to watch it either. We’ve got school tomorrow.

2. Listen to a teacher and match the children to how they wrote the test.

slowly      badly      quickly      very well      carefully

1   Uma                carefully

2   Sara                 ……………………

3   Daniel             ……………………

4   Jane                ……………………

5   Harry              ……………………


2 quickly   3 badly   4 slowly   5 very well


Teacher   Here are your tests. Uma, you made a few mistakes, but you were much more careful than usual and this is quite good. Well done! I’m very pleased with you.

Sara, you had twenty minutes to write this test, but you did it in three minutes. Why did you write so quickly? It wasn’t a race. Daniel, you didn’t try hard at all. Your test was very bad. Do it again for homework and do it better this time.

Jane, I don’t know what happened to you. You only wrote ten words in twenty minutes. Why did you write so slowly? Were you asleep?

Harry, you came first in the class again. Well done! This was a very good test result. You are a very good student.

3. Listen to Simon talking about his weekend. Tick (✓) the things he has to do and cross (✗) the things he doesn’t have to do.

1   Get up early              ✓

2   Revise for a test

3   Go to sports training

4   Tidy his room

5   Go shopping

6   Make his lunch

7   Take the dog for a walk


2 ✓   3 ✓   4 ✗   5 ✗   6 ✗   7


Simon   This weekend is going to be very busy. It’s Saturday, but I have to get up early! We’ve got a test on Monday, so I have to revise for that. I also have sports training on Saturday mornings. It starts at ten o’clock and I have to go. Luckily, I don’t have to tidy my room. I tidied it yesterday. Mum and dad are going shopping, but I don’t have to go with them. Sometimes I have to make my lunch on Saturdays, but I don’t have to do it this weekend. My sister and I are going to get a pizza. Great! Later, in the afternoon, I have to take the dog for a walk. He loves going to the park.

4. Listen and complete the notes.


Going to: the cinema

Meeting at (place):

Meeting at (time):


Going to:

Meeting at (place):

Meeting at (time):

Going to:
Meeting at (place):
Meeting at (time):
Going to:
Meeting at (place):
Meeting at (time):


Going to:

Meeting at (place):

Meeting at (time):


 Emily’s house, quarter to six

 the shops, the café, half past two

 the park, outside the park, ten o’clock

 the sports centre, the school gym, half past three

 the zoo, the bus stop, eleven o’clock



Sara   Hello?

Emily   Hi, Sara, it’s Emily. How are you?

Sara   I’m fine.

Emily   Do you want to go out on Friday?

Sara   OK. Where?

Emily   Let’s go to the cinema.

Sara   Great. Where do you want to meet?

Emily   Why don’t we meet at my house?

Sara   Good idea. What time shall I come round?

Emily   At quarter to six.

Sara   Fine. See you on Friday at quarter to six.


Steve   Hello?

Emily   Hi, Steve. It’s Emily.

Steve   Hi, Emily.

Emily   Do you want to meet on Saturday?

Steve   Yes, great. What do you want to do?

Emily   Let’s go to the shops.

Steve   Great. Why don’t we meet in the café?

Emily   OK. What time?

Steve   At half past two.

Emily   See you at half past two in the café. Don’t be late.


Emily   Hello?

Nikki   Hi, It’s Nikki. Do you want to meet this weekend?

Emily   Yes, great. Why don’t we go to the park on Sunday?

Nikki   OK, good idea. I have to take the dog for a walk.

Emily   Meet me outside the park.

Nikki   OK. Let’s meet at ten o’clock.


Tom   Hello?

Emily   Hi, Tom. Are you going to be busy next week?

Tom   Not really. Why?

Emily   Why don’t we go to the sports centre? We can play table tennis!

Tom   Good idea. Wednesday is a good day for me. I don’t have much homework that day. Let’s meet on Wednesday in the school gym.

Emily   What time?

Tom   At half past three. After the last lesson.

Emily   Great.


Emily   Hello?

Matt   Hi. It’s Matt. Do you want to go out on Thursday?

Emily   OK. What do you want to do?

Matt   Let’s go to the zoo!

Emily   Good idea! Let’s meet at the bus stop at eleven o’clock.

Matt   Fine. See you then!

5. Listen to an interview with an actor and circle the correct words.

The actor:

1   works hard / slowly.

2   learns his line easily / carefully.

3   is going to work on television / make a film.

4   isn’t going to work in America / get married.

5   sings badly / well.

The interviewers says:

6   Shall we sing a song / watch a film?

7   Let’s talk about your new film / family.

8   Why don’t you go to Hollywood / make a CD?


2 carefully   3 make a film   4 get married   5 well

6 sing a song   7 new film   8 make a CD


Lena   Welcome to the Lena Andrews Show! Our guest tonight is Ricky Cooper, the actor. Ricky, you are Britain’s favourite actor. Why do you think that is?

Ricky   Well, I always work hard and I think people like that.

Lena   Is it difficult to be an actor?

Ricky   Yes. I have to learn my lines very carefully and try to become the character. It isn’t easy.

Lena   What are you going to do next?

Ricky   I’m going to make a film. I like working on television, but I want to try something new.

Lena   And you’ve got a new girlfriend. Are you going to get married?

Ricky   No. I’m going to be in America for a year, so it isn’t a good time to get married.

Lena   Tell me about the film you’re going to be in.

Ricky   It’s a musical. I have to sing three songs in the film, but I like singing and I sing quite well.

Lena   Shall we sing a song together?

Ricky   Er, not now, no.

Lena   OK, let’s talk about your new film. It’s a musical – you’re going to go to Hollywood to make it. America is going to love you. Why don’t you make a CD? You can be a pop star, too.

Ricky   That’s a good idea.

6. Listen to the interview and answer the questions.

1   Has he got any brothers or sisters?

     Yes, he has. He’s got one brother.

2   What subjects does Josh like?


3   What sports does Josh so?


4   When does he do sport?


5   What does he usually do at the weekend?


6   Does he like playing computer games?


7   What jobs does he have to do in the house?



2   He likes English and Maths.

3   He does karate.

4   He does karate after school on Mondays.

5   He watches DVDs or reads books.

6   No, he doesn’t.

7   He has to tidy his room and vacuum the floor.


Aggie   I’m writing about students for our school magazine. Can I ask you some questions, Josh?

Josh   Yes, you can.

Aggie   Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Josh   I’ve got one brother. His name is Ben.

Aggie   What subjects do you like?

Josh   English. I love it! And I love Maths, too.

Aggie   What sports do you do?

Josh   I usually do karate after school on Mondays. My brother does karate, too.

Aggie   What do you usually do at the weekend?

Josh   I watch DVDs at home, or I read books. My brother often plays computer games, but I don’t like them.

Aggie   What jobs do you have to do in the house?

Josh   I have to tidy my room and I have to vacuum the floor.

Aggie   Thanks, Josh.

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