Reporting a crime

Wen Ling, a Chinese student in the UK, reports a crime at the campus security office. Look at the form and identify the information to listen for. Listen and complete the form.

Answer & Transcript

a   Tuesday

b   12.30pm

c   theft

d   outside the library

e   Wen Ling Tsai

 17a Park Avenue, Bristol BR2 6YT

g   Bag stolen

h   Male. Medium height, short dark hair, glasses, moustache. Wearing blue jeans, black jumper, white running shoes.

i   Bag is small, black, made of leather. Zip along top, shoulder strap, small tear on handle.


Wen Ling:     Oh, hello. Is this where I report something stolen?

Guard:     Yes, that’s right. Just let me get the right form … OK, what’s your name, please?

Wen Ling:     Wen Ling Tsai. That’s W-E-N space L-I-N-G Tsai … T-S-A-I.

Guard:     OK, and where do you live?

Wen Ling:     17a Park Avenue, Bristol. The postcode is …

Guard:     Whoa, hang on! 17a Park Avenue, you say?

Wen Ling:     Yes, in Bristol. The postcode is BR2 6YT.

Guard:     6-Y-T … OK. So, what was stolen?

Wen Ling:     My bag. I was outside the library. This man just grabbed it and ran away.

Guard:     I see. So, when was this?

Wen Ling:     At around 12.30.

Guard:     OK. Did you get a look at him?

Wen Ling:     Yes. He was medium height with short dark hair and glasses. Oh, and he had a moustache.

Guard:     Right. And what was he wearing?

Wen Ling:     Blue jeans and a black jumper, I think. And white running shoes.

Guard:     OK. Now, additional details. Can you describe the bag?

Wen Ling:     It’s a small, black leather bag, with a zip along the top and a shoulder strap.

Guard:     Are there any distinguishing marks on it? Any scratches, for example?

Wen Ling:     Not really. Just a small tear on the handle.

Guard:     OK, well, we’ll look into it.

Calling the emergency services

1. Hassan, from Syria, works in the north of England. He is on his way home when he sees a traffic accident. He calls 999 to tell the emergency services. Listen and tick the picture that best describes the scene.



2. Can you remember the order the operators asked these questions? Number each question 1-4. Then listen again and check.

Where do you need the ambulance to come to? ……

Which service do you require? ……

What’s happened? ……

How many people are hurt? ……


Where do you need the ambulance to come to? 2

Which service do you require? 1

What’s happened? 3

How many people are hurt? 4

3. Listen again and write the answer to each question.

1   …………………..

2   …………………..

3   …………………..

4   …………………..

Answer & Transcript

1   Ambulance

2   Green Park

3   There’s been a traffic accident. A car has hit a cyclist.

4   Two (the car driver and the cyclist).


Operator 1:     Emergency. Which service do you require?

Hassan:     Oh, er, ambulance, I think. There’s been an accident.

Operator 2:     Go ahead, caller. You’re through to the ambulance service. Where do you need the ambulance to come to?

Hassan:     Er, I’m not sure. There’s a park. Hang on, there’s a sign near the gate … I’m at Green Park.

Operator 2:     What’s happened?

Hassan:     There’s been a traffic accident. A car has hit a cyclist, and he’s on the ground.

Operator 2:     How many people are hurt?

Hassan:     Well, the car driver’s standing by the car. He’s holding his head. I can see some blood, and the cyclist is on the ground next to me. There’s no blood, but he isn’t moving. There’s nobody else here … I didn’t know what to do.

Operator 2:     OK, stay on the line. An ambulance is already on its way. Now, I want you to …

Giving a statement to the police

1. Listen to Hassan describe what he saw to a police officer. Choose the correct location of the accident on the map: A, B, C or D.

Answer & Transcript



Police officer:     What exactly did you see?

Hassan:     I was walking past the park heading towards the city centre when a cyclist passed me and then a car came round the corner from the right, there. I don’t know, I guess the driver didn’t see the cyclist …

2. Look at the statements below. Then listen to the rest of the conversation and tick True or False for each statement.




a   The car speeding.

b   The cyclist was in the middle of the road.

c   The cyclist had no lights on his bike.

d   The car was on the wrong side of the road.

e   The accident happened close to Hassan.

f   Hassan helped the injured men before calling 999.

Answer & Transcript

a False   b True   c True   d False   e True   f False


Police officer:     How fast was the car travelling?

Hassan:     Not very fast. Normal speed.

Police officer:     So how did the car hit the cyclist?

Hassan:     I think the cyclist was in the middle of the road to turn right, down where the car had come from, but I couldn’t see any lights on their bike.

Police officer:     What about the car?

Hassan:     Er, well, the car had lights on. Yes.

Police officer:     Was the car on the wrong side of the road?

Hassan:     No.

Police officer:     So the collision happened here?

Hassan:     Yes, that’s right. Right next to me. There was a big crash and then silence. I saw the cyclist in the road, unconscious, and the driver got out holding his head, so I phoned 999.

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