Explaining your requirements

1. Oleg has just started work in Dublin, Ireland. He is looking for a place to stay and decides to phone an agency. Listen and answer the questions.

a   Is he going to share or live alone? …………………..

b   Does he want to rent or buy a property? …………………..


a   He’s going to share with a friend.

b   He wants to rent.

2. Listen again and complete the form below.

Carter Property

Management Ltd.

Client requirements form

Name: a Oleg Markov

Type of property: b flat / house

Location: c ……………………

No. bedrooms: d ……………………

No. people: e ……………………

Pet: f Yes / No

Smoker: g Yes / No

Other requirements: h ……………………

Budget: € i …………………… (max) 

Answer & Transcript

b   flat

 near Trinity College

d   two




h   a garage

i   €1,400


(Agent = Irish; Oleg = Russian)

Agent:     Carter Property Management. Can I help you?

Oleg:     Oh, hello. Erm. Yes. I’m looking for a place near Trinity College.

Agent:     I see. Can I take your name, please?

Oleg:     Yes, it’s Oleg Markov.

Agent:     How do you spell that?

Oleg:     O-L-E-G, Markov, M-A-R-K-O-V. Yes. I’m looking for a flat, with two bedrooms.

Agent:     Near Trinity College, you say?

Oleg:     Yes. It’s for me and a friend.

Agent:     OK. Do you have any pets?

Oleg:     No, we don’t.

Agent:     And are either of you smokers?

Oleg:     No. Oh, and we’d like a place with a garage, too. My friend has car.

Agent:     And how much rent are you looking to pay per month?

Oleg:     Not more than €1,400. That’s our limit.

Agent:     OK. I’ll just have a look at what we have. One moment, please.

3. Now listen to the second half of the conversation. Tick the property he decides to go and see.

74 North Foley Road, Dublin

To Let: €1,250 per month

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom


12a Joyce Street, Dublin

To Let: €1,400 per month

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms


21 Ivy Court, Dublin

To Let: €1,200 per month

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom


Answer & Transcript

74 North Foley Road


Agent:     Hello?

Oleg:     Yes. Did you find anything?

Agent:     Well, there’s one at 1,200 a month in Ivy Court. That has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Oleg:     Hmm. I know Ivy Court. Do you have anything closer to the city centre?

Agent:     There’s one in Joyce Street, but that has three bedrooms. It’s 1,400. Oh, and one on North Foley Road, too, at 1,250. They all come furnished.

Oleg:     OK. I would like to take a look at the last one, I think.

Agent:     Fine, when would you like to see it, then?

Checking the financial side

1. Look at these questions. Then listen to this property agent in the US. Which questions does he answer?


 How much is the rent?

b   When is the rent due?

 How much deposit is required?

d   Will I get all my deposit back?

 Are bills included?


The agent covers all the questions.

2. Listen again and answer each question.

Answer & Transcript

a   $795 per month.

b   On the first of each month.

c   Equivalent to six weeks’ rent.

d   Yes.

e   No.


(Property agent = American)

Yeah, well, the rent for this one is $795 per month. It’s payable one month in advance, on the first of each month. We also need a deposit equivalent to six weeks’ rent. This is refundable at the end of your tenancy, less any breakages or damage which you are liable for, of course. Bills such as gas, electricity and telephone are not included, so you need to set those up yourself.

Making sure of the facts

1. Read these questions. Then listen to the property agent’s replies. Write the letter of each reply (a-f) next to the correct question.

Tenancy agreement

1   How long is the rental agreement?  ……

2   Will the rent go up?  ……

3   Is insurance included?  ……

4   Can I sub-let?  ……

5   How much notice must I give if I want to leave early?  ……

6   Who do I contact if there is a problem?  ……


1 e   2 c   3 b   4 f   5 a   6 d

2. Look at the statements below. Tick True of False for each statement. Then listen again and check your answers.
  True False
a   You need to give two months’ notice
b   Contents insurance is not included.
c   The rent may go up after the lease expires.
d   You should pay for repairs yourself.
e   The rental agreement starts from the day you move in.
f   You will be evicted if you break the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Answer & Transcript

a   False

b   True


d   False (Repairs are no charge)

e   False (It starts from the beginning of the month you move in.)

 False (You can be evicted.)


a   If you want to move on before the end of the lease, then you need to tell us in writing at least one month beforehand.

b   Buildings insurance is included, but not contents insurance.

c   No. The rent can only increase after the term of your tenancy has expired.

d   If the washing machine breaks down or anything like that, then call use out and we will send someone to repair it at no charge.

e   It’s for a year. That means twelve full calendar months, starting at the beginning of the month you move in.

f   Absolutely not. You cannot rent out any rooms. If you do, you will break the terms of your tenancy agreement and you can be evicted.

Dealing with problems

Lucy and Samir are tenants in the same block of flats in London. They each have a problem and call the rental agent, Mr Lee. Listen and complete the chart.




1   What’s the problem?

a ……………………

d ……………………

2   When did it start?

b ……………………

e ……………………

3   What does Mr Lee promise?

c ……………………

f ……………………

Answer & Transcript

a   The cooker is broken

b   Three days ago

c   To get someone to fix it today.

d   The washing machine doesn’t work.

e   A week ago.

 To call repair company again.


(Lucy = Australian; Samir = Egyptian)

Mr Lee:     Hello?

Lucy:     Mr Lee. It’s Lucy again.

Mr Lee:     Oh, yes?

Lucy:     I’m afraid I’m still waiting for someone to come and fix the cooker. Do you know how long it will take?

Mr Lee:     I don’t know. I haven’t found anyone yet.

Lucy:     What? This is an emergency. I can’t cook anything!

Mr Lee:     I’ll try to find someone.

Lucy:     It’s been three days now. I’m not very happy about this at all.

Mr Lee:     OK, OK. I’ll get someone to fix it today.


Mr Lee:     Hello?

Samir:     Mr Lee?

Mr Lee:     Yes.

Samir:     I’m Samir … at 23 Cavendish Lane.

Mr Lee:     Oh, yes. I was going to call you. Has the man been to fix the washing machine yet?

Samir:     No, it’s still broken. I told you about this a week ago.

Mr Lee:     I called the repair company and they said they would send someone round.

Samir:     Well, nobody has been. I’d like to know what you’re going to do about it.

Mr Lee:     I’ll call them again.

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