Exercise 1   

People are talking about their preferences. What do they prefer? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  traveling by plane

     b.  traveling by train

2.  a.  living in an apartment

     b.  living in a house

3.  a.  British English

     b.  American English

4.  a.  working in an office

     b.  working in a store

5.  a.  learning Spanish

     b.  learning German

6.  a.  country-western music

     b.  rock music

Answer & Transcript


A:   Do you travel a lot?

B:   Oh, sure.

A:   Which do you prefer – traveling by train or by plane?

B:   Well, the thing I like about a train is it’s so comfortable. You can get up and walk around. A plane is faster, sure, but getting to the airport can take hours, and it’s such a hassle.


A:   Do you prefer living in a house or an apartment?

B:   Well, I used to live in a house. I had a nice yard and we had lots of space. But it was too much work, taking care of the yard and all that. An apartment is so much more convenient.


A:   Would you rather study American English or British English?

B:   Well, first of all, they’re both very similar, but overall I think American English is more useful! British English does sound very nice, though.


A:   Would you rather work in an office or a department store?

B:   Well, I think working in a store is more interesting. You get to see more people. Office work gets very boring after a while. I should know. I’ve done it for years.


A:   Which would you rather learn – German or Spanish?

B:   Well, German is an interesting language and it is useful in Germany, but Spanish is used in Spain, Central America, South America, and even the U.S Studying Spanish makes a lot more sense for me!


A:   What kind of music do you like?

B:   Well, I like all kinds of music, but I don’t care for rock very much. It makes me feel old. I guess country-western is my favorite. I like the words of the songs. They may be corny, but I like them.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are talking about things they live. Listen and number the pictures.

Task 2

Listen again. Do the people agree? Check the correct answer.

1.  agree

     don’t agree

2.  agree

     don’t agree

3.  agree

     don’t agree

4.  agree

     don’t agree

5.  agree

     don’t agree

6.  agree

     don’t agree

Answer & Transcript


A:   I love Mexican food. I like it hot and spicy.

B:   Yeah, I love it, too!

A:   Here. Try some of this. I think you’re really going to like it.

B:   Mmm. Boy, this is delicious … Water! Water!


A:   I guess I’m going to try to get a job in an office when I graduate. I think I’d really enjoy office work.

B:   Really? I don’t think I’d like working in an office at all.


A:   You know what I like to do when I want to relax – lie down under a tree somewhere with a good book.

B:   Oh, yeah? I just can’t read outdoors. Usually the insects drive me crazy. I guess I’m just not the outdoor type.


A:   I guess my favorite kind of music is country. I like music I can sing to.

B:   Me, too. I like country music. Do you like Garth Brooks?

A:   Oh, yeah. He’s fantastic.


A:   In the summer, I play a lot of tennis. I really love it.

B:   Do you? I’m not good at tennis, so I hardly ever play it. I prefer a game that’s not quite so active.


A:   Well, when I have free time on the weekend, I like to work on my car.

B:   Hey, that’s great. Me, too. I just bought this old wreck. Want to come and have a look at it on Saturday?

A:   Sure.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are giving their preferences. What topic is each person talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  vacations

     b.  friends

     c.  exercise

2.  a.  stores

     b.  restaurants

     c.  places to live

3.  a.  hotels

     b.  places to live

     c.  schools

4.  a.  cars

     b.  hotels

     c.  places to live

5.  a.  cars

     b.  computers

     c.  dogs

6.  a.  vacations

     b.  jobs

     c.  sports

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.

  True False

1.  He prefers traveling by himself.

2.  She likes those loud, trendy places.

3.  She likes places with a swimming pool.

4.  He can’t stand living in the suburbs.

5.  She wants a small one that she can carry.

6.  Making a lot of money isn’t important to him.

Answer & Transcript


I hate those group tours. You know, the guide picks you up at the hotel every day, and you have to go and see all the sights. I prefer traveling by myself. That way, I can relax. Relaxation is very important to me. I have a very stressful job, and this is my only chance all year to lie on the beach and do nothing.


When I go out to eat, I want to have a nice conversation, and I don’t like to be disturbed. That’s why I prefer quiet places. I hate those loud, trendy places. They play loud music in the background, and they’re full of loud people. You have to shout so the person you’re with can hear you. It’s really annoying!


I prefer staying at one of those small places, because I think the services is better. The people at the front desk remember your name, and the housekeeping people are really nice. It’s like staying in someone’s home. I don’t like those big tourist hotels. They might have more facilities, like a gym, or a swimming pool, or a golf course, but it doesn’t matter to me. What I care about is service.


I don’t know how people can stand living downtown. It’s too noisy, you can never find parking, and it’s dangerous, too. No, I prefer living in the suburbs, for a lot of reasons. For one thing, I like to have a lot of space. That’s a big thing for me. I need at least a couple of bedrooms. And I also like to have friendly neighbors around me.


A small one is great, especially if you live in a small apartment like I do. That’s what I prefer – a small one I can pick up and carry. Big ones are too hard to take care of. And some of them are very noisy, too. You shouldn’t have those big ones unless you are living out in the country, where they can run around and get plenty of exercise.


If I could choose what I do, I’d prefer helping people. That’s really what I’m looking for in a position. I know that a lot of people are mainly interested in making a lot of money, but I really don’t think I’d like that kind of work. Making a lot of money just isn’t that important to me. I’d rather do something that is good for everyone and not just myself.

Exercise 4

People are talking about their preferences. Do they agree? Listen and check the correct answer.



Don’t agree






Answer & Transcript

Agree: 1, 4

Don’t agree: 2, 3, 5



A:   Which do you prefer to study, George? Math or English?

B:   I hate both of them, but I probably hate math more.

A:   So, you prefer English?

B:   Yeah, that’s right.

A:   Me, too.


A:   Erica, what kind of music do you like?

B:   I really love jazz, especially the trumpet player, Miles Davis. How about you?

A:   Nah, I’m not into jazz. It’s too quiet for me. I like rock and roll!


A:   Do you have time to join me for lunch after the meeting?

B:   Sure. Where do you want to go?

A:   How about that new pizza place?

B:   Sorry, but I can’t eat pizza. I’m on a diet. But I know a great salad bar why don’t we go there?


A:   Hey, that’s a great bicycle.

B:   Thanks. I ride it all the time.

A:   Really? I bicycle all the time, too. It’s really a cheap and convenient way to get around.

B:   Yes, it is, and it’s a great way to exercise, too.


A:   I’m thinking about getting a puppy. What do you think?

B:   A dog? I don’t know. You have to take them out for walks a lot. I’d rather have a cat.

Exercise 5

People are talking about their preferences. What topic are they discussing? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   food

    b.   jobs

    c.   banks

2. a.   transportation

    b.   restaurants

    c.   places to live

3. a.   exercise

    b.   vacations

    c.   hotels

4. a.   movies

    b.   cars

    c.   exercise

5. a.   supermarkets

    b.   drugstores

    c.   clothing stores

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 a



A:   So how was your interview at Burger City?

B:   Well, they wanted to hire me, but I decided I don’t want to work in a fast food restaurant. The pay is too low.


A:   Nice place, Rita.

B:   Thanks, but I miss my old place.

A:   Why? This one is so much bigger and it’s in a cool neighborhood.

B:   Yeah, but the rent is much higher.


A:   Hi, Jim. I’ve never seen you here before.

B:   Well, I usually go jogging, but I hurt my back. So now I can only swim.


A:   Hey, Peter. Is that new?

B:   Yeah, isn’t it great? It’s got four-wheel drive, leather seats – and look at this, a video screen in the back seat.

A:   It looks really fun to drive, too.


A:   Have you been to Smith’s recently?

B:   No. The new cashiers aren’t very nice. And they stopped selling the kind of apples I like.

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