1. Listen and write true (T) or false (F).

 Mary thinks the thief should go to prison for five years.

 The man thinks the new tennis teacher could be Italian.     

 The woman just bought some books.

 The woman is buying a present for her father.

 The Globe Theater is on Main Street.

 The doctor says the man needs to get outside more.

Answer & Audioscript

1 T   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 F   6 T



Agnes:   Did you see the news, Mary?

Mary:   No, I didn’t, Agnes. Why?

Agnes:   It was about that man who robbed an old lady on our street. He was only given three months’ community service!

Mary:   What? He should go to prison.

Agnes:   Yes, for ten years!

Mary:   Well, I’m not sure about that, but five years at least.


A:   Have you seen the new tennis teacher at the club?

B:   Yes, he’s really cute.

A:   Do you know where he’s from? (longingly) He could be Italian or Mexican with that nice dark hair.

B:   Yes, but his name’s Stuart McDonald. That’s not an Italian or Mexican name, is it?

A:   No, he must be from Scotland!


A:   Would you like me to carry your bag, grandma? It looks a bit heavy.

B:   Yes, it is a bit. Thank you very much.

A:   Wow, it is heavy, isn’t it? What do you have in it? Cans of food? Bottles of wine?

B:   No, I just went to the bookstore in town. They’re having a sale, and all the books are on sale.

A:   Really? How much are they selling them for?

B:   The ones I bought were reduced from $15.99 to $7.50. So I bought six!

A:   I think I’ll go there later and buy some myself!


A:   Excuse me. Do you have one of these green sweaters in a smaller size?

B:   I think so. Just a moment … Yes, here you go. I have a medium and a small.

A:   Oh, great. I think the medium will fit.

B:  Would you like to try it on? The fitting room’s over there.

A:  Oh, no, it’s not for me.

B:  Is it for your father?

A:  No, it’s for my boyfriend—for his birthday. I’ll take the medium, please. How much is it?


A:   Excuse me. Is this the right way to the Globe Theater?

B:   Not really, no.  Go back down this road and turn right onto Oak Street.

A:   Turn right?

B:   Yes. Keep going until you get to Main Street. Turn left on Main Street and you’ll see the theater on the right.

A:   Main Street, turn left, on the right. Thanks so much.

B:   You’re welcome.


A:   Why do I feel so tired all the time, Doctor?

B:   How long have you felt like this?

A:   Well, since I started my new job, I guess.

B:   Do you sit in an office all day?

A:   Yes, I do—in front of a computer!

B:  That must be it then. Why don’t you go for a walk at lunchtime, get some fresh air? 

A:  That’s a good idea—I think I’ll do that. Thank you, doctor.

2. Listen to the phone conversations and complete the notes.


Clarence Hotel Complaints Book

Name:   Mr. 1__Brown__

Room Number:   2________             

Problem:   Breakfast eggs were 3________, and 4________ were cooked too much.

Action:   Talk to the 5________


Portland Hotel Complaints Book

Name:   Mrs. 6________ Peters

Room Number:   7________                   

Problem:   8________ in room 9________ sings loudly in the 10________.

Action:   Talk to the 11________.

Answer & Audioscript


2 308   3 cold   4 sausages   5 chef

6 Julia   7 309   8 man   9 308  

10 bath   11 manager


2 were taken   3 worked   4 make

5 to take   6 ’ll buy   7 haven’t eaten

8 to be   9 were having   10 is doing

11 to make



Tamsin:   Good morning. Hotel reception. Tamsin speaking.

Mr. Brown:   Hello. This is Mr. Brown, room 308.

Tamsin:   Hello, Mr. Brown. How can I help you?

Mr. Brown:   I’m afraid I have a complaint.

Tamsin:   Oh, dear, I’m sorry to hear that. What’s the problem, Mr. Brown?

Mr. Brown:   Well, I ordered breakfast in my room this morning with coffee.

Tamsin:   Was it late, sir?

Mr. Brown:   No, no, it was on time. But the eggs were cold, and the sausages were cooked too much—they were almost black. I could hardly cut them!

Tamsin:   I’m really sorry about that, sir. We have a new breakfast chef—that might be the reason. Should I send up another breakfast?

Mr. Brown:   No, that won’t be necessary. But please make sure it doesn’t happen tomorrow.

Tamsin:   Of course. I’ll go and talk to the chef immediately. Don’t worry, Mr. Brown, it won’t happen again.

Mr. Brown:   I hope not. This is totally unacceptable…


Stuart:   Good…

Mrs. Peters:   Good morning. This is Mrs. Julia Peters, room 309. I’d like to speak to the manager, please—right away!

Stuart:   Ah, good morning, Mrs. Peters. This is Stuart in reception. I’m sorry, but the manager isn’t here at the moment. Can I help?

Mrs. Peters:   I hope so! I was woken up at 7 o’clock this morning by a terrible noise from room 308.

Stuart:   A noise, m’am? Was the TV too loud?

Mrs. Peters:   Well, I thought that it must be the TV—but then I went into the bathroom, and I could hear it more clearly. I realized it was a man having a bath next door—and singing at the top of his voice. The worst part was that he couldn’t sing at all—it was awful!

Stuart:   I’m sorry …

Mrs. Peters:   You really must do something about it—or I’ll have to move to another hotel!

Stuart:   Don’t worry, Mrs. Peters. I’ll speak to the manager as soon as he comes back. I’m sure he’ll look into it immediately.

Mrs. Peters:   I’d like to talk to him myself … when will he be back?

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