1. Listen and check (✓) the correct answer, a), b) or c).

1   Barbara invites Mike _____.

      a)   to the movies

      b)   to a concert

      c)   for a picnic

2   John’s going to write the cover letter _____.

      a)   tomorrow

      b)   on Friday

      c)   on Wednesday

3   Alice’s grandmother didn’t use to dance _____ when she was younger.

      a)   the twist

      b)   rock ‘n’ roll

      c)   salsa

4   Ken’s not a very good manager because he’s _____.

      a)   competitive

      b)   indecisive

      c)   hard-working

5   Maggie can take Dave to the station because she’s starting work at _____.

      a)   10 a.m.

      b)   8:35 a.m.

      c)   9:15 a.m.

6   When is Kate’s birthday?

      a)   May 24th

      b)   May 25th

      c)   May 26th

2. Listen again and answer the questions below.

1   Where is the concert Mike was thinking of going to?

      In the park.

2   When does John have send in his application by?


3   What kind of dancing is Alice’s grandma good at?


4   What two positive personal qualities does Frank have?


5   Who is likely to come out and sort out the problem with the car?


6   What item does Amy say Josh should buy for Kate?


Answer & Audioscript


1 c)   2 a)   3 c)   4 b)   5 a)   6 c)


2 Friday   3 rock ’n roll

4 competitive, motivated   5 Tim   6 a purse


Narrator:   1

Barbara:   What are you doing tomorrow, Mike?

Mike:   I’m not sure. We might go to the concert in the park in the afternoon.

Barbara:   Good idea. I’m thinking of taking the kids there, too—or to the movies. It depends on the weather. Do you think it’s going to rain?

Mike:   Unlikely, I think. They say it’s going to be quite a sunny day.

Barbara:   Wonderful! So we’ll have a picnic then. Why don’t you and Susan join us?

Mike:   Sounds great. Thanks, Barbara.

Narrator:   2

Mom:   John, have you finished doing your résumé yet?

John:   No, Mom. There’s plenty of time. I don’t have to send in the application until Friday.

Mom:   But it’s already Wednesday. And what about the cover letter?

John:   Don’t worry. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Mom:   I don’t think that’s a very good idea. You should start writing it now.

John:   I can’t, Mom. I have to go to band practice at Philip’s place.

Mom:   Oh, John! You’ll never get a job if you leave everything to the last minute.

Narrator:   3

Grandmother:   You look beautiful, Alice. Where are you going tonight?

Alice:   A club in town, Grandma. It’s salsa night.

Grandmother:   Salsa? That sounds like fun. You’re just like me when I was your age. I used to love dancing.

Alice:   I know, Grandma. And you’re still great at rock ‘n’ roll dancing! Did you use to dance salsa in the 1960s?

Grandmother:   No, we didn’t unfortunately. But we had all kinds of other weird dances—the twist, the shake, the locomotion. There’d be a new dance craze every week!

Alice:   Fascinating. You’ll have to teach me one day!

Grandmother:   Of course I will!

Narrator:   4

B1 = Businessman 1   B2 = Businessman 2

B1:   So, first of all, what are we going to do about Ken?

B2:   Well, the problem is that he’s not a risk-taker, and he’s very indecisive.

B1:   Yes, I’ve noticed that. He’s very hard-working, but he can’t think outside the box. We’ll have to find somebody else to do the job.

B2:   Yes, I agree. We need a manager who’s more like Frank—competitive and motivated.

B1:   Yes, Frank would be an excellent manager. Why don’t we offer him the job?

B2:   In other words, we have to fire Ken?

B1:   Exactly.

Narrator:   5

Dave:   Oh, I don’t believe it!

Maggie:   What’s the matter, Dave?

Dave:   The car won’t start! I have a very important meeting with a customer, and I’m going to be late. I’ll have to call a taxi—it’ll cost a fortune!

Maggie:   Calm down. I don’t start work until 10 today, so I’ll take you to the station. You’ll probably get the 8:35 train—and you’ll be at the office by 9:15.

Dave:   OK, thanks Maggie. That would be great. But what should we do about the car?

Maggie:   I’ll call Tim at the garage. I’m sure he’ll come and look at it. Leave it with me.

Narrator:   6

Amy:   Hi, Josh, it’s Amy.

Josh:   Oh, hi, Amy. How are things?

Amy:   Fine, thanks—but you’re in hot water.

Josh:   You’ve lost me. What have I done now?

Amy:   Kate’s not very happy with you. You didn’t send her a card—or call her.

Josh:   A card? What for?

Amy:   It’s her birthday!

Josh:   Her birthday’s not until May 26th.

Amy:   Right—and what day is it today?

Josh:   Um, the 24th … 25th? Let me check on the calendar. Oh, no, it’s the 26th! I didn’t realize it was today!

Amy:   Right. So what are you going to do?

Josh:   Well, I’ll call her right now. And send her some flowers.

Amy:   I think she’ll expect a bit more than that. Go out and buy her a nice present, a purse or something.

Josh:   OK, OK, I’ll buy her a nice present and take it to her house.

Amy:   That’s a much better idea. Bye, Josh!

Josh:   Bye.

3. Listen and match the predictions with the people. You do not need all the predictions.







a)   Stark will beat Kendal in tomorrow’s tennis semi-final.

b)   Humans won’t be living on the moon in the near future.

c)   The next election isn’t going to be won by a single political party.

d)   Kendal is likely to beat Stark in the tennis semi-final tomorrow.

e)   People might be able to live on the moon in a 100 years’ time.

f)   The People’s Party probably won’t win the election.

g)   The Community First Party isn’t likely to get a lot of votes in the election.

Answer & Audioscript

1 b)   2 e)   3 c)   4 f)   5 a)   6 d)


Narrator:   1

Narrator:   Listen to Celine and Jim discussing space travel.

Celine:   Have you read that article about space travel yet, Jim?

Jim:   Yes, I read it last night. It was really interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with a lot of it. Do you really think that people will be living on the moon in the next fifteen years? I think that’s crazy! Don’t you, Celine?

Celine:   Perhaps you’re right—but I think humans will probably be living on the moon in the next century. We’ll have to if the world’s population keeps growing.

Narrator:   2

Narrator:   Listen to Beth and Matt discussing the coming election.

Beth:   So Matt, who do you think will win the election this time?

Matt:   Well, I think it’s hard to say. All the parties seem alike, and, let’s face it, most people don’t believe anything most party leaders say any more. I certainly don’t think one party is going to win. Our next government will probably be a coalition—you know, a mix of different parties.

Beth:   Do you really think so? I’m not so sure. The news said last night that the People’s Party might win again, but I don’t think that’s likely. Well, not on their own. People want change, don’t they?

Matt:   True, but I don’t think any of the smaller parties like the Community First Party will win. They just won’t get enough votes.

Narrator:   3

Narrator:   Listen to Daniel and Kirsten discussing tomorrow’s tennis semi-final.

Daniel:   Hi, Kirsten. Are you excited about going to the semi-final tomorrow?

Kirsten:   Oh, yes, Daniel, it’s going to be amazing to watch Kendal play Stark. They’re both such competitive tennis players, and they’ve both been playing so well this year. Who do you think might win?

Daniel:   Mmm… Well, it’s difficult to say. Perhaps Stark will. I mean, she has won her last ten matches and doesn’t have any injuries at the moment. She seems to be getting better and better every time she plays!

Kirsten:   That’s true, but she’s never beaten Kendal before, so I’m going to go with Kendal…

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