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A Baby

My aunt just had a baby girl. 

We went to the hospital to visit my aunt and to see the new baby. 

My aunt was feeling fine, although she was just a bit tired. 

She walked with us to a big window that had lots of babies behind it. 

She pointed to a crib with a baby in it. 

The baby was wrapped in a pink blanket. 

We all said how pretty the baby looked. 

I couldn’t believe how tiny the baby was. 

She was asleep, so we couldn’t see her eyes. 

When the baby went home, we went to visit her. 

We heard the baby. 

She was crying. 

My aunt said that the baby was hungry. 

My aunt had a baby bottle full of warm milk. 

She fed the baby with it. 

The baby was happy after that. 

My aunt patted the baby on the back until the baby burped, and then the baby fell asleep. 

I held the baby. 

I looked at her tiny fingers and tiny toes. 

I was very careful with her. 

She opened her eyes and looked at me. 

I spoke to the baby, but I knew that she could not understand me. 

Babies have to learn to walk and talk. 

My aunt changed the baby. 

Babies wear diapers, so they need to be changed often. 

The baby has a lot of toys, but she is still too young to play with them. 

My aunt says that it won’t be long before the baby is crawling and trying to talk. 

Babies are cute. 

I have seen pictures of myself when I was a baby, and it’s hard to believe that I was once that small.

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