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A lot of people have hobbies. 

Hobbies are interesting things that people like to do in their spare time. 

My father has a hobby. 

He has a model railroad set that he put together. 

A tiny electric train runs through make-believe villages and travels through tunnels and over mountains. 

My father also enjoys sailing. 

He has a real sailboat that he takes us out on. 

He is teaching me how to sail. 

I like to collect things. 

I collect comic books, stamps and coins. 

I trade comic books with some of my friends, and sometimes I buy comic books at stores. 

Some of the very old comic books are worth a lot of money. 

I have stamps from all over the world. 

Whenever any of my friends get a letter from a faraway place, they save the stamps for me. 

I have stamps from England, Japan, Australia and even Russia. 

I use a magnifying glass to look at the stamps, and I keep them in a special album. 

I don’t have too many coins yet, but I have a very old dime from Canada, and I have a coin with a hole in it from Africa. 

My mother used to collect dolls when she was a little girl. 

The dolls wore costumes from different countries. 

My friend John’s hobby is painting. 

He does oil painting. 

He has even sold some of his paintings. 

He is a good artist. 

My friend Linda sews. 

She has made clothes for herself and some of her friends. 

Maybe Linda will be a fashion designer when she gets older. 

Sometimes people’s hobbies lead them into their careers.

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