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Music (1)

If you were in an orchestra, what would you play? 

Would you play a tuba, a trumpet or a saxophone?  

Perhaps you would prefer a stringed instrument like a violin or a cello. 

Maybe you would enjoy percussion more. 

You could play the kettle drum. 

There are instruments that have keyboards. 

A piano and an organ have keyboards. 

There are instruments that have strings on them. 

A guitar, banjo and mandolin have strings on them. 

There are instruments that you blow into. 

A flute, a French horn and a harmonica are all instruments that you blow into. 

There are instruments that you hit with a stick. 

A drum and a cymbal are two things that you would hit with a stick. 

If you are in an orchestra, you have to watch the conductor. 

He will lead you through the piece of music. 

You might just want to be in a band for fun. 

You could join a rock band or a dance band. 

Some people learn to read music. 

Music notes are written on a staff. 

Each note represents a sound. 

There are whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes. 

Each one of these is held for a different number of beats. 

It is good to learn about music. 

You have to learn your scales, and learn about sharps and flats. 

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, it is best to take music lessons.

Music (2)

My family is very musical. 

My father plays the guitar. 

He plays in a band. 

The band plays country music. 

My mother is a singer in the band. 

She also plays the piano. 

I took the flute in music class at school. 

I play the flute in the school band. 

I also sing in the school choir.  

I have a low voice. 

My sister has a high voice. 

She is a soprano. 

At home I like to practice the drums, but my mother says that it is too loud. 

Sometimes I play so loudly that I break a drumstick. 

I practice whenever she goes out. 

I would like to be in a rock band. 

Some of my friends and I are thinking of starting our own rock band. 

My sister is a very good piano player. 

She has won many awards at music festivals. 

She likes to play classical music, but sometimes I get her to play rock music with me. 

She is also a very good singer. 

I like to sing with her. 

We sing in harmony. 

I listen to music all the time on the radio.  

I know a lot of songs. 

I can sing along with most of the songs that come on the radio. 

I memorize the lyrics of the songs. 

My sister and I sometimes get together and sing our favorite songs. 

Maybe someday we will start our own rock band, and I will be the drummer.

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