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My Dad

My dad is the man whom I respect the most in my life. 

He works very hard to make the money that supports us. 

My mother has a job too, and she also works very hard. 

My dad is the principal of a high school. 

He works at the school all day, and often has to go to meetings at night. 

He deals with parents, students and staff. 

There is always something that he has to deal with. 

He has a lot on his mind. 

It doesn’t matter how much work my dad has to do; he always has time for my brothers, my sister and me. 

If I go to him with a problem, he will sit down and discuss it with me. 

He doesn’t yell. 

He is always very logical, and he tries to think of the best way to deal with things. 

My dad is a very patient man. 

Once, I spilled some ink on some papers that he was working on. 

I thought that he would be mad, but he didn’t get angry. He said that it was okay. 

He takes time out to do things with us. 

He has taken my brothers fishing. 

He takes me to the arena to skate, and he helps my sister to write her essays and assignments. 

He always makes us laugh, and he makes us feel like we are very special to him. 

He is a very good father, and on Father’s Day I always buy him a card that tells him just how much he means to me. 

I think it is important to have good parents. 

I hope that when I have children I will be a good parent like my parents are to me. 

Parents give children the foundation that they need to live good lives.

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