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The Birthday Party

Yesterday I went to a birthday party. 

My friend Jane had her tenth birthday. 

Her house was decorated with balloons and streamers. 

Her mother had baked a big birthday cake. 

The cake had “Happy tenth birthday Jane” written on it. 

There were ten candles on the cake. 

Jane blew out the candles and made a wish. 

I wonder what she wished for. 

Your wish won’t come true if you tell anyone what it was. 

We sang “Happy birthday to you.” 

At the party we played some games. 

I won one of games so I got a prize. 

We also swam in Jane’s swimming pool. 

Jane opened her gifts. 

Her gifts were wrapped in bright paper and bows. 

She got lots of nice gifts. 

She got some compact discs, some clothes and some computer games. 

Jane thanked everyone. 

We ate a lot of food at Jane’s party. 

We had hot dogs. 

I put mustard and ketchup on my hot dog. 

Then we ate cake and ice cream. 

We had pop to drink. 

I think I had too much cake and ice cream. 

I was very full by the time the party was over. 

We thanked Jane and her mother before we all went home. 

It was a very good party. 

Everyone had a good time. 

I hope Jane had a happy tenth birthday.

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