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Transportation (1)

Every family that I know has at least one car. 

Some families have two, or even three cars. 

Most people get their licence to drive when they are sixteen. 

In my house, we just have one car. 

If my father takes the car to work, my mother will take the bus. 

I ride in a school bus to school. 

My sister works in another town. 

She gets on the train to go to work. 

The train station is not far from my house. 

The train tracks run right by my house. 

My grandfather from Ireland came to visit us. 

He came over by boat. 

He had to cross the ocean. 

We went to Florida last year. 

We flew on a plane. 

The plane flew right through the clouds. 

My friend’s brother drives a motorcycle. 

He wears a helmet. 

I rode on his motorcycle once. 

I had to sit on the back and hold on tight. 

I ride my bicycle when the weather is nice. 

I also have a scooter that I use to travel around. 

I took a helicopter ride once. 

The helicopter’s propellers were going around when I got on. 

It went straight up in the air. 

I enjoyed the ride. 

I would like to learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter. 

I like flying through the air.

Transportation (2)

People move from place to place. 

There are lots of ways that you can move around from one place to another. 

Sometimes you can just move your feet and walk. 

Walking is good for you. 

Some places are too far to walk to. 

You might have to ride a bicycle or ride on a skateboard. 

Some places are too far away to ride your bicycle to. 

You might have to drive in a car, or a van, or even a truck. 

My father has a car. 

My uncle has a van. 

I have never been in a big truck. 

Trucks are usually used to carry big loads from one city to another. 

I would like to be a truck driver. 

I would travel all over and sit high up in the cab. 

I have been in a taxi cab. 

Once, my mother and I took a taxi to the hospital. 

There was a special meter in the taxi. 

When we finished our taxi ride, the driver looked at the meter to find out how much

money we owed him. 

I once rode a horse. 

I sat in the saddle and held on tight to the reins. 

The horse ran very fast. 

It was a bumpy ride, and I was afraid that I would fall off the horse. 

Not too many people around here use horses for transportation. 

They used to use horses for transportation in the old days. 

If you want to travel very far away, you have to go on a train, a plane, or a boat. 

If you are in a hurry, it is best to take a plane. 

Planes fly through the air very fast. 

Trains go along the tracks. 

Sometimes I can hear the train whistle from my house. 

Boats take a long time to cross the ocean. 

Great big boats that cross the oceans are called ships. 

If you like to take it easy and look out at the water, then ships are a good way to travel. 

They say that the world is a lot smaller now because of transportation. 

People can travel to all parts of the world quickly and easily. 

The world is not really smaller, but it has become easy to get to faraway places.

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