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My family and I went on vacation to Lake Huron. 

The water is beautiful and blue there, and the sand is nice and white. 

The week that we were there was very hot. 

The sun was hot, but the water was still very cold. 

I went swimming and tried to catch little fish in my hands. 

I was careful not to get sunburned. 

We stayed at a hotel that had a pool and a game room. 

I played pinball and video games sometimes. 

I liked to swim in the hotel pool, but I liked the beach better. 

I would lie on a big beach towel and get warm; then I would jump in the water and cool off. 

Sometimes I would just lie on the sand and watch the waves roll up on the shore. 

I found some seashells, and I saw a crab walking on the sand. 

At first I was a bit lonely because I didn’t know anyone there. 

It wasn’t long before I met some other kids my age. 

We built sandcastles together and swam in the lake. 

The other kids were from different towns, so we told each other stories about our schools and friends. 

We found that we had a lot in common even though we were from different places. 

Our families got together and went to restaurants together. 

We played volleyball on the beach, and we sat around a campfire at night and sang songs. 

At the campfire we would roast marshmallows on a stick. 

I always burn my marshmallows. 

That is okay. 

I like them that way. 

Mostly we just swam in the lake until we were very tired. 

I was sorry when our vacation was over. 

I had a good time at Lake Huron. 

I met some very good friends there. 

We still write to each other. 

Maybe we’ll see each other next summer.

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