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Is there any garden that you like?

Yes, I love the strawberry garden in my neighborhood.

Where is it?

It’s in the highland area where I live.

When did you first see it?

I accidentally saw it when I had a picnic in the highland.

What were planted in the garden?

Strawberries, of course. There are also some boxes of cucumbers next to the strawberry beds.

Why do you like the garden?

I love picking red strawberries. The garden brings me closer to nature as well.

What is special about the garden?

The strawberries there are organic.

How do people do the gardening?

Keeping the beds mulched is important since it helps reduce water needs.

How often do you visit the garden?

Just when I have leisure time since I’m quite busy.

Is there any relation between the green garden and your mood?

Yes, at least for me. The green will help me chill out.

Do you want to be a gardener?

Honestly, no. I’m not used to manual work.

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