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I’ll Take You

George: Diana!

Diana: Oh, George…hi, how are you? Listen, I’m in a terrible hurry. The bank closes in twenty minutes.

George: Is your bank near here?

Diana: Yes, it’s only four blocks away–on Vine Street.

George: Well, get in. I’ll take you.

Diana: Are you sure? It’s not out of your way?

George: No, not at all.

Diana: This is so nice of you, George. Thank you.

George: You’re welcome.

We Must be Out of Them

David: Hi! Sorry I’m late. I missed the bus.

Edie: Oh, that’s O. K. I had time to clean up before you come.

David: You don’t look very good.

Edie: I must be getting a cold. I’ve been sneezing all day. A-A-ATCHOO!

David: Bless you.

Edie: Thank you.

David: You must be getting a cold. Why don’t you go lie down? I’ll bring you some aspirin.

David: I don’t see any aspirin in the medicine cabinet.

Edie: We must be out of them.

David: I’ll go to the drugstore. Is there anything else we need?

Edie: Could you get some…ATCHOO…

David: I don’t know if they sell ATCHOO there, but I’ll check!

Doctor’s Appointment

Patricia: When can I see Dr. Know?

Nurse: He won’t be free until tomorrow.

Patricia: Can I make an appointment?

Nurse: Sure. How about tomorrow at ten o’clock?

Patricia: Can you make it at nine?

Nurse: I check to see if he’s available. I’m sorry but he’s tied up until ten o’clock.

Patricia: Well, can’t you squeeze me in, somehow?

Nurse: I’m afraid not. How about after lunch?

Patricia: Will one o’clock be all right?

Nurse: That’s perfect. Thank you.

Traffic Rules (2)

Police Officer: Excuse me. May I see your licence?

Kay: I’m afraid I’ve left it at home.

P.O.: In that case, you’ll have to take it to the police station within five days.

Kay: But…but why?

P.O.: You were speeding, ma’am.

Kay: But I was only doing 75!

P.O.: There’s a 70km/h speed limit on this road, ma’am.

Kay: Is there? I didn’t see the sign…

P.O.: Well, ma’am. We’ve been following you.

Kay: So you were doing 75, too.

P.O.: No, ma’am. We were doing 90km/h… and we couldn’t catch you!

Eating out

Louis: Waiter! Could we have the bill, please?

Waiter: Can I put it all on one bill?

Louise: No, we’d prefer separate checks.

Waiter: Your bill’s eighteen dollars.

Louise: That seems expensive. Would you check it again please?

Waiter: Sorry, ma’am. This is your friend’s bill. Here is yours; it’s twenty-four dollars and sixteen cents!

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