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To Buy a Bus Ticket

Raymond: Excuse me…

Teller: Yes. Can I help you?

Raymond: Yes, I’d like some information about buses please.

Teller: Where to?

Raymond: … to Toronto.

Teller: When?

Raymond: This Saturday.

Teller: Morning or afternoon?

Raymond: In the afternoon. About three o’clock.

Teller: There’s one at 3:20.

Raymond: Thank you that sounds perfect; I’ll take it!

On the Phone

Miss Wallace: Good morning, Scott and Smith Law Office. May I help you?

Nick: Yes. May I speak to David Waller, please?

Miss Wallace: I’m sorry, he isn’t here yet. May I take a message?

Nick: Yes. Could you ask him to call Marjorie Vale?

Miss Wallace: How do you spell your last name?

Nick: V-A-L-E.

Miss Wallace: What’s your phone number? Or does Mr. Waller have it?

Nick: Uh, no, he doesn’t. It’s 680-5290.

Miss Wallace: I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

Nick: 680-5290.

Miss Wallace: I’ll give him the message.

Nick: Thank you.

Miss Wallace: You’re welcome.

Operating Room

Doctor: Mrs, Martin? I’m Dr. Thomas.

Mrs. Martin: Oh, doctor, how is he?

Doctor: Well, I’m afraid we’ll have to operate.

Mrs. Martin: Oh, no! He’s always been afraid of operations.

Doctor: Don’t worry. If we operate now, he’ll be all right.

Mrs. Martin: Oh, doctor, do you really have to?

Doctor: I’m afraid so. He’s lost a lot of blood. If we don’t operate, he’ll die!

Mrs. Martin: Oh, please just do whatever you have to.

A Car Loan

Lynn: I want to go to the bank this afternoon.

Andy: I’ll drive you there.

Lynn: Thanks. I’m going to apply for a loan.

Andy: Why do you need a loan?

Lynn: I have to buy a new car.

Andy: What’s wrong with your car?

Lynn: It won’t start, and it’s ten years old.

Andy: How much will a new car cost?

Lynn: About fifteen thousand dollars.

Andy: Wow! That’s a lot of money.

Lynn: I know. That’s why I need a loan.

A Cashier

Brenda: What kind of work do you do?

Ralph: I’m a cashier at a supermarket.

Brenda: Do you like your job?

Ralph: No, It’s not very interesting.

Brenda: And you don’t make much money.

Ralph: That’s right. I make very little.

Brenda: I think you should look for another job.

Ralph: I am, but it’s not easy to find one.

Brenda: Keep looking! You’ll get one.

Ralph: Thanks. I hope you’re right.

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