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Ready to Go

Sidney: Are you ready?

Deborah: Grace is still in her room.

Sidney: She needs to rush. We don’t have enough time.

Deborah: What time does the movie begin?

Sidney: It starts at seven thirty.

Deborah: What’s the time now?

Sidney: About seven ten.

Deborah: There’s no hurry. It only takes ten minutes by car to get there.

Sidney: I know, but there aren’t enough parking spaces around the theatre.

Deborah: Well, I’d better tell Grace to hurry up. She can take hours to get ready.

An Interesting Movie

Edith: I thought that movie was terrific, didn’t you?

Martin: I don’t know. It didn’t seem to have any meaning.

Edith: Come on. It seems that you expect intellectual stimulation from every movie.

Marin: I just think that a good movie should have a central theme at least.

Edith: Yes. But it doesn’t hurt you to watch a funny movie once in a while. Relax and enjoy it!

Martin: You’re right. I’m too serious sometimes.

In the Bus

Raymond: I see you’re reading Harry Potter. How do you like it?

Victoria: I can’t put it down. Have you read it?

Raymond: Yes. In fact, I just finished it. The ending’s great…

Victoria: Don’t tell me! I only have fifty pages to go.

Raymond: OK, I won’t tell you who dies.


Raymond: OK, but I’m biting my tongue.

Victoria: Good, bite hard!

Raymond: Such a shame though.

Victoria: What is?

Raymond: That Harry dies.

Victoria: AHHHHH!!!

A New Job

Miss Wallace: Mr. Adams, have you seen this ad in the Recruit News?

Mr. Adams: Yes, I saw it, but I’m not interested in finding a new job. I’ve been here since I graduated from my university. I like working here.

Miss Wallace: Really? I’ve only been here for one year, and I’m already tired of doing the same thing every day. I’m afraid of getting really bored.

Mr. Adams: Oh, come on! It’s not that bad. Wherever you work, you have to do the same thing every day to a certain degree.

Miss Wallace: Well, what’s more, I’ve been working about ten hours a day since last month.

Mr. Adams: But you’ve been getting paid more money for it, haven’t you?

Miss Wallace: Yes, but I’m not interested in making more money. I’m going to apply for another job.

Mr. Adams: What kind of job?

Miss Wallace: A secretarial job.

Mr. Adams: Well, good luck.

Miss Wallace: Thank you very much!

A Date (2)

Sandy: Hello?

Gill: Sandy? Is that you?

Sandy: Yes, uh-huh. Who’s this?

Gill: It’s Gill.

Sandy: Gill? Gill who?

Gill: What you do you mean, “Gill who?” Gill Dixon, of course.

Sandy: Oh, Gill, I’m sorry.

Gill: Yes. We had a date last night. Where were you? I waited for one hour.

Sandy: Oh, I’m sorry, Gill. I couldn’t come.

Gill: Couldn’t come! Why not?

Sandy: Well, I had to pack my stuff for my trip.

Gill: Why didn’t you call me?

Sandy: I wanted to call you, but-uh-I-uh- couldn’t remember your phone number.

Gill: And now I’m going to forget yours!

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