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Settling Down

Mrs Bates: How are you settling in?

Neal: Oh, we’re still in a bit of a mess, but Lisa seems to like it here.

Mrs Bates: That’s good. Is there a garden for her to play in?

Neal: Yes, it’s not very big, but we’ve got a small swimming pool.

Mrs Bates: Have you found a school for Jerry?

Neal: Yes, there’s one near here. It takes only 5 minutes by car.

Mrs Bates: That’s good. So you like it there, do you, Neal?

Neal: Yes, this is a very good place for my children.

Will You Get Some Bread For Me?

Edna: Is there a bakery near here?

Alex: Yes, you can get there in five minutes.

Edna: That’s good. I don’t have much time.

Alex: Why are you going to the bakery?

Edna: To buy birthday cake.

Alex: Whose birthday is it?

Edna: My daughter’s. She’s ten.

Alex: That’s nice. Will you get some bread for me?

Edna: Sure, do you want anything else?

Alex: No, thanks. I’ll pay you when you get back.

Buying a Present – In a Jeweller’s shop

Robert: I’m trying to find a wedding anniversary present for my wife.

Assistant: Yes, sir. What exactly are you looking for?

Robert: I’m not sure, really. Perhaps you can help me.

Assistant: Right…I’ll show you some pendants.

Robert: No, I bought a pendant for her birthday.

Assistant: Maybe a necklace, then. These necklaces are made of gold.

Robert: Yes…I like this one. What’s the stone?

Assistant: It’s a ruby, sir…and it’s only $1200!

Robert: Ah…well, perhaps you could show me some bracelets, then.

Buying a Present – In a Toy Shop

Mrs Bays: Good morning. Perhaps you can advise me…

Assistant: Yes, ma’am.

Mrs Bays: I’m looking for a toy…for my niece.

Assistant: Oh, yes…how old is she?

Mrs Bays: She’ll be seven years old on Sunday.

Assistant: Skateboards are still very popular.

Mrs Bays: Hmm, I don’t want her to hurt herself.

Assistant: What about a Barbie Doll set?

Mrs Bays: I don’t think so. She has many Barbie Dolls. Have you got anything educational? You see she’s a very intelligent girl.

Assistant: I’ve got the perfect thing! A do-it-yourself kit where you can build your own Barbie Doll who rides a skateboard!

Making a Reservation

Peter: Can I get some tickets for plays?

Teller: Yes. Is there a specific play that you want to see?

Peter: What plays are on tonight?

Teller: Cats. But it’s sold out.

Peter: Are there any seats left for tomorrow night?

Teller: Yes. How many tickets do you want?

Peter: Two, please.

Teller: Where would you like to sit?

Peter: I’m not sure.

Teller: Well, here’s a seating plan of the concert hall.

Peter: How much is it in the middle section?

Teller: $50.

Peter: $50! That’s a little too expensive for us. How much is it in the back?

Teller: $35.

Peter: That’s fine. What time does the play start?

Teller: At 7:00.

Peter: What time will the play be over?

Teller: At 9:30.

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