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Afraid of Flying

Bert: Where is your meeting?

Linda: In Dallas, Texas.

Bert: How are you going?

Linda: By plane.

Bert: Do you like to fly?

Linda: Sure. It’s fast and comfortable.

Bert: I’m afraid of flying.

Linda: That’s silly. Flying is very safe.

Bert: Maybe, but I don’t feel safe in a plane.

Linda: I understand. A lot of people feel that way.

A Plane Reservation

Henry: I’d like to reconfirm my plane reservation.

Miss Lester: What flight are you taking?

Henry: Flight 207.

Miss Lester: And your name, please?

Henry: Henry Chandler.

Miss Lester: Yes, sir. You’re booked on Flight 207. Please check in at the airport an hour before flight time.

Henry: Thank you.

Getting Together

Walter: Are you free Friday night?

Rebecca: I might not be in town. I’m not sure yet. A friend suggested I go to Vancouver.

Walter: Well, a few of us are getting together, and I thought you might want to come, too.

Rebecca: What are you thinking of doing?

Walter: We’re not sure yet. We might go to a bar, but we’ll probably go see A. I.

Rebecca: Oh, I haven’t seen yet.

Walter: Well, come then.

Rebecca: Sure, if I’m in town. I’ll call you and let you know.

How’s Your New Job Going?

Mr Adams: Oh, Miss Wallace! Long time no see.

Miss Wallace: How are you?

Mr Adams: Good. Thank you. How’s your new job?

Miss Wallace: I started working today.

Mr Adams: How does it seem so far?

Miss Wallace: It’s demanding, but I’m happy to be working.

Mr Adams: What’s your boss like?

Miss Wallace: He appears to be very thoughtful and kind, but they all do at first. I guess we will have to see.

Mr. Adams: Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Miss Wallace: Thanks, take care.

We Eat a Lot

Mario: Did you see my car keys?

Eva: They’re on top of the TV.

Mario: You’re right. Thanks!

Eva: Where are you going?

Mario: To the supermarket.

Eva: Again?

Mario: Yes, we eat a lot.

Eva: Do you want me to go with you?

Mario: Sure, if you can.

Eva: Good. The packages will be heavy.

Mario: There is a new health store right up the road; maybe since you guys eat a lot you should try and eat more healthily.

Eva: Maybe you’re right; we have all put on a little weight.

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