Improve your ability to speak English

Taking a Cab

Cab Driver: Hello.

Michael: Hello.

Cab Driver: Where do you want to go?

Michael: 70 Maple Street, please.

Cab Driver: 70 Mibble Street.

Michael: No, Maple street.

Cab Driver: Maple Street…let’s see… Is that near St. David Street?

Michael: I don’t know. I’ve been here only one week.

Cab Driver: Oh, where are you from?

Michael: Toronto.

I Hate to Get Up

Mike: I hate to get up in the morning.

Ray: Me too! What time do you get up?

Mike: At six o’clock.

Ray: Why do you get up so early?

Mike: I have to be at work by seven.

Ray: I don’t get up until eight.

Mike: You’re lucky. What do you do?

Ray: I own a bookstore.

Mike: What time does your store open?

Ray: At eight-thirty.

A Hot Day

Mel: This heat is killing me!

Matthew: Me too! It must be ninety-five degrees.

Mel: I would like a cold drink.

Matthew: I’ll get you one.

Mel: Thanks. Mmm. This tastes good!

Matthew: It does, jeez, this hot weather makes me lazy.

Mel: Me too, get me another drink?

Matthew: I guess if you’re lazy no one else is allowed to be!

Mel: He he he, thanks for understanding!

Phone Out of Order (1)

Gerald: Hey! Hey!

Walter: What’s wrong?

Gerald: There is something wrong with the phone. I’m getting a strange noise.

Walter: Are you? I can hear you very clearly.

Gerald: Hello! Hello!

Walter: This pay phone might be out of order. I’ll call you again with another phone….

Walter: Hello! How about now? Is there still a strange noise?

Gerald: Yes. Perhaps my phone is out of order.

Walter: You should get in touch with the phone company.

Phone Out of Order (2)

Gerald: Hey! What’s the matter with the phone?(Handing the receiver to B) Listen to this peculiar noise.

Thomas: It doesn’t sound like a dial tone.

Gerald: It must be out of order. We’d better notify the phone company.

Thomas: How do we do that? We can’t use the phone.

Gerald: Let’s go next door and use our neighbour’s phone.

Thomas: He’s always complaining about people. I don’t want to ask any favours of him.

Gerald: How about across the street?

Thomas: I forgot about Mrs. Riley! I’m sure she’d let us use her phone.

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